Japan-Tokyo-(Chichibu) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 7) #Chichibu

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Chichibu is a city in the center of mountainous western Saitama Prefecture. The forested mountains surrounding the town have impressive beautiful natural scenery and a rich heritage of ancient shrines and temple. Chichibu has provided different festival event in different month and visitors can visit in all four seasons with different landscape. 


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See the snow from the window of my train / 从我乘坐的火车窗外看到雪

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We are visit Chichibu on February in winter season, the coldest time of the year. Who say at the same time cannot view the natural of the Icicles and flower in winter season. Follow me go to visit it in one day, trip by train to experience traditional Japanese culture.


(Chichibu Free Ticket(Japan Call:秩父フリーきっぷ)” (Adults 2320 yen) / “秩父自由乘车券(日文名稱:秩父フリーきっぷ)”(成人2320日元))

   Go to Ikebukuro Station, you can purchase the “Chichibu Free Ticket(Japan Call:秩父フリーきっぷ)” (Adults 2320 yen) in the information counter. This ticket is valid for 2 days from starting date to use. It ticket only 1 round trip between Ikebukuro and Seibu Chichibu. (Note: You can use 1 time only between Ikebukuro and Ashigakubo station both outward and return. You may not stop over at other station.). But its ticket is for rapid train not for limited express. 

     This ticket also valid use unlimited rides for 2 days between Ashigakubo and Seibu-Chichibu Station and also Chichibu Railway (Between Nogami, Nagatoro and M, Mitsumineguchi station). KEY POINT: Without purchase ticket our visit attractions plan is cost 3140 yen and purchase ticket is saving 820 yen. 

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Nothing to do and selfie at the train / 没事做就在火车上自拍

Because our plan is a day trip, we take the train in the 07.30am morning to Chichibu. NOTE must take the Seibu Line train and we are stop at Hanno Station and change to a train appearance of bright colorful; the train would ride us to the Seibu Chichibu. It would ride through a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape. The environment is totally different with Tokyo which are the building is packed of all cities.


Waiting at Hanno Station and change to a train appearance of bright colorful; the train would ride us to the Seibu Chichibu. / 在饭能站下站,再来乘换亮丽的五色列车列车会载我们到西武秩父

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( A different scenery with Tokyo  / 与东京不同的风景 )

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(I think this is traditional Japanese House / 我觉得这是日本传统屋子)

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(While waiting the train look like local person stand in front the stall and enjoy our food. / 在等待火车的时候我们就像当地居民站在摊子前享用美食)

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(A colorful train to  Mitsumineguchi / 五彩缤纷的火车往三峰口的方向)

On the road of train, we are enjoyed and view the beautiful of scenery. The train stop at Seibu Chichibu (final stop), exit the ticket gate and follow the signboard of “Chichibu Railway”(walk about 5 minute). While wait for the train,we stand and eat the delicious and cheap price ramen at the stall (yap, is stand because this stall no provide chair to customer) right by the site of the station. REMEMBER: it got Nagatoro and Mitsumineguchi train, make sure get into Mitsumineguchi.

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We love the snow so much / 我们好爱雪哦

We are finally got to our destination, Mitsumineguchi station of Chichibu Railway. To be continued……..
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我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 7) #秩父市

秩父是埼玉县西部山区中心的一座城市。该镇周围的森林山脉令人印象深刻同时拥有美丽自然景观, 丰富遗产的古老的神社和寺庙。秩父在不同的月份提供不同的节日活动,游客可以在四季参看不同景色。



此车票2天无限次乘坐芦久保站和西武秩父站之间以及秩父铁路(Nogami, Nagatoro 和 M, Mitsumineguchi 站之间的站)。重点: 此次行程如果分別购买車票乘車的话共需3140日圆。但如果购买了「秩父自由乘车券」,則可以省下820日圆。



我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅



A cheap price noodle everybody guess for how much?


A cheap price noodle everybody guess for how much?


Japan Tokyo (Teikoku Databank) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 6) #Teikoku #Databank

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Visit a alternative museum, Teikoku Databank Historical Museum, that is not the bank, that is dedicated to credit research. Walk into Museum’s automatic door; we are inviting to view the 200 year history of the credit research industry.

At one time or other, merchant explore over the world (both domestic and overseas business operations) to enhance their trade and develop their business, but at the same time they also facing the risk. Organizations specialist in credit research is emerge, the organizations focus on research of a backdrop of mass factory production, mass transport of goods and expansion of the commercial sphere. It also research which of the company were spawned by the industrial revolution.

In the Teikoku Databank Historical Museum, we are learns about why, when, who is built out the private credit research agency. At the same time, we also know about the company’s history overlaps with that the development of Japan’s market economy. Credit research involves deferred payment details of purchase.

At the museum, we are comprehended that during the wartime, merchant would be aware of that business dealings of those companies are face financial problem including domestic and overseas. At that time, Credit research organizations sought new opportunities aboard; they specialize in investigating and research of those company business expansion and contraction.

In museum, we also view and learn about the industry’s history while visually (Video Presentations) tracking the steps of key persons involved in credit research over the years.
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(Some member who create this Teikoku Databank / 帝国数据库历史博物馆的创办人)

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(Some document before war / 战后的信用调查资料)


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(National Enterprise Financial Analysis System / 全国企业财务分析系统)

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我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 6) #帝国数据库历史博物馆








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Japan- Tokyo – (Game Taito Station) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 5) #Game #Taito #Station

united 1      Pleasure, you would definitely enjoy a fun and uniquely Japanese experience in Taito Station. It is one of the leading names in Japanese arcade gaming. Easy recognizing with the building is decorated in red billboard and white logo.

Game Taito Station be composed by different floor provide different kind of games suitable for different age and gender. It is featuring the latest selection of arcade games, prize games boasting popular anime and manga memorabilia, ultra-realistic and high-tech virtual games, Purikura machine and more. While easy to find Game Taito Station anyway of big city in Tokyo.

We walk into one of the new opening Game Taito Station in Shinjuku with special discount all of game machine only 100 Yen. For our Foreign, they also provide exchange currencies, VISA machine and ATM. You can play many of these games which are offbeat and unique to Japan.

Start from simple control of claw crane mechanical to capture a variety of fabulous prizes! High-tech and large variety of arcade games would bring you to another fantastic world. However it also provides classic game for those who can relive their childhood with popular games at some time in the past. In Game Taito Station, you also can find different type of gambling machine. While gambling for money or prizes is prohibited by Japanese law.

Ladies, you can enjoy in one of the floor which special for women, a lot of latest Purikura machine that can easy gave us look very kawa-i.

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(You also can catch the animation from the  claw crane mechanical,maybe you can try your luck /你可从钓物机里头赢取动画和漫画纪念品)

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(One of the places where people spend their time after work/ 上班人士放工后消磨时间的其中一个地方)

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(High-tech arcade games / 高科技街机游戏)

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Haha, Is i look like skip class(just joking) / 哈哈,我是不是很像翘课呢?(开玩笑的啦)

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(A  classic game / 金典游戏)

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(Purikura machine / 大头贴机器)

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(We find foreign also like this place /  我们发现到外国游客也喜爱这地方)






我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 4) #Game #Taito #Station

在“Game Taito Station”,你一定会感受有趣和独特的日本旅途。它是日本街机游戏其中一个领先品牌之一。随着醒目红与白商标广告牌让你更加容易辨认它的建筑。

在“Game Taito Station”,它的每个楼层都有不同的游戏种类适合各年龄的男男女女。它具有最新的街机游戏选择,拥有热门动画和漫画纪念品作为游戏奖品,超现实和高科技的虚拟游戏,大头贴机器等等。在东京各个大城市你能很容易找到“Game Taito Station”。

我们走进一间在新宿刚刚营业的一间“Game Taito Station”还打着促销,所有的游戏机只需100日元哦。对于我们外国游客,他们还提供货币兑换,VISA机和ATM机。你可以在这尽情玩乐,这些游戏很多都是日本独有和独一无二的。

从简单的钓物机开始,夹各种精彩的奖品!高科技和各种各样的街机游戏将带给你另一个梦幻般的世界。当然它们也提供了经典游戏让有些人重温童年回忆。在“Game Taito Station”,你也能找到不同种类的赌博机器。但日本法律禁止以金钱或奖品作为赌注.

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我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅







Japan – Tokyo (Golden Gai)2018

united 1My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 4) #Golden #Gai
If you interest history architectural of Japan. In Shinjuku,compact cluster and line by most than hundred tiny bars in a dark corner called Golden Gai. When almost the nearby city was redeveloped in concrete but Golden Gai retains the post-war charm, a simply tiny fragment of old Tokyo. Now, it was difficult to find this kind of architectural heritage in the Tokyo. united 2(Golden Gai Street)united 3(A narrow stairs to up side/狭窄的楼梯 )united 4      The alleys much too narrow to get even a small car get in. Each building is only a few wide and it has a steep set of stairs leading to a separate establishment. With space seating only a few customers, some of them only serve regular and local customers. Tokyo’s salaryman always like have a drink and enjoy their nightlife in the bars of Golden Gai. Honestly say,except the culture and environment of Japanese style,we also like the shop design look like street art.
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united 7         But it has some of the bars open for welcome of foreign with without drinking fee for foreign only. It provided signs and menus set outside listing prices in English. Most of the bars is open on 9.00pm if you enjoy the night life so REMEBER don’t go it early time. 

united 8You can find local people and foreign at Golden Gai/ 在Golden Gai你可很容易找到当地居民和外国游客)united 9

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#Golden #Gai
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DSC_0172(You also can find the BBQ shop at here / 在这你也可找到烧烤店)DSC_0179

我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 4)#Golden #Gai

如果你是对东京历史建筑有兴趣。在新宿,在一个叫Golden Gai坐落黑暗角落里,它是由一百多个小酒吧紧凑群集组成的。当附近的城市在中心发展时,Golden Gai仍保留着战后的建筑风格,这里是让你在东京看到古老建筑的其中一区。如今的东京很难找到这种建筑遗产。



DSC_0182      狭窄小巷甚至不能让一辆小车驾进去。每栋建筑只有几米宽,而通往楼上是由陡峭的楼梯单独建立的。由于空间有限座位少数, 只能服务少数顾客所以有些酒吧只是服务他们的长期顾客和本地顾客。东京的上班族总爱下班后喝酒,Golden Gai是他们享受夜生活其中一个地方。老实说,除了日本风格的文化和环境外,我们也喜欢街头艺术的店面设计。DSC_0185       有一些酒吧是针对外国游客,而且它的饮料费还是免费。在它的店面外你能看到以英文为主的菜单及价格。这些酒吧的营业时间大多数为晚上九点后,如果你想体验那里的夜生活不要太早过去。DSC_0187

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Japan-Tokyo (Kabukicho) 2018

united 1My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 3) #Kabukicho
Go to Tokyo, should you visit Kabukicho in Shinjuku? Kabukicho is a place, where you are able to try the unusual side of nightlife that will leave you in disbelief but somebody call them is the most dangerous place. 

Kabukicho, is a part of Shinjuku, shiny modern city, one of Tokyo’s most popular districts for its many shopping centers, restaurants, bars, parks and unique buildings. Kabukicho also is Japan’s largest red light district and one of the biggest and most successful red light districts in the world. Don’t be surprise, Japan has a very large sex industry that still thrives. The entertainment district features countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pachinko parlors, love hotels and a wide variety of red light establishments for all sexes.

united 2       When you are planning enjoy your nightlife in Kabukicho, please pay attention to your behavior during your visit. Yes, that is crowded with members of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. In Japan, gangs and the mafia are legitimate, and the Yakuza is officially recognized as a real organization. Yakuza operating their most business in this area so they don’t like somebody do trouble in their land-grave. So it is better don’t do any trouble in Kabukicho. united 3

Another thing is beware of exorbitant cover fees and drink spiking resulting in loss of cash and credit cards. When you walk along the district, you would met some people invite you to their bar, REMEMBER don’t ignored them, because they would bring you for overpriced. The latter typically occurs at establishments run by non-Japanese patrons and is initiated by touts targeting foreign tourists. united 4

united 6

united 7

REMEMBER you should be prudent in this area, by the way keep on your mind they is a safety area if you don’t do any trouble to them. united 8 c


united 8

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DSC_0161我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 3) #歌舞伎町

歌舞伎町是新宿闪亮现代化城市的其中一区也是其中一区东京受欢迎的购物中心,这儿也聚集了餐厅,酒吧,公园和独特建筑。歌舞伎町也是日本最大的红灯区,同时也是世界上最大,最成功的红灯区之一。不要惊讶,日本的性行业是非常庞大的而且仍然在蓬勃发展。娱乐区设有无数的餐厅,酒吧,夜总会,弹珠店,情趣酒店和各种各样的红灯区,适合所有性别。DSC_0200     DSC_0204    当您计划在歌舞伎町享受夜生活时,切记游玩时请注意自己的举止动作。是的,那里挤满了日本黑帮黑社会成员。在日本,帮派和黑社会是合法的,黑帮被正式确认为一个真正的组织。这个地区是Yakuza经营最多生意,而他们不喜欢有人在他们的土地上捣乱。 所以最好不要在歌舞伎町制造任何麻烦。DSC_0205

DSC_0215      另一件事是提防过高的支付费用和饮料费造成现金和信用卡损失。当你沿着小区走时,你会遇到一些人邀请你去他们的酒吧。切记,不要理他们!!!因为他们会带你去过高价格的地方消费。后者通常发生在由非日本人经营的机构,并且针对外国游客,在这方面你应该要谨慎。DSC_0222



我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅

Japan – Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 2)#Tokyo #Metropolitan #Government #Building

Visit for Tokyo, one of thing you must do is enjoying an amazing view of the Tokyo City on the top of building. In Shinjuku, We recommend you go to The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, A FREE OBSERVATION DECK. Yap,it is totally correct is FREE!!! 243 meter tall twin towers which respectively into North Observation Deck and South Observation Deck. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is surrounding building of offices, leading hotels, branding shopping, restaurant and etc.united 1(Look down from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are the buildings look like matchbox?/从东京都厅展望室往下看那建筑是不是很像火柴盒?)united 2(Entry of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/东京都厅展望室的入口)united 3

After taking the bag checks for the security, you are invite walk into elevators and go to the 45th floor of observatory. Enjoy your panoramic views to a large number of skyscrapers and Tokyo. In the tower, you would deepen your understanding and interest in Tokyo. The observatory also has a cafe and a gift shop. You can enjoy your coffee while view the magnificence scenery.

united 4(Some souvenir can find at here/ 可找到伴手里)  


united 5(Selfie again with sister/ 姐妹自拍)united 6

For the North Observation Desk open hours is 9.30a.m – 11p.m and the South Observation Desk closed at 5.30pm (Entry ends 30 minutes before closing). REMEMBER: closing date Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday.

united 7(You can find the Souvenir shop at here/ 在这你可找到礼品商店)united 8(Blue sky with the buildings look like the picture / 蓝蓝的天与一栋栋的建筑)united 9#Japan
#Tokyo #Metropolitan #Government #Building
My #Tokyo #Save #TransportCost #TripDSC_0006我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 2) #东京都厅展望室
游玩东京其中一项你必需做的就是在建筑的顶部仰望着漂亮的东京。在新宿,我建议你可以去东京都厅展望室。这里是免费的,对,你没看错是免费开放给大众的景点。展望室高度243米高的双塔分别位于北观察台和南观景台。东京都厅展望室四周有办公楼酒店,品牌购物,餐厅等。DSCN5809(Take the lift go to  North Observation Desk / 搭上电梯去北展望室)DSCN5815











IMG20180209130149(Here you can find Tokyo limited commemorative products / 在这你可找到东京限定的纪念商品)

我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅

Japan – Tokyo (Ghibli Museum, Mitaka)

My #Japan Travel (Part 1 ) – #Ghibli #Museum, #Mitaka
The Ghibli Museum is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli, one of world’s most famous animation studios. This museum is Miyazaki fans fantasize and interest for visit it. Before go to Ghibli Museum, it is best for you to watch and knowledge the Ghibli animation movie and it would useful for your visit. united 1(Night view at Ghibli Museum /  吉卜力博物馆 的夜景)united 2(Day view at Ghibli Museum, which you prefer? / 吉卜力博物馆的白天照,那个是你的心头照?)united 3(See who is behind the window? / 看看谁在窗后呢?)

Before entering the museum, you must use a voucher to change the entry ticket (NOTE: the purchaser must be present at the Museum because the staff will check the purchaser`s identity).These tickets very special and value to keep because they are made by film strip with three frames of a Ghibli movie.

Open the door and walk into “Let’s lose our way, together.” You can use your heart and your eye to discover and feel a lot of pleasant and interesting in the Ghibli animation world. There got two parts for this museum, one part is inside and one part is outside. PHOTO AND VIDEO NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE MUSEUM. While walk into bottom floor of the room, “The Beginning of Movement” exhibit the various display and techniques of Ghibli animation. With the strobe lights, you can imaginary and feel those animation are real moving in front of you. While Screening Room is show the Ghibli original short animated Feature movie which can only be seen in the Museum’s theatre with Japanese language and subtitles only.


united 4(Hai, Totoro how are you?/龙猫先生你好吗?😄😄😄)

united 5 copy[We look like so small when stand in front at Robot soldier (Castle in the Sky) / 当我们站在机器人兵(天空之城)看来好娇小哦。😜😜😜]

united 6(See the entry ticket is made from film strip with three frames of a Ghibli movie.So special….. / 看吉卜力电影的电影带制成的入门票,好特别哦。)united 7 E(Entry of Ghibli Museum / 吉卜力博物馆 的入口)

Walk into the first floor, welcome to the “Where a Firm is Born”. Inspiration source is came from this small room and a famous animator is born with stored many books, toys, his favorite things, original hand-painted and etc. For second floor, you will find a famous Cat Bus Room provide to children and souvenir shop. There are also cafés, rooftop gardens, and The Robot Soldier outside the museum, which all of these areas can be photographed.

united 8 c(Some dessert sold at Ghibli Museum / 吉卜力博物馆贩卖的小吃)united 8 E


 NOTE: NO TICKETS ARE SOLD AT THE MUSEUM. How and where can you buy tickets? You can buy the ticket at Lawson store machine and website, and designation Travel Company of the specified country. FOR FOREIGNER LIKE US, our suggestion is buy from Lawson website (sales online by Lawson Ticket). REMEMBER make sure buy the ticket before one month you visit Ghibli Museum (when you want visit on February, you must buy the ticket from 10th January) from the tenth of each month.

 Wait on your screen on the 10th for the one month before visit, and ticket are sales in limited quantity so the better time for buy ticket is 10:00am (Japan Time). Tickets are sold only for the specified date and time of entry. If the date and time your request ticket are sold out, don’t hesitate find and see which date and time of ticket haven’t sold out, hurry up buy the ticket as soon as possible. NOTE: When you buy a ticket online, you will be request to fill in the passport number. So the passport holder must be visit because Ghibli Museum would request to see the passport.

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我的 #日本 之旅 (Part 1 ) – #吉卜力博物馆



united 9 c(Love the colour so much / 好爱这五彩缤纷的建筑)united 9 ENight view at cafe of Ghibli Museum / 坐落在吉卜力博物馆咖啡馆的夜景)DSC_0044






DSC_0064(Robot soldier (Castle in the Sky) / 机器人兵(天空之城)DSC_0075(Sunset at Ghibli Museum look like so beautiful / 吉卜力博物馆的夕阳看起来好漂亮)DSC_0076



欢迎来到博物馆的第一楼【电影诞生的地方】。这小房间是作者的灵感来源,而里头存储着许多书籍,玩具,他喜欢的东西,原创手绘等等。二楼则有著名的猫咪公车间提供给儿童游玩,礼品店。博物馆外也提供咖啡馆,屋顶花园,天空之城的机器士兵而这些景点是可以拍照的。DSCN5891(Let us take the cat bus go to the Ghibli Museum / 让我们搭上🐱 巴士去吉卜力博物馆)DSCN5898(Is it look like story of  Kiki’s Delivery Service`s birdcage / 像不像魔女宅急便故事里的鸟笼?)



      注意:吉卜力博物馆没提供现场买票!  你要如何购买门票呢?你可以在“Lawson”店面的机器,“Lawson”网站,及指定国家的旅游公司。如果你与我一样是“外国游客”我建议你在“Lawson”网站买票。请记住,您必需在你游玩吉卜力博物馆一个月之前(当您想要在2月游玩时,您必须在1月10日起购买票)每个月的第十天起购买票。


我的 #日本 #省钱交通之旅


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Tokyo, Japan’s capital and one of the world’s most mega-metropolis of dizzying contradictions. Tokyo has been building ever since, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on densely populated, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional architecture. At the same time, it has brings out unique sightseeing of different town.

This time our itinerary is a shrewd planning on the transportation with budget travel and choose different town for our tourist destination. Save money on transport! Save money on transport!!! Subway is the main transportation artery of the city of Tokyo. You just can buy the ticket at the machine but no need worry about the language because it has different language let you choose. If don’t how to use, can ask information counter teach you how to use.


Japan Tokyo trip (Introduction) 2018

Some branded name at Tokyo/其中一些名牌店

United 2

(Japan traditional house street/日本传统房屋街道)

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(1 day pass ticket / 一日券)

For us, we are recommend use 1 day (24hour) Tokyo Metro Pass which also buys from ticket machine with 600Yen. You can use unlimited time within 24 hour from the first train, but it only using for Tokyo Metro Subway Lines. We also recommend buy another card call PASMO IC card which your destination is not under Tokyo Metro Subway you can use PASMO IC card. PASMO card is convenient for transportation (JR, RAILWAY, SUBWAY & BUS) and shopping because you can top it up and use it over and over! When uses the PASMO IC card takes the train, you can enjoy the small discount.United 4

Pasmo Card


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Me and my sister Selfie at subway station. 姐妹两在地铁站自拍

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Ticket Machine/自动售票机

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(Night View at Tokyo / 东京的夜景)

You can buy PASMO cards at participating railway, subway and bus stations. For our suggestion, you can direct buy from Airport. Buy the PASMO IC card it cost 2000Yen. 1500Yen can be use and 500Yen as deposit, you can top up your PASMO card minimum 1000Yen at ticket machine. While when you return the PASMO IC card, they would refund you 500yen and the amount value in your PASMO card.

It is very important you must have map of subway on your hand because it is convenience for you to know how to take different subway line to your destination.



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我的#日本 之旅 (介绍篇)



(Tokyo street / 东京街道)


对于我们,我们推荐使用1日 (24小时) 的东京地铁通票。这通票是能直接在自动售票机购买价格为600日元。您可以在首班车24小时内无限时间使用但它只用于东京地铁线. 我们还建议您购买另一张名为PASMO IC卡,当您的目的地不在东京地铁地铁下, PASMO IC卡就能派上用场。使用PASMO IC卡能轻松地充值反复使用,可乘坐交通工具((JR , 铁路,地铁和巴士)或是购物买东西。最总要是使用PASMO IC卡搭地铁时,它还会给你小折扣


您可以在参与的铁路,地铁和公交车站购买PASMO卡。但给我的建议是直接在机场购买。购买PASMO IC卡的价格为2000日元,里头有1500日元能使用及500日元为押金。你可以在自动售票机为你的卡充值最低金额为1000日元。当你退回PASMO IC卡时,他们会把你的500日元押金外加里头的余数退还给你。当你乘搭地铁时,


IMG20180213210744(Rail tickets/轨道车票)IMG20180215151155

Traditional Japanese House while i stay at Tokyo / 日本传统屋也是我在东京居住的地方


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