Europe-Latvia-Part 5 Gauja National Park – Sigulda (Section 2)

Our Europe Trip Part 5 – #Latvia #GaujaNationalPark #Sigulda #Section2

If you’re interested in outdoor activities, within easy reach of the Sigulda Town, is the Gauja National Park with hundreds miles of hiking paths is the ideal place to explore for a day. As with much of the trekking in Europe, the routes here are part of a national park. The Gauja National Park is not famous for high mountains, but that doesn’t make hike it a lesser experience, there is something for every level of hiker here, from the short and relaxing to full on multi-day hikes, here is a place showing of natural beauty. You can find here, there are numerous routes with different distance and attractions. The wooded mountain range is steeped in history, the Gauja National Park is the largest national park in Latvia and boasts many beautiful views and offers also many sights such as old valley of the Gauja River, rock outcrops and varied terrain shapes, have their origins in this forest. During a Gauja National Park Adventures trip, from the medium to the easiest, discover exceptional landscapes and untouched nature and overall it’s an easy hike for anyone who is always walking or hiking in the trail, with very few uphills and downhills. The hike can be completed in a couple of hours, but in order to make the most of it and admire the views, about spend a day of hiking. The trail is a mix of ups and downs and isn’t too difficult if you are reasonably fit. Of course, there is also a simple, time-saving and labor-saving way; that is to take the cable car, the only drawback is that you can’t enjoy the scenery on foot. To find the beginning of the trail in Gauja National Park Adventures, walk towards the cable car. You should be able to see the signs for the cable car, which begins in the square just next to car park. Where you can jumping into the cable car to other starting point trail, the cable car suspended at the height of 43 meters and let you view of amazing scenery of the Gauja River. The ticket price is 8€ for one way per adult and 12€ for return per adult.

There are various caves in Gauja National Park, among which Gutman’s Cave and its mysterious rock formations are the most popular among tourists. You can direct take the transport and visit, the most spacious grotto in the Baltic states; Gutman’s Cave, this tremendous cave was formed from the yellow-brown sandstone rock of the Gauja river bank and formation is due to a millennium long interaction between the river and an underground spring. The cave be one of the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia and on the walls of the cave, there are inscriptions from the 17th century. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this cave. Gauja National Park also boasts various other natural attractions, maybe you can same as us walk into forest, view of many landmarks and cave along the way. No be worried, It’s a well-marked and easy to follow hiking trail. Passing stunning of a few caverns along a wild stretch of trail, the views of cave and wildlife natural sightings are consistently sublime. Monstrously ancient of cave let us feel wild and mysterious, mere natural of rough rocky with different shape of cave from triangular to deep, pear-shaped and also have smallish, rough-hewn all are the great artwork of natural. As we walk along the cliffs, we have pass a pretty interesting cave, pig nose shape of cave, This cave reminds us of the plot version of a Japanese cartoon in our minds. Relax walk in this dark and draughty cave here is formed from singular yellow-brown sandstone natural rocky, although let us comfortable but empty. In the cave walk through tunnels and along ledges with sheer drops, the path leads you up to the mountain, while we are hiking on winter season and the path is closed due of this season.

The trail walk has magnificent views as you hiking through the cave and cliff, eventually crossing the famous river- Gauja River. Most importantly though, you will get to see the magnificent views over the Gauja River which is the only large river of Latvia that begins and ends its flow in Latvia, the beautiful river banks rich in sandstone outcrops, easy accessibility of the river. Gauja River winds through forests and lush water, flows through its primeval valley which is among the most impressive Baltic terrain forms, meanwhile the nature of the river is suitable for various paddlers. The picturesque footbridges over the Gauja River have always been the favorites of hikers on this trail. From here we were enjoy the view of the monstrous big river flowing swiftly ahead, and high, rocky bluffs on both sides and surrounding with verdant forest. View of the Gauja River, view over a deep river that capable of reflecting in its placid surface, billowy hills, the luminous shadows. When tired for walking, let us enjoy a picnic lunch as we took in the tranquil scene, sometimes life is so ordinary and beautiful. By the river, you can continue up to the Turaida Castle, the manor house, the church and the Dainu Hill and learn what had happened in the area since the 11th century. A medieval castle on a strip of land between two ravines at Gauja River, Turaida Castle is the highlight and most visually impressive element of Turaida Museum Reserve. The museum of Latvia offers expositions on the history of archaeology, culture and art and narrates events dating back as far as to the 11th century. Meanwhile, its also a breathtaking view of Gauja Valley opens from the tower of the castle.

Or can same like me continue hike on the trail by the river and arrived it in the starting point. A wooden footpath bring us between the green vegetation and river, pass beside the wide, blue river, the meadows on the other side, far over the outskirts of the great city. The trail leads through virginal forest, peaceful meadows, and make it contrastive with the river through a variety of landscapes, water meadows, swamp, canals and village. The most of the trail goes along the meadows with little shade available, so sun protection is advised. The trail continues past hut and back towards Bobsleigh and luge track in Sigulda. The Part of this beautiful trail goes through of the Sigulda with offer a peek of few outdoor activities for those who want a unique hiking experience. Sigulda have provide outdoors enthusiasts with endless entertainment in the Gauja National Park such as Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park, Fly in Aerodium, Bobsleigh and luge track in Sigulda, Catch emotions and ride the “Zērglis” zipline and etc. that will let you captivated by the closeness of nature, and be able to test your physical endurance.

During the trail, we met several friendly local resident, thank for them that suggest and leader us to the area point where there are incredible panoramic views of the surrounding forest. The trail leads towards the starting point and from there onwards across the panoramic slopes to these you will see beautiful and memorable panoramas. Here, we were enjoy with panoramic views of the Gauja River and Part of the Gauja National Park and end of our Latvia Trip at here.

Let us continue next Estonia Trip…..

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How To Go Gauja National Park – Sigulda:

Sigulda can be reached from Riga (53km), you have a number of transport options available to them. Public transport such as bus🚌🚌🚌 or train🚆🚆🚆, for instance, is a very quick and efficient way to get from one city to another. We choose take a direct bus takes 1h 15min and ticket costs is 2.20€each way and luggage is 0.50€ per item. Just board the bus at Riga Terminal Bus Station and alight at Sigulda Bus Station. From there, it’s a short walk to all the main sights.

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Europe-Latvia-Part 4 Sigulda (Section 1)

Our Europe Trip Part 4 – #Latvia #Sigulda #Section1

The dense forests🌲🌳🌹, extensive hiking trails🧗‍♂️🧗‍♀️🚶‍♂️, countless historical and cultural monuments from different centuries are the biggest draws to the Gauja National Park, but there’s more to discover. Located in northeast Latvia, Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, the dominant is the old valley of the Gauja River🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️ that is home to great biological diversity, varied terrain shapes and unique historical and geological wonders. Its oozes charm and beauty that let to add an extra layer for us to explore on our adventures. While with miles of hiking paths, unique natural, forms steep rocks and caves, take in the scenic lush views which leads through a series of the forest to a castle perched above the forest and view from the castle are spectacular.

At the stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley and near the traditional Latvia culture village ,Sigulda is an idyllic and pretty town surrounded by greenery situated at the south-western end of Gauja National Park means some of the area’s most scenic hiking trails are right at your doorstep. Just a short ride away by bus🚌🚌 or by train🚆🚆 with only over an hour from Riga capital city (53 km), Sigulda as a quaint canal town with the dramatic landscape and the refreshing clear air are the appeal. If looking to relax and unwind, we recommend staying overnight in the town and just enjoy strolling around the town. It still has a charm all its own, it has so many charming little highlights which make us many great opportunities for exploring and adventure. Let us just the start.

Our accommodation in Sigulda🛏🛋🚽🚿:

For accommodation, we using Airbnb, a website that can offer a great way to get a local feel and get closer to their lifestyle. Perched on the edge of Gauja National Park, this is a unique perspective and takes your espresso on the terrace this is the retreat for those who enjoy nature or just chilling on the terrace with a glass of wine and enjoy a stunning panorama of natural. On our Sigulda journeys trip we choose for rental as per room that let us connect with live-in local hosts, when they open up their homes that offer us a truly authentic travel experience. Meanwhile, let us can bound to find an affordable accommodation with as much character and local colour as the most popular tourist sites. Homes nestled in pristine nature near national parks, this house as tight curation of the modern architecture and modern style alternating between the idyllic charms of the countryside and polished contemporary style with modern living as a real sense of belonging. Ladies host is the welcoming hospitality and chatty person, her daughter cute and love to smile. During our gossipy, delight for comprehend the culture and food of the Latvia from the ladies host. Thank for the ladies host invite us eat a traditional Latvian cheese dishes, white colour of cheese the taste pure and fresh meanwhile its not greasy, so delicious…😋😋 She tells us this dish must use 7 hours for cooking. The windows of the house are bigger and transparent that fill its spaces with natural light and parlour flanked by window provides forest views from every angle. The style is modern and elegant interior design, with natural materials, warm colors and tons of natural light. Interiors are simple and spacious, smartly curated design touches with a mix of a selection of modern furnishings and electrical and vintage treasures, careful restoration and striking contrasts shines with unique detail, thoughtful design and plush comforts to make us feel at home. The kitchen serves as a giant gathering space, while the bedrooms mimic the landscape in their peacefulness and simplicity. The house is full of the owners’ personal books and treasures that guests are invited to enjoy.

Wandering the street of Sigulda – this neat little town has a charm all its own🏘🏡⛪🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️:

Sigulda as the idyllic town is characterised by its relaxed atmosphere, pure mountain air and for those who crave quiet and fun with the outdoors adventure. As perfect combination of both from relaxing of walk in the wide variety of stunning walk around town and the great outdoors surrounding it to who are seeking crave for the adventure. We spend the whole day stroll through the beautiful streets that have a lively atmosphere, the area boasts a huge number of marked trails, bike paths and woodlands it’s the perfect way to explore. Gorgeous scenery that make us enjoy for overlooking the beautiful scenery with lush green patches, a picture-perfect setting on the mountains with lush meadows and forest streams. A softly breeze, enchanted town itself is multi-tiered,along the lush green hills with beautiful viewpoints is one of the essence of Sigulda.

While it may not be a grand, this neat little town still has a charm all its own, numerous own feature style building, with outdoor beautiful gardens, and picturesque streets to explore. For us, exploring the streets is very much like walking through from one story to the next, here as a smorgasbord of architectural styles and features, which come together in an intriguing way, led to a beautifully diverse culture of art, and fashion. A picturesque town that traditional mountain timbered houses and traditional wooden beams give a very traditional appearance that blends into the townscape so well. Here, is not hard to find have many brick-roofed and slate stone house, because it is so plentiful, wall covered with blocks of natural slate becomes part of a palette of colors, which, together with the brick-roofed and stone walls, and merge as part of the landscape. Although there are no exaggerated colorful images, when walking on the road, the surrounding relaxed atmosphere and utterly surreal feeling quiet scenery also make people feel at ease. Listening to the sounds of birds and wild ducks is the best way to connect with nature. Standing alongside them are modern building and many-windowed pastel homes that go on for blocks, this unique architectural mix is a chance to unwind and experience local life and culture. Wandering the winding streets of Sigulda, this relax-paced life, gorgeous scenery and warm people is a pleasure. The Sigulda Residents talk with us; here always have festivities in different seasons. This traditional Opera Festival is held each year in summer which includes concerts and folk performances. In May, It is said to be one of the most colourful festivals with Town Festival🕺💃 when cherry trees blossom🌸🌸. The town’s famous in autumn while Sigulda is known for the colors of its trees🍁🍂 and a picture-perfect setting in autumn. Sports such as skiing🏂🏂, bobsledding, and the luge are popular in wintertime and bungee jumping is practiced during the rest of the year.

If the idyllic beauty of Sigulda is not enough capture your attention, walking through the commerce street might feel a bit like a scene from straight a fairy tale book. The most colorful street has a vibrant vibe to it with colourful gabled architecture; the fountain, different appearance and feature buildings are surrounded by greenery worthy of photographing here as you walk the streets. Strolls around town are a favorite prelude, where you can also stopping into the many independent shop, here are intermittent shop, hotel, restaurants and pubs. Shop in one of the snazzy boutiques or sit in a café, sidewalk with numerous cosy flower-decked restaurants and café, where you can taste of the local dishes and sip the coffee and take in your surrounding in peace environment. After wandering around this town, In the bar, you can let your tired feet take a short break and taste delicious food and a glass of beer. While some of the pub with backyard beer gardens for a break along the way.

Here, Rimi and Maxima as the two largest discount chains built up the Large ‘Big Box’ Grocery Stores in the town where with big-acreage that are selling different and that greater variety of imported and local goods. Walk into Grocery Stores and let us buy some local goods. One of the known local dishes of Latvia is grill fish so sure buy some of these type dishes of spices and herbs for let our dinning table add new delicious dishes. The total price we spends is 5.00€ and purchases goods is shown on photo picture.

Enjoy a casual lunch in a relaxed and cozy cafe🍔🍟🥞☕🍷🍻:

We deserve to kick back and relax with enjoying lunch at a cozy cafe. This is a quintessentially café with its greenery facade as the full-of-charm neighborhood cafés. Inside, it’s walls with dark-blonde wood and red- bricks, a retro feel with wooden bistro and softer lighting, comfy cushions, and wide windows that let natural light pour in. Even due to its small square footage, this spot does brisk business, this café has all the cozy corners and the work-from-anywhere crowd. Here let us so feel comfortable and coffee is available around the clock, as are beers, different types of specialty wines, and juices. Although you will not see very complicated dishes on the menu, it can be said to be very simple, but it is full of staple foods of Latvian cafes, let us taste simple and delicious homemade food. Taste the best recommended burger of beef meat grilling, Imagine that, they only use the local meat is freshly ground, medium with a nice and juicy pink centre, add with aioli and cheese, tastes absolutely amazing. The fluffy bun was perfectly toasted, keeping and serve with a lot of fresh vegetables everything in place, wrapped in some paper and most important everything tasted great. And their chicken burger did not let us disappoint, crispy and tender chicken, melty cheese and salivating gorgeous condiments, it’s no wonder. The vegetables, tomato and cucumber slices can be almost thicker than the patty itself, with its been so fresh and crisp that were a real treat with a nice crispness and excellent flavour. And this meal total price are 12.50€. To be continuous…………..

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Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Jūrmala#Jūrmala Beach

Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Jūrmala#Jūrmala Beach

Latvia, you can choose for plan your own route and follow your own mood on traveling in a region for soak up the local ambience and a few destination with experience the incredible variety of natural landscapes, cultures and centuries. These destinations that can be short journeys with be reached in just a couple of hours in train or by car. Latvia as blessed with some of the charming natural environment that where you can give a comprehensive list of the most dropping spots especially for natural lovers that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Nature. With Latvia’s Baltic Sea coastline as almost 500 km long and its many beach, each with a unique vibe, great long stretches of golden sand, beautiful pockets of untouched nature, the calm blue-green waters of the Baltic Sea and the feisty waves to play in where you can feel truly relaxed. Lively beaches with home to pretty seaside villages and harbours clinking with fantastic natural attractions such as dunes, steep cliffs, sandstone outcrops and rock formations – it’s everything else that give you to enjoy the great outdoors. With the culture of Europe’s seaside that would so much fun for pleasure seekers, drinkers and eaters.

On our travel journey we choose for go to Jūrmala where the gateway to the busy sun coast that its become one of the Latvia perennial holiday favourite who come here in flocks during year-round even in winter. Jūrmala as sunny haven of sophisticated resort town with 32 km stretch of natural white-sand beach, situated along sandwiched between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River, are only a short drive away about 40-minutes from Riga that you can choose either one day trip or stay as few days.

The waves in the Gulf of Riga, with their white crest, are calm and inviting only in the summer. In the autumn fierce wind, they grow harsh and impose their own rhythm. Jūrmala has variety beach for every mood with a whole string of detachable beaches: a sea for windsurfers and surfers, here are some wide swimming spots and water sports venues, for sailor great luminous beaches with some of the brightest and deep bluest ocean. Laid-back seaside towns, its glamour are brimming with cultural charm and its hippie vibe; that an eclectic mix with stroll around the natural lush green pine forest that flank Jūrmala beach or feel free to explore the Ķemeri National Park that can enjoy the hiking trails on the Great Ķemeri Bog through the picturesque fantastic natural and inhale the unusual smell.

MAJORI, Jūrmala Beach – Most spectacular beaches with tens of kilometres🏖🌞😎🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️:

Jūrmala can easy get to by public transport, from Riga either take the train or mini-van, we choose for ride the min-van make sure stop at the capital of Jūrmala, Majori and enjoy our one day trip. From the stations the beach is merely a quick walk towards, boardwalk walkways bring us to the sand-dunes this great long stretches of golden sand tumble down to a dark blue Ocean. Here, the sun shines even brighter and wild sand dunes dominate the beach; It’s most spectacular beaches with tens of kilometres of breathtaking beaches and the golden light that bounces off white and fine sand to great effect. Nowhere else do the pines on the dunes murmur so restfully, sensational bays, the air is full of sea freshness and meanwhile, here have many life varied in the sea.

Even in the winter an arc of icy white sand lapped by gentle waves of unearthly blue, an unforgettable beach holiday could simply be spent wandering through Majori , Jūrmala beach. Laid-back beach has stunning white sands, deep and wide; so well-trodden by the bare feet on the beach, cotton-white sand meets serene meets serene blue waters, quiet coves, coastlines give way to a gentler, flatter landscape. Here, you can enjoy numerous of water sports and on a sultry summer day, the site will be packed with sunbathers, swim in the sea or engage in sports activities at Majori, Jurmala beach although during winter if you don’t mind of the icy sea, you can play in the water. Here, you don’t need to worry about safety and hygiene problem. Whether it is a lifeguard, clean public restrooms, and dressing rooms; this kind of equipment is ready for the public.

If water-sports aren’t your thing, and beyond the beaches themselves it’s everything else that should come with a beach holiday; on the Majori, Jurmala beach complete with wide, wild beaches between with sunny beach clubs and the party atmosphere bars shoulders with relax cafes and restaurant, some of the chic boutique hotels are rustic wooden or stone villas strewn. The beach spots along its coastline are among its dramatic unique wooden architecture; the most distinguishing architectural feature in Jūrmala is the prevalence of wooden houses dating from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Here, has the evergreen allure with a more rugged, rustic character, the characteristic of classic and traditional architecture integrate with relaxing and natural environment, the architecture typically falls into classicism, national romanticism and but beside them are modern buildings! You can clinking with wine glasses in the bar, kick back with a coffee and pleasant dessert at cafes or enjoy Latvia local traditional tasty dish in restaurant. You will be pleased by varied offer of perhaps an excellent classical music performance in Dzintari Concert Hall which with an extensive concert and event programme. Jūrmala endlessly fascinates with its party scene, its glamour and its hippie vibe; where the beach clubs host hedonists and rich hippies all around the clock.

BULDURI, Jūrmala Beach – Fishing or hop on a boat to the string of sparkling coves🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️🌅🌊🛥🛥:

On the Jūrmala can be found on main road other side is another beach, Bulduri beach. You won’t see white sand here: In Bulduri, this go-slow region packs in complete with grassydunes, wildflowers and rock formations, charming coves with milky water frothing against the rock formations. We were be too distracted attention by the cool, glittering waters of the Sea, here can fishing or hop on a boat to the string of sparkling coves, with dreamlike lagoons where can pootle around in boats and marvel at the picturesque landscape. Let us for seek serenity and peaceful to listen to the rustling sea and enjoy a lazy sunset meanwhile let us to snap some photos of the epic sunset, which goes down directly in front of the beach.

JOMAS Street – Historic charm of street with the culture of Europe’s seaside🏛🏘🏨🏬🍕🍔🍟🥘🥩🍩🍰☕🍹🍻🥂:

Jūrmala has been known as a resort for centuries, which boasts historic town, spa therapies and rehabilitation centres. Tropical paradises complete with the culture of Europe’s seaside: the barefoot-chic attitude, Europe art culture lifestyles, wild and free. Further up the coast is one of the big hitter: Jomas street (Latvian: Jomas iela) oldest streets of Jūrmala, which during its existence has undergone various changes and transformations. Feel free to explore the historic of Jomas street, tour the traditional wine taverns, where the central pedestrian belt are full of award-winning restaurants, bars, souvenir booths, fruit stalls and a small shopping complex containing a cinema. Dining and parties in a multitude of restaurants or bars, this historic charm of street is heaven for full of happy foodies. Or same as us walk into a smaller chains supermarket which name as Top, even with small-acreage but variety product of store with provide everything daily necessities to satisfy the customer needs and the price is not higher. Of cause we not forget buy some different kinds and taste goods (have show on photo), the total price is 12.26€.

You can also head to Jūrmala Open Air Museum for some of the culture in the country and the history of town where you can trek through the Ragakāpa Nature Park and the trails with boardwalks pass through a pine forest in this nature park created to preserve the dunes. Here, the conventional fishing village with celebrates the cities fishing heritage, the museum is a fisherman’s courtyard has been set up, and its nearly 2,000 exhibits portray the fishermen’s work and life in Jūrmala in the 19th and 20th centuries. In passing on the nature trail of the park surrounded by a beautiful natural environment is usually a great way to relax and recharge, meanwhile also can acquaint with the plants, surrounding of a natural old pine forest, and traces left by the insects in the forest.

KEMERI National Park – Natural park is mostly occupied by forests and mires🌲🍁🍂🌷🥀:

For a real respite from the crowds you’ll have to head the picturesque forest; a short road ride from the Jūrmala Beach will bring you to Ķemeri National Park, a protected reserve filled. Here is an ideal spot for hikers, while the surrounding national forest with hidden wetlands and mires, this stretch of nature is great for a bit more exploring and getting a break from the sun. Fantastic natural attractions can relaxing and enjoy the hiking trails along the great boardwalk and across the wetlands, explore the bog and stroll around the unspoiled forests, view of the birds and animals. Take a hike to an observation platform that let you see amazing natural picturesque or have an unforgettable walk on the trail of the Great Ķemeri Bog for go to the Sulphur Ponds and inhale the unusual smell.

How To Go🚆🚐🚕🚘:

For those who want ride the public transport, from Riga City you can either take the train or minivan to the Jūrmala. Most of the tourists take a train ride of 40-minutes from the Riga station and disembark at Majori or Dzintari stations. Trains are running regularly. You can also same as us ride the minivan and take its from long-distance bus station, look for the ‘Platform LCD monitor’, make sure find the destination name as ‘Majori – Kauguri’ and which of the platform number for the minivan stop. For bus ticket no need buy from counter and direct pay to the driver. The ticket price is 2.15€ per person / per way. Notice: either you choose for take the train or minivans make sure disembark at Majori or Bulduri.

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Europe-Latvia-Part 2 (Riga Central Market / Dumpling Restaurant)

Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Riga #Riga CentralMarket#DumplingRestaurant

Latvia is one of the countries in Europe that let travellers are increasingly interested in discovering new destinations, let us developing a knack for connecting with locals, authentic and their culture by experience of authentic Latvia traditions and walk into local life. Simultaneously, it’s let us learning, inspiring, enjoying its unique ways of life and just plain fun! Food is a hugely important part for Latvia culture, this is a cuisine rooted in foraging, fermenting, and preserving, as well as celebrating the seasonal and the local. So it’s never let traveller monotonous and the country has well-known for its own brand of traditional cuisine with delectable dairy products, tart berries, homemade rye bread, flavorful smoked meat and sausages, tangy pickles and fresh Baltic seafood.

RIGA CENTRAL MARKET – Meandering through the country’s liveliest markets, that giving a glimpse of local lives and through its gastronomy🥩🍗🍰🍩🥐🥦🥔🐠🦐

Latvia’s elegant capital, Riga is leading the country in a dynamic cuisine renaissance. The charming city of Riga hosts one of the country’s liveliest markets, the “Riga Central Market”, and it is truly in the heart of its cities that you’ll find the epitome of Latvians culture. For immersing in the local culture by meandering through the throngs of people going about their daily business in Riga Central Market, here where you can glean some insights into local culture and cuisine, and enjoy for a good, local, quality meal. Few better walk into local life than rubbing shoulders with shoppers, browsing stands piled high with colourful and diverse fresh produce, lively conversation, nibbling on street munchies, and being fully immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the local community.

Serves as one of the city’s most historically important and active commercial centres, Riga Central Market is one of Europe’s largest indoor food markets and the fulcrum of a dynamic urban renewal of the neighbourhood. Bustling with pick up fresh ingredients alongside and it’s an explosion of foodie energy. Come on, everybody guess what the predecessor of this market? Its most distinctive is where the city has redeveloped a former used as military airship hangars into a lively people zone. Today, Riga Central Market is the largest and oldest indoor food market in the country. Location for market is opposite along a white ironwork railroad trestle and a little far from any tourist attractions (roughly across the Old Town), Central Market, just runs the River Daugava, next to Riga International Bus Terminal and Central Railway Station. Built in 1920s and architecturally-imposing food pavilions, this enormous food pavilions constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangar and is now be traditional market. Admire Art Deco styles depicting local history and monuments, as well as incorporating Neoclassicism to the city incorporated into the building.

Noted for selling a wide range of local products, including bustling with butcher stands for selling wide array of different part fresh livestock goods, a careful selection of the freshest catches of the day caught right on the Baltic sea and showcasing the finest in Latvia fresh produce. Squeezing between the crowds, you’ll find only the best of all manner of smoked fish & meat, fresh and traditional dense rye bread, local produce cheeses and other artisanal Latvia cheeses, delectable and different flavour of pickled goods, a mouthwatering array of pastries, various different kinds of ham, classic Latvian staples and Latvia’s famous sardines in oil. Enjoy and accepting samples from the merchants would let us choose for our like flavour!

“Riga Central Market” divides into five pavilions and each pavilion with its own category – meat, fish, vegetables, dairy and gastronomy products, as well as an outdoor area with stalls and stands. The Riga Central Market has a split personality. One-half of the market is as classic as they come: traditional and simply elegant, each indoor market pavilion is selling of each classification, whole of the pavilion with many vendors and one vendors is next to another vendors display just-so piles of produce. Transparent-glass or wrought-iron stalls: selling Latvian-grown (vegetable and fruits), a wide array of fresh seafood, goods straight from the farm (meat), as well as manufactured merchandise.

Plenty of stalls abound, where fill with for the colours of the fresh foodstuffs displayed and sold here, such as no surprise that can view a few of pig heads in the corner of every butcher stands. Listen for the cries of the different vendors as you move through the central market, as each one traditionally has his own distinct yell designed to bring in customers and ward off competitors. Friendly vendors can tell you exactly where and how their goods were grown, raised, or harvested. No need bargaining the price because all the fresh foodstuffs displayed would mark the price. Here let us enjoyed shopping for dinner supplies at the food market, let us buy a fresh pork just 3.50€😮😮😮 and beef just 3.00€😮😮😮 and then going back to cook ourselves a fresh and delicious meal. We want to taste some delicious food, our sense of smell and vision let our brain lead our legs, stop by one of the meat stall, buy one of the Latvia’s famous cuisine: some delectable traditional smoked meat and the price is 2.05€😋😋😋.

Other of indoor market pavilion, we are step through a door into Riga Central Market other half: a sleek, futuristic, a wide array of dairy products and pickled goods, a delicately composed dessert, appreciate the aromas wafting from the food stalls cooking up cuisine, taste on the free. It’s a bustling showcase of edible Riga, offers a variety of food let your mouth water as you wander the market: highlighting of early Latvian traders, fresh-baked bread and biscuit of every shape and size, traditional of rustic cheeses, luscious cottage cheese, sour cream, tiny pyramids of fine gourmet hard and soft cheeses that went a bit more traditional at Riga Central Market. As cheese lover we must buy a few of cheese, choose as delectable cheese with three different flavour that let us meanwhile taste different. Here we can give in to actual appetite right outside: the beloved Latvian all sorts of salads, homemade and explosively flavourful pickled goods, cake with fillings both traditional and creative, nuts and dried fruits, crispy pizzas, gastro hot dogs, and whatever produce is in season. You’ll also find stand bursting with Prosecco and craft beer.

DUMPLING RESTAURANT – authentic and different cooking method that can be found everywhere in Europe🥟🥟🥟🥣🍽🍻☕

Even though dumplings as one of the famous in our Chinese cuisine, but when travelling Europe, search for and taste western dumplings as mealtime is one of our favourable. Dumpling as one of the cuisine with preferred hibernation fuel of nearly every culture, so it’s no surprise dumplings can be found everywhere in Europe with different taste and variety of cooking dumplings method. Search and taste this delicious cuisine, a restaurant is specialist selling Koldūnai (Kalduny, Kolduny, калдуны́) dumplings with its location in the heart of Riga, Old Town. A laid-back atmosphere, this restaurant is wide and simple deco, there’s a real focus on the quality of the products. Serving up an extensive of dumplings that sells in its deli section counter and everything, down to the sauces are prepared by handmade.

While here, offers classic and traditional Kalduny dumplings: this variety of dumplings different on the stuffing that including filled with minced pork, beef, chicken, curd cheese, or mushrooms and made with fresh coriander and spiced, a commitment to using what is local, seasonal foods. The simple dumpling skin are made with easy using spoon for eating, so that the dumlpling skin wrapping doesn’t tear and Kalduny dumpling are usually boiled in well-salted water. This cuisine can be enjoyed with a variety of garnishes or sauce, from butter and black pepper to mayonnaise, sour cream, crispy bacon, or spirgučiais (a type of pork rind) that depends on the stuffing. In addition to, this restaurant making the delectable, healthy soups possible: enjoy a hearty potato tomato soup in winter, the flavour combinations of different salads plus plus beverages likes coffee, milk, soft drinks and beers. Cuisine are calculations sold by weight, selected and take by yourself, we choose two different taste of dumpling and one bowl of soup, pass to the counter and staff would calculate price depend on the cuisine weight. The total price is 5.34€😍😍😍. Choose with beef dumplings, big juicy of fresh beef mounted with melt-in-my-mouth and the dumpling skin is soft but elastic, a plate gourmet of dumplings let us vibrant. Taste the fried dumplings in butter, dumplings it develop a sumptuous and crispy bottom, plus thick sour cream of source, well, deep-fried tastiest and sour cream are prefect. Although here don’t have grand decorations and the staff’s attire is simple, but the food itself is authentic, and let us mouthwatering meanwhile an excellent value for money😋😋😋.

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Europe-Latvia-Part 1 (Riga / Old Town (Vecrīga)

Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Riga #OldTown #Vecrīga

The bustle of boats in its harbor and the random mix of stone, this vibrant port city of Riga was established in 1201 by Albert of Bremen, with its geographical location that makes this historic Baltic seaport as important part of trading cities and let Riga had enjoyed rapid economic growth, before the tragic period of World War I. Riga as the capital that always continually inhabited city in Latvia and be one of oldest-city in the country, it sits on the Gulf of Riga in the mouth of the Daugava river where it meets the Baltic Sea and is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. The Riga city make up with one-third of the population of Latvia be the largest city in Latvia, meanwhile it also the biggest metropolis in the three Baltic states, Riga as perfectly more than blends timeless tradition and highly urbanised architecture of European modernity.

During its tumultuous medieval past, having fought off many civilisations who tried to take control of it, Latvia’s history it has been captured by the German, Kingdom of Sweden, but the most significant that an invasion by Peter the Great of Russia in 1710 and cemented Russian influence on the city. Today, it is considered the Riga’s port facilitates, used by large boats and giant cruise ships that export and transit trade from Russia and Belarus to European ports and beyond; a daily ferry carries passengers and cars to Stockholm. The Via Baltica highway is a major trucking route to Tallinn, Kaunas, and Warsaw.

Latvia was part of many empires throughout history, each of which has left its mark on the Riga city. Even through World War II, devastating fire engulfed the part of the town, the tragedy was redeemed by the combination of an economic and architectural movement that was sweeping across Latvian, it were filled not with the excessive flourishes of late Art Nouveau, but the early movement of graceful architectural with authentic Latvia traditions and rural mythology. As a city full of numerous art nouveau treasures, the combination of 19th century wooden architecture and art nouveau architecture noted for its Jugendstil architecture that make as Riga own distinguishing feature, and the outstanding buildings of the era are found over a third of the buildings.

When the wealth of Riga had grown rich in the 19th century, the led to requests for extravagant new residences, the Art nouveau movement’s golden age coincided with the city’s rapid economic growth. All of the old buildings were renovated to represent the beautiful Art Nouveau style which gave the capital of Riga a very unique setting. Along the city with being among the over 700 art nouveau buildings, it’s more than any other European city and the medieval architecture is original, on whose banks the city stretches so picturesquely. The city’s architecture represents various periods – Romanticism, Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Modernism. Although over the last 100 years the demolition of art nouveau structures has been ruthless, but Riga cities have managed to preserve the style as part of their dominant architectural heritage.

Head to the Alberta iela, one of the main streets that has rows of Jugendstil houses, here you can admire the beautifully preserved Art Nouveau row houses and look up to take in the colorful facades, intricate stonework and unusual gargoyles. Stroll around the surrounding streets, one of the densest clusters of architecture of Art Nouveau style in the world, and pop in to the Art Nouveau Museum to see examples of residential interiors from the era. The area around near railroad lines, they are interspersed with industrial plants from different eras, including some from the Imperial Russian era. The Germans’ position as continued through the Imperial period of Riga, visible in some of the architecture of the city. One of the representatives is the “National Opera” (National Opera), first built as the Riga German Theatre in 1863 that were renovated in the 1990s.

Old Town (Vecrīga)🍕🥞🥩🍲🥂🍻⛪🏚🏨:

You also can same as us go to the Old Town (Vecrīga) as the oldest section of Riga also is the center of the city that has highly diverse architecture, and the majority of buildings have the status of a cultural monument. Although it’s really a city, Old Town beautifully preserved medieval is a town of its own cosseted inside its town is with its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful squares and Medieval-era buildings, and around caught in the curve of the river Daugava. The old town attract us to explore once we enter, this preserved medieval town is full of charm and character, tiny picturesque town that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale dot the area. Mostly of colourful architecture and wood houses, famous for its well-preserved heritage buildings and many elaborate facades in the Jugendstil artistic style, they are linked by a maze of cobblestone streets that seem to be coming incredibly charming.

Old Town is great to explore on foot🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️. Let us relaxing walk along the quaint cobbled streets and feature an urban complex of diverse architecture. The blend of Romanticism, Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Modernism architecture let makes it easy to imagine those bygone days. Along with the atmospheric old stone streets and companionable little squares, you’ll find the two main clusters of historic sites lie just a few blocks from each other – which contains the striking 13th-century House of Blackheads, the Town Hall (built in 2003 as a down-to-the-last-detail copy of the 17th-century original). Besides, Riga cathedral is the largest medieval church in the Baltics and the oldest in the country that is very well preserved. It gives us that ancient look that you can only find in some cities and towns in the Old Continent. Visit the one of the many art galleries or history museums in the Old Town, with its own story to tell you. This is only a small part of this fairy-tale town but strolling its streets, you will discover many other hidden places.

In geographic area, Riga is not a small city – it’s just that everything is so close! So Old Town is a better place to savor local life and see its several attractions without lines, complex of numerous different type shop that let us have wandered it for hours browsing and will be tempted to stop at each shops. Sit in a cozy cafe and enjoy a coffee, people watch, have a pastry, listen to the great sound of seagulls and marvel at the sheer beauty of the town. Beside, party in one of the much music clubs and enjoy Riga Black Balsam, Latvia’s national drink. You’ll love it! Wander around the Skarnu Street and visit one of the arts and crafts houses or souvenir stalls, where it is also possible to learn about the city’s rich trade history. In Old Town, enjoy a meal in taverns or hidden restaurants that selling with local, authentic and international dishes, amazing food on every corner. This area around the nearby Freedom Monument, which do double duty as the setting of Riga’s foremost historic sites and the center of its burgeoning nightlife.

With this unique of architecture well preserved and cobblestone streets, that is a mash-up of Medieval and fairy tale vibe of Riga that brings us back to the Middle Ages which is perfectly accented by its amazing food and wine. Old Town is a fairy tale town that you can wander around for hours, falling more in love with it by the minute.

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Latvia Europe – (Introduction ).

 Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Riga #Introductions 

Latvia, situated in Baltic region of Northern Europe is bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania, has a kaleidoscopic range of terrains that made be a wealth of natural landscapes🏞🏖🏕, as well as the country holds a great deal of unspoiled nature with many of them worthy of conservation, volume of wild nature and rare flora and fauna that makes Latvia represent one of the Europe’s of the greenest countries. 65 thousand square kilometres of Latvia hold numerous spectacular highlights that to the diverse nature are studded with the ancient forests, dense vegetation, vast meadows, countless of deep river, thousands of tranquil lakes, over century of marshlands, shinning of gulf and sandy beaches. There is a continent’s worth of epic landscapes to explore, each more profound sense than the next and a feeling of being at one with nature.

One of the country’s greatest treasure is vast forests🌄🌲🌳, hike along ancient paths that meander through verdant meadows, wide marshlands, and intact forest landscape, It’s a priceless habitat for a variety of iconic wildlife including wolves, lynxes, otters, beavers and etc. Most importantly, it is an absolutely vital safe haven ground for birdlife🦅🕊🦜, including a large population of the black stork and the lesser-spotted eagle, “cranes birds”, golden plover, black grouse, Eurasian Whimbre, and Feregrine falcon. Located alongside The Baltic Sea; these remarkable that Latvia has fostered unique conditions where along with indigenous flora which are diverse mix of northern-southern and western-eastern vegetation. Rich of natural forest and marshes that offer the studded of many berries that growing here including wild strawberries🍓🍓🍓, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, cloudberries and etc, simultaneously, coverage the largest range of mushrooms🍄🍄🍄 such as edible boletus, orange cap boletus, chanterelles and russula that available for picking and gathering.\

Although Latvia hold of rich and diverse pristine nature, simultaneously, the country possess by highly urbanised architecture of European modernity. Farmstead be one of the economic production unit in Latvia, It is considered Latvians’ most common residential model, where the Latvian combined with utility and harmonizing with natural rhythms. A formed by wood fence that placed around a yard, a group of buildings here both work and recreation took place here, festivities were celebrated and rituals performed. Cow🐄🐄🐄 and pig🐖 🐖🐖as important animal husbandry for farmsteads so in the central Riga market one of the whole building turns into an almost continuous strip of meat vendors that overflow with different part of fresh meat and pork. Locals are fond of dairy products like cottage cheese and curdled milk. Most of it is cow milk, as indicated by the many herds grazing in the farmsteads. These precious haven`s of natural and man-made landscapes, with bucolic rural towns dotted along this breath taking landscape and the peace and quiet with which to contemplate it at leisure.

Seaside🏖🏖🏖 along the Baltic Sea, a landscape that seems to stretch into infinity, is one of the important parts of the Latvian landscape. Golden beaches, river estuaries, marshes and lakes all come together in a composition so breath taking whether looking for adventure or relaxing. The half a thousand kilometre coastline is littered with fishermen villages⛺⛺⛺, coastal fishing traditions are an essential part of Latvian culture and they have catching the eels, flounders, sea lampreys and cods. The small harbours are still thriving and await yachtsmen. It is possible to traverse nearly half of Latvia by sailing from harbour to harbour.

Transport departure to Riga🚍🚌✈🚊:
From Saint Petersburg Russia to Riga Latvia, we tried one of the largest numerous long-distance bus companies that are serve routes between city-to-city and regional cities to rural areas – ECOLINES that provide the most extensive route network in the Baltic States as well as in Western and Eastern Europe. ECOLINES as one of the Latvia icons, the seats are spacious and even has a most experienced coach provider, which let us comfortable and safety on our routes travel. Simultaneously, let us satisfied is the company offering many different amenities, from the norm of the a small flip-down table, free Wi-Fi, power outlets, a washroom, air conditioning and reclinable seats to the like on an airplane service free drink with coffee machine and every seat provide motion picture screen that show of movies, music, games and books. Most important, generous luggage are allow and FREE, plus bus ticket price inexpensive and 15.00€ per adult, the distance take around 11 ½ hour to Riga, Latvia. By the way, we are advance buy the bus ticket on the network and their booking process is delightfully straightforward, just pay by card (Whether you are use credit card or debit card) no be problem.

As the capital of Latvia, Riga is the city lies on the Gulf of Riga at the mouth of the Daugava River where it meets the Baltic Sea and become as port facilitates export and transit trade from Russia and Belarus to European ports and beyond. While less of the magnificent architecture, the unique architecture of Riga that pack the full of Art Nouveau (aka Jugendstil) style of architecture dominating the Old Town manages to capture the same old world charm. This unique of architecture well preserved so it is refreshing to see it, that is a mash-up of Medieval and fairy tale vibe of Riga that brings us back to the Middle Ages which is perfectly accented by its amazing food and wine. Although here surrounded of architectural treasures, the main highlights including Riga Central Market as one Europe’s biggest food market which is deals mostly in fresh and cheaper food including meat, seafood, local farmer product, local fruit, vegetables and etc.

Internet Data Sim Card🌍🌎🌏:
With going on an endless journey to European adventure, Internet connectivity is very important for us. Even on a travel trip in Saint Petersburg Russia we have buying a SIM card but that only can be using in the Russia, so in Riga we must buy one of international SIM cards offered us can enjoy a great internet connectivity Europe to Europe. Actually much simpler than you had imagined, you can buy the Prepaid SIM Cards in any of the convenience stores, no need passport, after buying your SIM, you just have to insert it on your phone and start using it. The price of SIM card we buy is 3.99€ but after that you must going to telecommunications company for top up package and we buy the package of 5.99€. So the total price is 10.00€, that is effective of best connected network during our Europe journey that including in Estonia and Finland even travel in small town. That can make international calls or send international text messages from Europe to worldwide.

Just as other of the Europe countries, Latvia has a number of different chain grocery stores which include regular grocery stores along with a large number of discount grocery chains. Even though Latvia has a large number of discount grocery stores that pretty good discount on a selected range of products, one of the different is Latvians are very fond of their own local produce. Grocery stores as the most convenient place that greater variety of imported and local goods, making quite fun for us that to discover and notable of the usual range Latvia local products maybe you’ve probably never seen. Here, fun for us who’s like to attempt and consume some different fresh of goods.

Rimi and Maxima are the two largest discount chains in Latvia that you can easy found and look in everywhere even in differently town and city. Here also have more on foreign supermarkets such as Sky and Stockmann’s food hall or smaller chains which name as Top!, Elvi and Mego. Normally, the chains of Rimi and Maxima these are usually built with supermarket in every corner of the Riga city, although those are small-acreage but variety product of store get cheaper and fresher produce. Simultaneously, they also built up the Large ‘Big Box’ Grocery Stores located in the outskirts of the city or the towns. During our Latvia trip, when us travel in different region journey, one of our fun are go to the groceries store for discovery and buy some different of Latvia local products. In the Riga city, we go to the Rimi chains buy some staple items that including Latvian recommended goods: cream cheese, milk, black bread and spices that be fond of its after tasting: Latvia chilli powders, Taco, cheese powder and some groceries goods, the total price is 16.75€ (the goods we buy that can seem on photo picture). At night, walk into the Maxima chains buy a 0.40€ ice cream and be a crazy, cooler and joyful savour of ice cream in the winter street of Riga city, you will find the ice cream can be more tasty. In the Riga city the supermarket are business hour until night in every day.

During our journeys trip in Riga, we using Airbnb, a website let us with a great base for exploring the local surroundings, through accommodation, you will live like local residents and understand and get closer to their lifestyle, this also be one of our journeys to enjoy. Similarly the site also let us compares different facilities, environment and price vacation rentals. Latvia, one of the reputation means that accommodation prices tend to be lower than in the Northern Europe and here also with the scenery of sun shines the beach and sea, the lush scenery all views of pine and chestnut trees.

We stay for 5 day in Riga Latvia and choose for stay in this stylishly renovated an old traditional condominium, the location is handy for both the old town and the beach. if you want more buzz, with just walk a few ten minute that can arrived the old town, simultaneously, not least its proximity to a bus stop where you can take the public transport direct to the Jūrmala Beach. It’s probably not going to be love-at-first-sight, when you approach this condominium, what in this is general traditional old style building looks, but inside is the wide space, light, airy the décor mix of modern and vintage. The modern style of kitchen that parquet flooring that’s pits wood style of kitchen cabinet, paired with to a complete of modern appliances and dining utensils, dining areas with bright colour gingham tablecloths. Modern decorative floor tiles and contemporary bathroom fittings. A large lounge with vintage furniture set (including bigger size of vintage sofa and coffee table set) against light pink walls and modern appliances, cosy corners strung with vintage bookshelves against bright big window. Although the wide space of bedroom makes up but with radiator heaters that even though in the winter let the room keep warm and with antique wardrobe finds and vintage furniture set that including large size of comfortable double bed and office equipment.

Latvia has both an extensive network of railroad as well as land transportation; these are easily accessible from city to regional and regional to regional by public regional transportation systems – minivans, trains or buses. Nearly every train and many of long-distance bus either begins or ends at Riga city and one of the advantage is the train and coach station are location in the Riga city center and each of them are very nearby just only walk a few minutes. Even there have vast network of bus connections around Latvia, it is advisable to go by train from Riga especially in the areas close to Riga, the passenger railway traffic is especially frequent, with a train in each direction every 20-60 minutes between morning and midnight. One of our travelling Latvia trip experience is as we ride the minivan from Riga city to the nearby regional, HA!HA!HA! We missed drop-off our travel destination and just followed the minivan route to the next town. In the outskirts of Riga city with the wide of public transport system so this is not be problem that you has worry, at once just find and walk to nearby train station, the train is arrived our destination about 20minutes and train ticket price is cheaper just 0.90€ per ticket.

In the Riga city, for our suggestion walking is probably your best bet, with most of city center and historic districts can easily accessible by foot it let us relaxing and easy walking around city. Although there is no subway in Riga, but public-transit systems network has developed and within cities have fairly dense public transport system. In Riga, traffic of 8 tram routes,17 trolleybus routes and 55 bus routes, as well as that of minibuses, express buses and night transport is ensured within the united route network. Want a comfortable and relaxing travel journey, no problem the taxis in Riga are normal price. Download and using app for assured the taxi fees, at Riga normally are 2 big taxi apps available – Bolt used to be called Taxify and another is Yandex. We use Bolt, this is the local equivalent of Uber, quick and easy to use, from Riga Central Coach Station around 2km to our staying accommodation and the transport fees is 2.30€.

Luggage Storage🎒👜:
Latvia a country hold numerous spectacular highlights that to the diverse nature that let your enjoy and experience the best of the natural environment in the different regional. Same as us habit for bring a large luggage during the travel trip, here these is problem and let us imagined not so fun for struggling to haul your suitcase up and down natural landscape all day long. These luggage storage options may come in handy that to avoid dragging your journey and in Riga you can decide the best place to affordably stash your bag! Luggage storage can be found all from many convenient locations in Riga city such as train and coach station, pay a small fee, and drop your bags. Coach station has luggage storage but calculate in hours so these is not suitable for us which drop our bags for a few day, the price is very high .It is worth considering the luggage storage of the train station itself, just follow the signboard of luggage storage icon . It located on lower ground floor, next to the car park and you can take the lift for. You can drop off luggage in a luggage storage area, storage price is reasonable at €6 per bag with any size for whole day (24 hours) plus a staff take care our luggage and we leave a suitcase for 3 days. HA!HA!HA! thanks for give us a discount price and total price is 16€.

While, continuous follow us start our Latvia Journey ” Even though Latvia less of the Magnificient & Gorgeous Architecture, Latvia, a country with rich and diverse of the Pristine Nature, Stately forests, Countless Rivers, Broad Sea, Sunny Beaches, Animal Husbandry and Passionate People ” .

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