Our Europe 2020 Trip (#Introduction Part 2 ).

Our Europe Trip – #Russia #SaintPetersburg #IntroductionPart2


Saint Petersburg Russia, the city sits for handful of astonishing edifices, broad public squares and granite-lined embankments. You can enjoy arty and historic streets where museum and galleries and boutiques shops share the sidewalks with cozy cafes, pubs and restaurants tucked among the palatial and renowned emporiums.







Russia is one of the country offers a lot of budget goods compare with some certain Europe country. It’s a great thing that Saint Petersburg has countless grocery market from very low-cost local stores to huge suburban complexes, which cover every budget and favorite. You can easy look for chain of budget Russian supermarkets which name as “Dixy” nearby or in every corner of street. “Dixy” is the typical grocery style with more focus on local products and the prices are lower meanwhile variety, choice and availability may be limited in comparison to the larger stores. Saint Petersburg has some impressive all-hours commerce, fitting for a city that sometimes stays light all night. Signboard with the “number of 24” that has on the street of whole of the city and the Night owl would love it that are the local mini-market which operations 24 hour. Variety competitors of 24 hour mini markets are sell the essentials goods, a number of exclusively imported products and a wide range of quality wines and liquors. Simultaneously, prices are comparatively high.

While, you are same as us like to shopping in the Large ‘Big Box’ Grocery Stores, just follow me to the Multinational grocery chain “Auchan”. Greater variety of imported and local goods, making it a good place for us whose like for many choices of goods and like to consume different items. The French supermarket chain “Auchan”, prices for imported goods will be slightly cheaper such as inexpensive wine and Auchan’s own-brand French groceries. It let our eye bling and delight of purchase for those goods especially those have make the larger discount, the photo would show what we were buying and total price is 2296.72 RUB ( 28.27€ ). One major disadvantage is that the stores have a tendency to be located on the outskirts of the city centre.






Things to buy:🛍🛍🛍
It’s true that many things are inexpensive in Russia, compare the shopping trip in some certain Europe country, the goods Russia pay for less. We’ve compiled a little listing that only are our opinions and maybe savvy shoppers will enjoy them. You might be surprised and the interesting fact is that it’s cheaper😍😍😍.

Vodka🍸🍸🍸 as one of the national Russian symbols, Russia spread the vodka culture to other countries by producing some spectacular kinds of vodka. So you will definitely choose one or more of bottles as a very special gift or direct buy at there and drinking with family and friends. Simultaneously, the Beer-drinking🍻🍻 culture are popular in Russia which direct increase and rising the sales of beer market, with become it’s have more than hundreds of breweries operating including their own brand beer, that including more of ten large producers. Don’t be surprised😮😮😮 when you go for shop, store rack would place more and many selection of different flavour and brand of beer. We’ve compiled a list of Russian beers maybe are the present-day Russia popular maybe not depend what you agreed. They are: Klinskoye Svetloe, Nevskoe Imperial, Zhigulevskoye, Ochakovo, Baltika, Permskoye Gubernskoye, Rifey, Yarpivo, Stary Melnik, Tolstiak, Sibirskaya Korona and etc.


At Russia, you can find without pay much of the money, we can purchased over many various of the nuts, raisin and mouthwatering dry fruit which let us indignant🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ why didn’t brings us the empty of travel bag. During travelling in Saint Petersburg, we’re discover that various unique types and flavours of dry fruit, nuts and raisin can be one of the best goods which you can bring home with cheaper prices. Those nuts🌰🥜🌰 are including almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, Sunflower seeds and etc. Maybe you can buy from grocery market with having company name and vacuum of packaged in exquisite packets. For our opinion, you can go to the traditional market or hit on the streets and buy from the specially selling dry fruits of stall, because the price is more cheaper such as a pack of almonds just 200RUB (2.49 €), a pack of dry fruit just 100RUB (1.25€). Meanwhile, if you lucky, you also can buy them cheaper the more such as a big pack of mix dry fruits only 200RUB (2.49 €), a pack of sunflower seed only 30RUB(0.37€), a big pack of raisin only 150RUB (1.87€) just outside of the Saint Petersburg city from rows of vendors line the sides of the street😄😄😄.

Among its many delightful attractions, walk into Saint Petersburg traditional and wet market, you’ll find a few of stall rich with many colours and flavours, watch clearly these were the spices, that might be surprise for some foreign visitor . Over more than tens of various kinds specific spices and herbs can be found, most spices given their exquisite aroma, texture, taste which using for carrying exceptional ingredients in cooking. You can buy some of the spices go home for your cooking adding different flavour tempting culinary art and they stock spices in small packets of 100g +- just only 100RUB (1.25€).






Saint Petersburg Russia gets cold in winter, even though the temperature drops well below 0 degrees🥶🥶🥶 the city is still bustling with many people. There are plenty of winter coat brands that are moderately warm and can be found at stores with the reasonable price. So whether you’re same as us that come from one of those tropical countries, or you’ve arrived from a country without yearly deep freeze, you can buy one or more of the warm clothing. Walk into Turkey multinational clothing-retail “Colin’s” as a brand which reflects a dynamic lifestyle with focus on prefers casual wear and seeks after a special style. Buy layer warmest coat from “Colin’s” store, coats are usually warm enough up with preferably features of wind and waterproof, so even in strong wind or rain would not feel very cold during our following travelling. OK, we go for late winter it is a good season to buy warmest coat with good discount and the price is just 1995RUB (24.68€).





Accommodation: 🏨🏨🏨
Saint Petersburg Russia, Its wealth of cultural, historical, gastronomic and architecture have all the ingredients for a well-heeled traveller’s destination, so have earned as a range of accommodation types and that there are a number of options to choose from! From cosy boutique hotels to guesthouses, top class hotels that belong to well-known international hotel chains. Although the accommodation in Saint Petersburg are reasonable price and a lot of cheaper compare to the surrounding Europe Countries. No matter how cheaper for the price of accommodation or which of the season we’re traveling during, we always making a reservation in advance. We usually do some research online; comparing facilities and rates, for our opinion one of the cheapest and easy way to make reservations is usually through a book online.

After comparing we make booking our accommodation through the “Booking.com” website and choose stay a budget Boutique Condo. In the city’s got impressive architecture, historical and art environment, the space is at a premium and if you expect of budget, don’t be surprised if the accommodation room size is smaller. A range of hotel rooms that are aiming to bring the chic design flair and combine with every modern convenience with a fully equipped kitchen🍳🍽, a dining table and chairs, two single bed🛏🛏 and separate of shower🚿🚿 and toilet🚽🚽. A clean, comfortable and simple stylish design elements room that with practical and superb facilities. They including simple electrical appliances such as washing machine, microwave, hair dryer, electronic kettle and fridge (In the photo of accommodation, the rice cooker, beverage and cooking ingredients which are bringing by ourselves).







St. Petersburg Russia as a rapidly developing metropolis, now being a largest transportation hub in the North-West of Russia with extensive and efficient of public-transit systems. Over ground transport is be varied that including metro, bus, trolleybus, tram, minibuses called Marshrutkas, as well as taxis but that are not difficult to ride those transport with using the navigating smartly. If you embrace these forms of transportation you can shrink and visit big city by mastering the subway and bus systems, hopping into the taxi.


One of a good way, easy and save cost to begin a city tour is by taking the metro, it as the world’s deepest subway and covers nearly all of the city. Although St. Petersburg’s metro is perhaps not quite as majestic as Moscow’s, but as Russia’s deepest you can be a cultural experience for vertiginous views of the ornate decoration and keep an eye for the mosaics featuring illustrious naval officers and columns adorned with intricate bas-reliefs. Consider your ticket options and normally as traveller they are using single ticket, Metro Travel Card, day all-transport travel pass and monthly transport pass. The St. Petersburg metro still uses the token system (coins) for single ticket and the ticket price is 55RUB (0.68€), a single journey to anywhere no matter how nearly or far in the city which have the metro lineFor our suggestion is better buy the Metro Travel Card and it will cut your per-ride costs and save you time (because you won’t have to stand in a ticket window or machine every time you ride): They have several type of Metro Travel Card🎫🎫🎫 which including 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 90 days, we buy for a period of 7 days which can pass for 10 Journeys and the price is 430RUB (5.35€). You can buy tokens, passes, and cards at subway ticket machines or from the cashier windows operating in every station vestibule. NOTE: If you carry the larger baggage🧳🧳🧳 you need to buy another single ticket token. Same as many Europe Countries, day all-transport travel pass and monthly transport pass are valid within the administrative boundaries of St. Petersburg for all metro, bus, trolleybus and tram services. The price is depending on how many day you choose. Simultaneously, you can direct pay the cash to a conductor when take the bus, trolleybus and tram services and the price of ticket normally is 50RUB (0.62€).





If you want a comfortable with ride as convenient transport during your travel, you can ride taxi🚖🚖🚖. In St. Petersburg taxis can be relatively cheap, if you phone to reputable cab company or It is possible to make an order on their website. Most companies will be able to get a car service to you with anywhere in the centre just 15-20 minutes and these company including TaxovichkoF, Troika Cars Taxi, Gett Taxi, Taxi Pulkovo, Yandex.Taxi and etc. We choose and download Yandex Taxi apps, which has emerged as a service similar to ride-sharing apps Uber within Russia. Yandex is Russia’s Google: a search engine and internet portal with email services and its own map software. Download Yandex Taxi app, they have similarly good user experiences same with ride-share apps Uber, no calls required, more advantage on calculates and try to escape a traffic on your route and the app would shown price of the Taxi fees for your destination. Meantime, we ride the Yandex Taxi from St.Petersburg Coach Station (Obvodnyy kanal Station) around 4km to our staying hotel and the transport fees is 135RUB (1.68€)🙂🙂🙂.


Road across:
Think twice before jaywalking. It’s not difficult and always can view a lot of the vehicle on the road across the city are driving very fast so because of avoid for accident, you must not be jaywalk and try walk into sidewalk. Always carefulness when across the street or avenue especially the crossroad and use for the Pedestrian lights or crosswalk which can be always found it and nearby for your and make sure you cross the road without a car.



Aware pickpockets:
Although take a delightful and relaxing mood on the St. Petersburg Russia journey are very good but as savvy traveller must always constantly on guard for aware of pickpockets. There are more pickpockets that can be anywhere and they congregate wherever there are crowds. Not only keep your money hidden and separate your funds, you also must always look out your bag especially backpack🎒🎒🎒. Happened to us, maybe you think that would happening in subway trains and buses, but its happening in the bustle street of St. Petersburg. While we walk in the busy road of city even we have zip up our backpack but the pickpocket keep to follow us and open out our backpack. Lucky, we conscious early, at once we shout “Thief” and the pickpocket immediately run into the crowd. So we put a small lock🔒🔒🔒 on our backpack and its following us during our Europe Trip (Including our next of the three countries Europe Trip). Be on the lookout, wear your money belt, lock your bag and you’ll do fine.

While, continuous follow us start our Russia – Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Region Journey “A Journey for Multicolored, Friendly and Prosperous of Russia”

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Our Europe 2020 Trip (#Introduction Part 1 )

Our Europe Trip – #Russia #SaintPetersburg #IntroductionPart1

United 1

As the world’s largest country in total area, Russia is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia and covers more than 11% of the Earth’s landmass. Due to its size, Russia is borders as 14 countries, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine. It also shares maritime borders with Japan, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States. Covering an area of 17,125,200 km, the country is incorporating a great range of environments and landforms from clad sequentially in tundra, coniferous forest (taiga), mixed and broadleaf forests, grassland (steppe), and semi-desert (fringing the Caspian Sea) and as the changes in vegetation reflect the changes in climate.

Russia is known all over the world for its megacities like Moscow and St. Petersburg with many remarkable that create the unforgettable architectural🏰, as cultural and historical sites, incredible architecture in design new era, galleries, museums and restaurants🍽🥢. Situated on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District of Western Russia, Moscow, as Russia’s capital city, is the northernmost and coldest megacity on Earth. Moscow attracted world attention as a centre of international business and has one of the world’s largest urban economies, being ranked as an alpha global city. Today Moscow is not only the political centre of Russia but also the country’s most populous city and its industrial, cultural, scientific, and educational.



United 2


Most foreign passport holders to enter the Russian Federation are required to apply for a visa, which is a permit to travel to, enter, and remain in the country. Good News!!😀😀 For now have been conformed FREE electronic visa (or E-Visa) to visit Russia for a short-term stay, with provide for that citizens of the listed 53 countries which including our living Country, Malaysia. FREE e-visa is more practical way to apply with only for enters to https://evisa.kdmid.ru/ is it convenient? By the way the E-Visa is only valid for a maximum of 8 travel day. With valid E-Visa you can ride any transport such as Airplane, Bus🚌🚌, Car🚗🚗, Train🚆🚆 and etc to entry the designated area. It is easy step for apply, no need go to Russian embassy or consulate, just sit in front your laptop💻💻 or computer and simply click, click and entirely online in minutes for complete your application.



How to apply:🤔🤔
Firstly, you must prepared standard visa size photo, enter https://evisa.kdmid.ru/ and fill out the application form. You must fill in some simple personal detail, Russia accommodation detail and date of entry WITHOUT invitation hotel booking confirmations or any other documents that confirm the purpose of your journey to the Russian Federation .The most IMPORTANT is email address must be correct. Processing would take few days on business hour and the Official Website would send the E-Visa to your email. NOTE: You must print out confirmation E-Visa and Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended .Customs officer must direct check your confirmation E-Visa, simultaneously you must always bring the confirmation E-Visa with foreign passport during the period of travelling in Russia because officer would check for anytime. Application must be made no later than four days and no earlier than 20 days before expected date of entry. Currently, E-Visas are available for specific Russian regions, while our country (Malaysia) in order to enter for 3 of the regions. During our Europe Trip 2020, we choose for the region of St. Petersburg and the surrounding Leningrad Region as our travelling Journey.

From our country Malaysia, we take our backpack and baggage, ride the Turkish Airlines and upon arrival in the Helsinki Finland Airport. Although as freedom traveller, well-researched itinerary and planning is one of the important parts for our Europe Trip but observed and on-site response also is significant on this adventures trip. Well, now we were start share our experience for what we are view, learning, discover and difficulty during our Europe Journey. On our planning, Russia as our first destination, before fly to the Europe we have already plan for take long-distance bus as our best route from Finland to Russia and directly book on the website.




Transport departure to Saint Petersburg:
Choose Lux Express🚌🚌 which has connect multiple journeys to neighbouring countries and the bus have departure from the Helsinki Finland Airport. Well, it good for us save the cost and time. Lux Express, the look of long-distance buses exteriors are sleek black with gold colour logo and the interior same as long-distance bus that we ride on the last year of Europe Trip, offering comfortable and style at a premium. Thank🙏🙏 for the Lux driver patient for waiting us during the custom checking and help us carry our luggage after checking, well we admit it take a few time for checking because our big and heavy luggage are difficult to carry. Sit back with relaxing, the distance take about 8 hour to Saint Petersburg, Russia and the bus ticket price is 18.00€ per adult.







Saint Petersburg:
Saint Petersburg, as Russia’s second-largest city and get the local of the proud of their city with its strategically located on the north-western bank of the Neva River and reborn as a centre of culture, art, science and architecture. Because it lies on a series of islands separated by canals and tributaries of the Neva River delta, Saint Petersburg also is an important Russia port on the Baltic Sea. Gone are the days of drab Cold War Russia and a city divided by the Wall. Energetic Saint Petersburg has grabbed the us attention with its exuberant urban life and vibrant arts scene. It’s central is large and spread over several islands that made the city’s with have canals and bridges criss-cross on the waterways, art-filled🗿 public spaces and rich on cultural traditions that were create the unique atmosphere of the city. In these bustle and infinite variety of streets with a lot of restaurants🍕🍟, cafés🥞🍰, and nightlife🍷🍸🍺 there’s always something to see, hear, taste, or feel. Simultaneously, hundreds of the museum🏛🏛, palaces, basilica, and monuments provide a window into Saint Petersburg’s rich art history, offering the best view of the scene across centuries and styles.








Language and Money Changers💲💲/ATM🏧🏧:
Although, Russian is the only official language and Saint Petersburg also using Russian as their socialize but they also can speaking the simple English and it’s well for foreigners especially for us (freedom traveller). Meanwhile, the city is called “the cultural capital” not only for its sightseeing due to the manners sported by its inhabitants. Because of its residents are friendly😊😊 and if you need for any help such as ask directions, even though they would not smile for you but they were tried to help for you. The Russian Ruble is used in Russia, If you same as us want to exchange money prior to your trip, most likely, the bank or money changers in your home country doesn’t carry Russian Ruble. So the best money bring is dollars or euros, Saint Petersburg city got a lot of money changers convenient for you to exchange. Withdrawing money from ATM🏧🏧🏧 is the easiest and best way to get Ruble currency. You can find ATM everywhere and most ATM in Russia don’t charge you for withdrawing. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of establishments in Russia will accept debit or credit card💳💳💳 with any financial company such as VISA, MASTER and etc. Sometimes you might get charged a small fee for card transactions, so you should check with your local bank before departure.






Internet Data Sim Card🌍🌍
Connect to Internet is very important way on our journey when you travel abroad especially for those same as us (freedom traveller). We know international roaming fees are very expensive. Before departure, we already purchased an Internet data card (Sim Card ) on internet and our country sellers inform us the Sim card of internet can use in Schengen countries and Russia. But we never expected, when we arrived Euro the Sim Card cannot be connection and we direct message to the Sim card telecommunications company which the name as CM Link but they didn’t reply to us😡😡😡. Fortunately, our country sellers direct refunded money to us. While during our Europe Trip, CM Link as Irresponsibility Company not only haven’t reply us and always message to us for top up the money. So when buy the Sim Card from your home country maybe must take of this risk.


A telecommunications company we buy the Sim Card at Saint Petersburg from them…….





Don’t worry😏😏, buying a Russian prepaid SIM card for connect to Internet or make calls in or from Russia is very economical. It’s easy, only going to mobile stores, by the way in Saint Petersburg mobile stores are easily look on the street which including in shopping streets or shopping centers, near metro stations and etc. Just take out your passport, there is no fee especially aimed at tourists and you only pay the amount for your consume. They offer several prepaid plans with data, text messages and minutes for calls. The shop assistant recommended us take the unlimited data with Credit Validity: 30 days and the price is 415 RUB ( 5.06€ ).

To be continued………………

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Our Europe Winter 2020 Trip – Airplane

Our Europe Winter 2020 Trip – #Airplane #TurkishAirline 


From our living country, KLIA Malaysia, we ride Turkish Airlines as our transport to the Helsinki Finland, the airline kindly and serve us simple personal care appliances and quite good cuisine. Of cause, during our transfer period in the ” Istanbul”, Turkish Airport” we pleasant and satisfactory for buy a few of souvenir and specialty goods with total price 123.55Turkish lira.










Let follow with our Europe 2020 Trip, we would share our experience and opinion on our trip. Let`s us start share our itinerary journey for #Russia, #Latvia, #Estonia and #Finland.