Europe-Latvia-Part 4 Sigulda (Section 1)

Our Europe Trip Part 4 – #Latvia #Sigulda #Section1

The dense forests🌲🌳🌹, extensive hiking trails🧗‍♂️🧗‍♀️🚶‍♂️, countless historical and cultural monuments from different centuries are the biggest draws to the Gauja National Park, but there’s more to discover. Located in northeast Latvia, Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, the dominant is the old valley of the Gauja River🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️ that is home to great biological diversity, varied terrain shapes and unique historical and geological wonders. Its oozes charm and beauty that let to add an extra layer for us to explore on our adventures. While with miles of hiking paths, unique natural, forms steep rocks and caves, take in the scenic lush views which leads through a series of the forest to a castle perched above the forest and view from the castle are spectacular.

At the stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley and near the traditional Latvia culture village ,Sigulda is an idyllic and pretty town surrounded by greenery situated at the south-western end of Gauja National Park means some of the area’s most scenic hiking trails are right at your doorstep. Just a short ride away by bus🚌🚌 or by train🚆🚆 with only over an hour from Riga capital city (53 km), Sigulda as a quaint canal town with the dramatic landscape and the refreshing clear air are the appeal. If looking to relax and unwind, we recommend staying overnight in the town and just enjoy strolling around the town. It still has a charm all its own, it has so many charming little highlights which make us many great opportunities for exploring and adventure. Let us just the start.

Our accommodation in Sigulda🛏🛋🚽🚿:

For accommodation, we using Airbnb, a website that can offer a great way to get a local feel and get closer to their lifestyle. Perched on the edge of Gauja National Park, this is a unique perspective and takes your espresso on the terrace this is the retreat for those who enjoy nature or just chilling on the terrace with a glass of wine and enjoy a stunning panorama of natural. On our Sigulda journeys trip we choose for rental as per room that let us connect with live-in local hosts, when they open up their homes that offer us a truly authentic travel experience. Meanwhile, let us can bound to find an affordable accommodation with as much character and local colour as the most popular tourist sites. Homes nestled in pristine nature near national parks, this house as tight curation of the modern architecture and modern style alternating between the idyllic charms of the countryside and polished contemporary style with modern living as a real sense of belonging. Ladies host is the welcoming hospitality and chatty person, her daughter cute and love to smile. During our gossipy, delight for comprehend the culture and food of the Latvia from the ladies host. Thank for the ladies host invite us eat a traditional Latvian cheese dishes, white colour of cheese the taste pure and fresh meanwhile its not greasy, so delicious…😋😋 She tells us this dish must use 7 hours for cooking. The windows of the house are bigger and transparent that fill its spaces with natural light and parlour flanked by window provides forest views from every angle. The style is modern and elegant interior design, with natural materials, warm colors and tons of natural light. Interiors are simple and spacious, smartly curated design touches with a mix of a selection of modern furnishings and electrical and vintage treasures, careful restoration and striking contrasts shines with unique detail, thoughtful design and plush comforts to make us feel at home. The kitchen serves as a giant gathering space, while the bedrooms mimic the landscape in their peacefulness and simplicity. The house is full of the owners’ personal books and treasures that guests are invited to enjoy.

Wandering the street of Sigulda – this neat little town has a charm all its own🏘🏡⛪🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️:

Sigulda as the idyllic town is characterised by its relaxed atmosphere, pure mountain air and for those who crave quiet and fun with the outdoors adventure. As perfect combination of both from relaxing of walk in the wide variety of stunning walk around town and the great outdoors surrounding it to who are seeking crave for the adventure. We spend the whole day stroll through the beautiful streets that have a lively atmosphere, the area boasts a huge number of marked trails, bike paths and woodlands it’s the perfect way to explore. Gorgeous scenery that make us enjoy for overlooking the beautiful scenery with lush green patches, a picture-perfect setting on the mountains with lush meadows and forest streams. A softly breeze, enchanted town itself is multi-tiered,along the lush green hills with beautiful viewpoints is one of the essence of Sigulda.

While it may not be a grand, this neat little town still has a charm all its own, numerous own feature style building, with outdoor beautiful gardens, and picturesque streets to explore. For us, exploring the streets is very much like walking through from one story to the next, here as a smorgasbord of architectural styles and features, which come together in an intriguing way, led to a beautifully diverse culture of art, and fashion. A picturesque town that traditional mountain timbered houses and traditional wooden beams give a very traditional appearance that blends into the townscape so well. Here, is not hard to find have many brick-roofed and slate stone house, because it is so plentiful, wall covered with blocks of natural slate becomes part of a palette of colors, which, together with the brick-roofed and stone walls, and merge as part of the landscape. Although there are no exaggerated colorful images, when walking on the road, the surrounding relaxed atmosphere and utterly surreal feeling quiet scenery also make people feel at ease. Listening to the sounds of birds and wild ducks is the best way to connect with nature. Standing alongside them are modern building and many-windowed pastel homes that go on for blocks, this unique architectural mix is a chance to unwind and experience local life and culture. Wandering the winding streets of Sigulda, this relax-paced life, gorgeous scenery and warm people is a pleasure. The Sigulda Residents talk with us; here always have festivities in different seasons. This traditional Opera Festival is held each year in summer which includes concerts and folk performances. In May, It is said to be one of the most colourful festivals with Town Festival🕺💃 when cherry trees blossom🌸🌸. The town’s famous in autumn while Sigulda is known for the colors of its trees🍁🍂 and a picture-perfect setting in autumn. Sports such as skiing🏂🏂, bobsledding, and the luge are popular in wintertime and bungee jumping is practiced during the rest of the year.

If the idyllic beauty of Sigulda is not enough capture your attention, walking through the commerce street might feel a bit like a scene from straight a fairy tale book. The most colorful street has a vibrant vibe to it with colourful gabled architecture; the fountain, different appearance and feature buildings are surrounded by greenery worthy of photographing here as you walk the streets. Strolls around town are a favorite prelude, where you can also stopping into the many independent shop, here are intermittent shop, hotel, restaurants and pubs. Shop in one of the snazzy boutiques or sit in a café, sidewalk with numerous cosy flower-decked restaurants and café, where you can taste of the local dishes and sip the coffee and take in your surrounding in peace environment. After wandering around this town, In the bar, you can let your tired feet take a short break and taste delicious food and a glass of beer. While some of the pub with backyard beer gardens for a break along the way.

Here, Rimi and Maxima as the two largest discount chains built up the Large ‘Big Box’ Grocery Stores in the town where with big-acreage that are selling different and that greater variety of imported and local goods. Walk into Grocery Stores and let us buy some local goods. One of the known local dishes of Latvia is grill fish so sure buy some of these type dishes of spices and herbs for let our dinning table add new delicious dishes. The total price we spends is 5.00€ and purchases goods is shown on photo picture.

Enjoy a casual lunch in a relaxed and cozy cafe🍔🍟🥞☕🍷🍻:

We deserve to kick back and relax with enjoying lunch at a cozy cafe. This is a quintessentially café with its greenery facade as the full-of-charm neighborhood cafés. Inside, it’s walls with dark-blonde wood and red- bricks, a retro feel with wooden bistro and softer lighting, comfy cushions, and wide windows that let natural light pour in. Even due to its small square footage, this spot does brisk business, this café has all the cozy corners and the work-from-anywhere crowd. Here let us so feel comfortable and coffee is available around the clock, as are beers, different types of specialty wines, and juices. Although you will not see very complicated dishes on the menu, it can be said to be very simple, but it is full of staple foods of Latvian cafes, let us taste simple and delicious homemade food. Taste the best recommended burger of beef meat grilling, Imagine that, they only use the local meat is freshly ground, medium with a nice and juicy pink centre, add with aioli and cheese, tastes absolutely amazing. The fluffy bun was perfectly toasted, keeping and serve with a lot of fresh vegetables everything in place, wrapped in some paper and most important everything tasted great. And their chicken burger did not let us disappoint, crispy and tender chicken, melty cheese and salivating gorgeous condiments, it’s no wonder. The vegetables, tomato and cucumber slices can be almost thicker than the patty itself, with its been so fresh and crisp that were a real treat with a nice crispness and excellent flavour. And this meal total price are 12.50€. To be continuous…………..

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