Our EuropeTrip (Part 5) – Poland Krakow I – Old Town

Our Europe Trip – #Poland ( Part 5 #Krakow I #OLD #TOWN)

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Krakow is incomparable: its charming, atmosphere and full of life will seduce us all with the beauty of its landscapes but also the richness of its cultural and historical heritage🏛🏛🏛… and its gastronomy! City is ready for its turn in the spotlight📸📸📷; Krakow is truly a work of art, complete with historic architecture and priceless cultural treasure, a colourful and sparkling destination. It’s offers an unprecedented mix of architecture, history, modernity, trendy cafés and restaurants, shopping streets offering both traditional products and products by local designers.

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Old Town the main city of Krakow, packed with historical interest and brimming with welcoming charm, medieval style metropolis influences can be seen over the city. Not just because Rynek Główny – the largest medieval market square in Central Europe and Wawel Castle – characterised by its unique upside-down teardrop shape. For those whose are interesting for Rynek Główny you can visit ( https://lifecornerstory.blog/…/our-europe-trip-poland-part…/) and Wawel Castle you can visit ( https://lifecornerstory.blog/…/our-europe-trip-part-2-wawe…/).

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But what we realize is a lifestyle we talking about the art of architecture masterpieces ever produced by humankind. Old-world elegance abounds in this confection of cobblestones and surrounded by the charming belt of public green space🌲🌳🌲, Old Town is extremely picturesque that dates back to ancient Poland culture. The atmospheric Old Town is leisurely, while take a horse trip🐴🐴🐴 is right of passage for visitors, listening the sound of the yì dēng dēng horse horseshoe and view the surrounding architectural landscape, but It also making pedestrian explorations entirely feasible with easy to cover on foot🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️. Get lost willingly: we strolling down impossibly cobblestone streets with no particular destination in our mind and walk throughtsome of the best and most unexpected gems in this magical city are hidden deep in its folds. Stroll through its charm of shopping streets🛍🛍🛍, look at the various goods in the window and marvel at the beauty of its Gothic medieval. Full of historical heritage and majestic architectural monuments along with priceless cultural treasures, Old Town is one of the pride of Poland.

We never know what unique architectural treasure we will find around the next corner! Wander along the cobblestones and admire the architecture of Gothic Style build on late 13th century Middle Ages, a destination rich in everything that a food, antique stores, galleries and boutiques🏬🏬. Hidden alleyways and charming streets characterize the Old Town, so be sure to spend some time wandering through them, trendy shops. This city to be one of the beautiful medieval-tinged metropolis with well preserved example of a medieval Central European trading city, which mean we can view of the art galleries🖼🎨🖼, music venues🎵🎶🎵, theaters, centuries-old churches, merchant houses, hotels, restaurants and myriad shops.







We walk through the door of a bakery🥐🥐🥐, this bakery shop in Krakow is small but certainly squee as many people in as possible being one of the popular spot in town! They have a lot of delicious and different flavors of bread, the most important thing is that the price is cheap😍😍, the price is so cheap, if not buying a few pieces to try it seems to be a bit unreasonable! Ok, lets us taste the bread, Oh! The taste is so yummy yummy…. Ok, just imagine an absolutely delicious chocolate🍫🍫 bread that will melt in our mouth, all are dense and delicious😋😋. The most important thing is that it is the taste is not that sweet Wao, we can’t go wrong with them.





Start our explorations at the Old Town to enjoy artisanal crafts and browse local artworks. Walk around constantly looking forward, captivated by the 13th century wall encompassing small part of Old Town, which compete with each other to touch the sky. While Krakow’s medieval city walls🏚🏚🏚were largely demolished and save the part with the main gate, its adjoining towers and Barbican. A passageway used in the medieval times, the Krakow Barbican was once a small fortress connecting St. Florian’s gate to the outside world. It also has kept 13th and 16th century of the Brama Florianska gate with a rectangular Gothic tower of wild stone and the baroque roof. Walk to a oldest park which are part of the Old Town city lifestyle, we wander up to the 18th century fortifications for the views and be sure to immerse our self in the Middle Ages atmospheric.









We nosing around in its cobblestoned and find for an interesting cuisine🍽🍴🍽. Krakow, this makes for a well-developed Poland cuisine to try, we stopping at one of the restaurant along busy Old Town streets. Let our eye and mouth get another feel of medieval from a different perspective when enjoy cuisine in the middle ages of building. Located right at the corner in Krakow Old Town, restaurant adding a bright and hip interior to the 13th century building. The restaurant are not truly medieval and the décor is simple, with large tables guests can share with strangers, or you can sit on the smaller one to enjoy Polish cuisine.













The menu amidst offering variety culinary with dedicated to different specialties Polish cuisine and seasonal produce. Order it like the locals by asking for a “Devil’s Steak baked with cheese”🥩🧀🧀. Basically bread featuring a thick crunchy crust which stuffed with cheese and meat add different favor herb. If you same as me is a cheese lover, you’re lover this salty cheese which is delicious served with baked. Sure enough, didn’t take the wrong name, and it really fascinated you like the devil. Wah😲😲, taste with cheese is melts, sure, but not in a stringy and nearly toasted, adds a totally welcome salty bite. This dish is look like simple, but the taste is tasteful and rich, and filling as well as utterly delicious😋😋! Enjoy with the other cuisine under the chef recommended name as “Pork chop Calvados in apple sauce🥩🍎🍎, potato rosettes”. Poland’s chefs are always offering new twists on old favorites Polish foods. They like to cook Polish dishes it revolves around using local ingredients and seasonal produce to elegant dishes, at the same time unique twist of new found ingredients. The dish is thick pork then typically grilled served hot and the meat is fresh and juicy😍😍, covered in creamy gravy and plated with apple. In a concoction of the Chef specialist sauce drop on the pork chop, ok a delicious combination of flavours and textures. It seems that the two kinds of sauces that do not match the wind do not know why the chef’s clever combination has completely erupted its essence. Just one mouthful and I will find ourself craving more and more, mouth-wateringly good🥰🥰🥰. It is eaten fresh and warm and It’s incredible!







oups🥣🥣🥣 can be found on pretty much every Polish menu, and they’re anything but run-of-the-mill. Order and try two different flavor of traditional Polish soup. We try a soup which name as” Zapadnia” simply means red borscht, soup of this kind look like a red wine🍷🍷🍷, it has a rich bouquet and its characteristic delicate flavor of natural sweetness. Enjoy another traditional Polish dish soup is “Rosol”, a kind of Polish broth, is a not-thickened clear soup made with chicken meat and bones with add in a home-made traditional Polish pasta. So the taste of this soup is salty. It is eaten fresh and warm and would be nice during winter season. However all of these dishes remains surprisingly affordable🤑🤑🤑, with these meals only costing 36 PLN (8.3€).

To Be Continued………..







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