Home Decoration (Part 1) #Cushion #Bench #Shoes #Cabinet + #DIY, #Minimalist for Own Work of Art Modern Cushion

Bench Shoes Cabinet, yet mirror in tradition give our home a minimalist instantly and beautifully! Industrial bench and hanger with the handmade craft of wooden mirror and natural art pattern of carpets that reflect the chic and sophisticated distinguishing feature. With save the cost and perfectly curated our own unique interior, we do a lot of D.I.Y for decor theme that attempt focus on wildlife nature distinct character. Before D.I.Y our house, we have calculation our cost with budgets .That is why we buy a lot of different shape hanging frames with economic price. We love travel, to be photographer we take a lot of photo during our travel. So, for this decoration, we paste with our Europe trip 2019 yrs travel photo be as poster that what make us unique.

For those who like to paste their favorite patterns on the walls but are afraid of damaging your walls, here is a tip; Not direct paint on the wall and paint in Disney silhouette art with black color that let us easy for change to other design in next time.

No has idea for put your key? We also DIY for key wall hanger that using iron nails for make firm and decoration is using of wild animal toy that paint with your favourite color. We choose golden color nail polish let make its look classic the most important is nail polish is cheaper. Ok, not forget put a decorative plants that its look more natural.

Here make the contemporary transformation unites apparent opposites: simple and chic furnishings with unadorned and poetic decor theme are complemented by both a minimalists and a work of art.