Our Europe Trip – Slovakia ( Part 7 – Skiing – Jahodna Ski Resort )

Our Europe Trip – #Slovakia ( Part 7 – #Skiing – #Jahodna #Ski #Resort )


Slovakia’s mountainous terrain with Ideal natural conditions turns the country into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts annually. This fact, together with the continental climate, creates favourable conditions for skiing🏂🏂🏂. So in winter there are good conditions for skiing in almost the whole territory of Slovakia. A lot of well-equipped ski resorts as well offering great skiing conditions with great slalom runs, downhill runs, snowboarding and good conditions for cross-country skiing.






Well, winter is definitely not a boring season in Slovakia. Number one winter activity in Slovakia is certainly skiing. Whether you’re a snow bunny🐰🐰 🐰looking for a bit of glamorous, off-piste fun or a powder hound itching for a fix, skiing from village to village 🏕🏕🏕and mountain to mountain🏔🏔🏔, it’s best time for all manner of snow lovers. Overall cheaper of Ski resorts in Slovakia is the good news😃😃😃 for budget travelling including us. The two main skiing areas are the High and Low Tatras mountains with a large number of hotels and perfectly fitted out slopes. Although we have travel the Tatras mountains, with enjoy many of different winter spot ( for those whose interest our travel of Tatras mountains please view our page of High Tatras – Stary Smokovec & Stary Smokovec – Hrebienok funicular :https://lifecornerstory.blog/2019/05/15/our-europe-trip-slovakia-part-6-stary-smokovec-hrebienok-fun/ ) but we are not time for skiing.







Alongside with other well-known ski centres of the Tatras, several centres in lower mountains have been built and their offer uncrowded slopes. If you would like to learn skiing, don’t have more time to go to these big resorts, you can same as us to learn skiing also in smaller (and cheaper) local ski resorts. We decide end of Our Slovakia trip for skiing in the Jahodna Ski resort which nearly of the Kosice Town😄😄😄.

This time we use public bus🚌 🚌🚌as our transport to the Jahodna Ski resort. Slowly walk to the Mier Bus Station and take up the bus of Number 14 (Jahodná) and our destination is Jahodná, Chata. Well, buy the bus ticket at the bus station on the ticket machine with 0.70€ per ticket.  Note: Number 14 bus have arrived at two location so not only you must attention number and you also must make sure view the word of final bus stop : Jahodná, Chata. It’s take around 30 minute bus ride through some natural scenery and arrived our destination.








Walk a few minute, we arrived Jahodna Ski resort, this is not as big as same with main Ski resorts but the mountains in good and wide shape, it give us as a beginner the best 👍👍👍possible chance to learn the skiing. It have different package of rental Ski equipment with hours and equipment you want to rent. We choose the package of 2 hours with carving complete – Ski, Ski Shoes, Sticks and price is 10 € per package. Well, Skiing such a fun, exciting sport while skiing in a beautiful mountain added bonus to us interest for learn this new experience😍😍😍. After change on snowshoes and skiing equipment, let`s go to the ski resort. Oh, 😲😲😲we didn’t expect snowshoes and ski equipment to be so heavy. We just seemed to be slowly advancing as little baby learned to walk.








As a beginner, we only learn for ski on the foot of mountain.It’s great fun, we as a new skiers, it makes a difficult so we slow our overall progress ski for avoid as serious injury. While fall down again and again but we don’t give up💪💪💪on skiing until we can skiing a little distance for finish our Skiing trip. We hope to learn more on next time until enjoy the skiing as exhilarating experiences for the rest of our life. Let us end of our Slovakia trip for go snowshoeing on trails and looking for some powder for freeride skiing. Goodbye, Slovakia own of the beautiful nature🏔🏕 and continue🚌🚌🚌 of our trip on other European countries – Poland.







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Our Europe Trip – Slovakia (Part 6 – Stary Smokovec-Hrebienok fun.


Our Europe Trip – Slovakia -High Tatras ( Part 6- Stary Smokovec-Hrebienok funicular )

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Prefer of different fun on Stary Smokovec , adventure in the caves, swim🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️ or walking at the waterfall and hiking to the mountain for fresh air. From Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok while trails are excellent for hiking and biking🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️🚵‍♂️, where Hrebienok being the starting point of several high mountain routes as well as easier walks. Smell nature breath, observe butterflies flying and listen be serenaded by a chorus of insect during mountainous trips.

Of course, different seasonal has different fun experience. In winter, it becomes a pristine alpine cross-country skiing or snowshoe track, exciting enough to satisfy any snow-lover. Skiing🏂🏂🏂 where day and night sledding in Hrebienok is among the best winter experiences in the Tatras. The Stary Smokovec ski center is divided into two sites: Jakubkova meadow and Hrebienok, both 600 m apart that dedicated beginners ski slopes. It caters perfectly to any level, with the first time skiing snow visitor to the experienced, for intermediates of the long and wide trails are a perfect piste are just for everyone.

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If same as us not plan for skiing, we are choose easy walk to the Hrebienok from Stary Smokovec. Hrebienok, a height of 1,285 meter, not only is terraced appearance in the High Tatras, plus you can crisp snow-capped mountains🏔🏔 and view the skyline of Poprad at the same time. While during winter time, a several of specialist winter favourite attractions spot on snow play area wait for us on the top of Hrebienok. The most comfortable way of getting to Hrebienok from Starý Smokovec is take the ground cabin🚋🚋🚋 cable-way with a return ticket for adults is 11€ at the weekend (9 € on weekdays). By the way, we choose for invigorating as a walk through the snow, to the top of Hrebienok, remember prepared the snow shoes as the track gets covered in a thick blanket of snow. In the winter mountain hike, because of this: you can feel the adventure even more than in the other seasons. Although the snow is thick, especially hard for walking and hike on a deep of snow land, but our heart are glad for walk on the glistening and windy of snowy. We always busy for keep our eyes👀👀👀 during hiking, we are be rewarded for view with visions of towering pine forests🌲🌲 🌲and crisp snow-capped mountains.

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In this long and well-defined of hiking trail offers refreshing views, we are gaze at an impressive colour palette created by tall mountain oak and sycamore forest looming overhead, as well as natural beauties of white snow. It really comes into its beauty in the winter when it’s covered in snow, plus complete with the snowy Tatras🏔🏔 in the background. Immerse our self in the supreme beauty of the winter scene on a foot of mountain fringed by towering oak and sycamore trees.










If you’re craving beauty of the man-made variety, view for the masterpiece of ice, on the top of Hrebienok that conduct in winter season only. Every year there is organized competition called Tatry Ice Master that emerges the best sculptor of ice figures. In front of our eye is the majestic piece of art, an bigger of the Ice sculpture with using unbelievable number of ice blocks and the magical material of glass as artistic decorations. Plus the colourful of lights use for mention the exquisite craftsmanship and establish the beauty of art. Masterpiece of ice plus the snow land and natural of mountain bring us a feeling a art of atmosphere.









Except view the art for the masterpiece of ice, winter entertainment that welcome you to joint for play in winter spot: inner tube downhill on ice and downhill on a sled. While inner tube downhill on ice is most suitable for children. But the most favorite entertainment is on which the went – downhill on a sled, which most all of the visitor would play regardless adult or children. By the way, you can borrow the sled either on foot of mountain or at the top of Hrebienok. That is fun and happy😃😃😍 for use a full day to play downhill on a sled.

At the top of Hrebienok, you can find a restaurant, a holiday home and a panoramic terrace. We enjoy for fabulous view, the spectacular mountains and valley with natural beauties of white snow. Use our eyes👀👀👀appreciate for the birds🦅🦅🦅 that freedom fly surround on the top of forest. Peaceful feeling for use our heart listen👂👂 👂and view, the beauty of untouched nature covered with a blanket of snow combined with the depth of silence in a beautiful setting to get in touch with oneself.










As we mentioned last time, you can find the restaurant at the at the foot of the mountain. So for end of our Stary Smokovec trip with enjoy a dinner in small-scale restaurant behind of the railway station. One of attract us is different authentic Slovakia cuisine of set menu: one main course and soup with price 4.5€ per set. Take a rest and relaxing for sit on chair, Ah! No idea take order for dishes and direct ask the boss recommend and prepared for it. Wow that’s nice, two different flavorful of vegetable soups🥣🥣 🥣help us stay warm and cozy after go down from winter mountain. Great good smell let our stomach feel hungry again. Simultaneously, taste good for prefect of delicious pork🐷🐷🐷 plus rice and french fries, I like the recipe for the sauce of meat🐮🐮🐮 added the soft of bread🍠🍠🍠. Although we are first time taste authentic Slovakia cuisine, but we satisfying and like to savour these wonderful dishes. Let us happiness and enjoy a delicious of dinner.









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