Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 2 #Tomasovsky #Vyhlad #Viewpoint)

Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 2 #Tomasovsky #Vyhlad #Viewpoint#Kosice)

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We continuously walk toward Tomasovsky Vyhlad viewpoint, stepping your foot on a hiking trail to the small hill🏞🏞🏞. On the top of the small hills, you’ll find the fantastic views for one village sits at the heart around by an extensive and prolific fertile Agricultural, each village connect to the other village. This also is one of the entry for Slovak Paradise National Park, a national park presents a natural complex of extraordinary values and beauty. We are travel in the wintertime so would not view for harvest agriculture but the area, rich in the soil, another striking scenery views give us delightful feeling. Although we can easily hike in other seasons, even in the winter, we really didn’t expect to walk on snowor ice, it would be more difficult than usual. This is the effort that even people who grew up in the four seasons but who are not in the snow country will hard walk on snow or ice, especially likes us whose live in country do not have the four seasons but it is a good experience.

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In the wintertime, although not easy while walking hiking on the ice up trails but it also bestow us only winter have the scenery. Oh, be careful ah😲😲😲… careful and concentrate for walking with avoid for fell down on our walking hiking. White and crystalline of trails give us clearly capture the route connection from a village to other village🏕🏕🏕. The serene beauty of the rurals are surrounded by layered brown wide soils and connect by the snow road to the other rurals is a wonderful sight to behold.

Traveling in winter, although it has no spring flowers🌻🌷🌸, summer green🌲🌳🌳, autumn red🍁🍁🍁 but fertile and cultivated colors bring us another beautiful art. From the path, you can peer down at a desolate meadow in winter and enjoy for view wide land concealed by a minor of pure white snow while the art that nature bestow to us. This is a simple art painting rarely seen in nature. You can image the layered brown and orange of the fields are same like the picture of an oil painters brush strokes, but these pastel-colored hills are reality in front of our eyes .

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Slovak Paradise National Park presents a natural complex of extraordinary values and beauty. Many mysterious eye-catching ravines and tight formations can be admired throughout the area. Slovak Paradise National Park offers specific conditions for the life of rare and seldom seen fauna and flora.



As mentioned before, this is one of the entrances to the Slovak Paradise National Park. But when we arrived, we discovered that there are not only Slovak Paradise National Parks but also link with other forests🏞🏞.🏞Although we didn’t go deep into the forest, but in the forest we saw that the beauty of the autumn red leaves fell on the white snow-covered land🍁🍂🍂. Plus, you also can view some part of green forset🌲🌳🌲. We think this is the beauty of another painting of nature. Of course, its also have the leafless of trees which around the pure white of the snow. Not only for that, have some mountain climbers made a mark on the tree to let other mountain climbers know where the nearest exit is. We believe this is one of the Slovakia climbing attractions in the summer. Plus, this forest is also a relaxing place for nearby residents to walk or jogging🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️.


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On the top of small hill, another direction which only 500 mater is another tourist view that is Tomasovsky vyhlad, most popular viewpoint at the rocky terrace on the left bank of the Hornad river. It offers unique views of inner parts of the Slovak Paradise (of the Biely potok and Prielom Hornádu valleys) and through the Hornádska kotlina basin of the nearby Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras) mountains🏔. Because off we have not any experience hiking mountain on the wintertime and we have not bring any climbing mountain accessories. So we decide not walk forward it, Tomasovsky vyhlad viewpoint, but we have prepared the photo which take by website in other season let everybody view.







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Sometimes away from the hustle and bustle of the city🏙🏙🏙, visit for this small and simple of nature village🏕🏕🏕 with did not infect too many of tourist areas. Just sit quietly sitting on this hill and daze, breathe the fresh and natural air, feel the cool breeze and look at the beautiful panoramic scenery, let your body and mind get the proper decompression, and it will be a lot easier .Conclusion, this is location is very suitable whether for mountain climber or a favorite of nature and visit the rurals.







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Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 1 #SpišskéTomášovce, #Kosice)

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Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 1 #SpišskéTomášovce, #Kosice)

For those whose want a reprieve from city life with seeking its secluded hamlets of and have not infect on the wave of tourist culture, we choose one of the beautiful farmer village 🏕 🏕 🏕 called Spišské Tomášovce, Slovakia. A scenic location while at the same time view for a natural complex of extraordinary with simpler times of farmer village and rich fertile Agricultural land. Spišské Tomášovce village, one of the entry for Slovak Paradise National Park with numerous interesting sites can be visit but at the same time it’s retain a village feel local farmer cultural so with seldom have hotel🏩🏩 🏩and restaurant🍽🥢🥄. It a quiet small village, which bisects a lush of mountain with views of the surrounding foothills, encircled by vibrantly fertile Agricultural land. Of course some people will think such as this place is not easy to arrive for those whose haven’t take own transport. You are wrong, you can rarely easy for travel by train🚉🚉🚉 and just walk around 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ 500 meter to arrived Spišské Tomášovce village. We use one day for visit this village by take the train as our transport

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How To Go:
In Europe, train🚉🚉🚉 is extremely vast with can truly connect everywhere of European, even from the bustling capital cities to the smallest villages so you can get arrived the beaten path without having to rent a car. In Kosice Slovakia, that is only has one Railway Station which situated at Staničné námestie and near the western bank of the river Hornád. Although it has different type of train at Europe but for go to Spišské Tomášovce, you must use Local Regional Trains. Regional trains are stop by stop at every train station even in small region. Today, regional train still is their main and popular transport especially for the small village. Many town 🏙🏙🏙 or village🏡🏡🏡 can only arrived by Regional Trains and Spišské Tomášovce is one of village while they are one of the best ways to transport you to non-touristy areas. Remember normally some small train station is no has counter to sale the ticket🎫🎫🎫, so you must purchases the ticket from the Train Ticket Examiner at the train that is why I mentioned just now also can purchases ticket from Train Ticket Examiner. Regional Trains do not have high speed train save the time and must use more time to arrive the destination, of course compare to other the price is most cheaper. You no need to buy train ticket early, you can either direct buy from station ticket counter or buy from Train Ticket Examiner in the train. By the way , the ticket price from Kosice to Spišské Tomášovce is 4.45 € per adult💲💲💲.


Train Station at Kosice



Coffee Machine at station


Let me think what i want to drink


You can find money changer at the train station


This is a train ticket with a valid time of 24 hours🕛🕛🕛. One of the benefits for us by using Regional Train, while you can use valid time of day to get to your destination. In our planning, we plan for catch up on train in 07:15am and we buy the train ticket for that time but we late for 5 minute and the train is leave off. Lucky, the train ticket valid on 24 hour so we no need waste the money for purchase another train ticket. While wait for the train arrived, relax on the station and drink a cup coffee. HAHAHA….😝😝😝.




Traveller with Micky Mouse


Remember press the GREEN button for open when you want get down




A really small train station

Although, this is not our first time to take the train for travel but this is our first time ride the train as travel in Europe. For use train as transport to a travel destination either can be easy and can be hard. First you must look for the “Departure LCD Monitor”, there are usually multiple LCD Monitor throughout at the train station and one main LCD Monitor at entry place. Normally “Departure LCD Monitor” has two languages one is local language and another one is English so you must patient for wait of English language. The most important thing to note is departure time, direction, destination to make sure your train is in which platform. Especially for Regional Train, the area you arrived maybe not show at Destination Category, would show at Direction Category because the Destination is their final stop. Direction normally is stop by stop at every smaller train station and your arrived area maybe stop at one of them. Sometimes the train you take may appear in the “Departure LCD Monitor” a few minutes before train departure to inform you which platform will arrive so you must always pay attention to the LCD Monitor. And remember when get off and get on the train, the door is not automatic so you must press the GREEN button just beside the door. Oh, make sure you must wait in front of the door EARLY and press the GREEN button when get off the train. For those who missed your destination, don’t worry you can got out on next destination and just walk to opposite side for wait another train.









Arrived Village:
Sometime we like chooses the train as one of our public transport. This is because different scenery🏞🛤🛤 show in front of your eyes when the train is moving slowly and it is good felling. On the road for go to the Spišské Tomášovce, let us feel alleviate and sit on the train for view of different natures view in different small villages. After take off the train, we take a simple walk around village, a simple small farmer village compare other scenic spots in European but its give us a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Although the village does not have distinctive features like the ancient stone cottages but the houses of village give us farmer local feel. Rich color of house🏚🏠🏡 with each of the house constructions representative every local resident culture gives us view how resident cherish and attach importance to their village. The residents in this village are kindly, while we something for ask them, they would answer you with friendly. Ok! Follow us to continue exploring this small farmer village.








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Our #Europe Trip > #Slovakia-#Kosice (Introduction)

Our #Europe Trip > #Slovakia-#Kosice (Introduction)


Some buildings at main street, Kosice

In planning journey of Europe, we believe it is one of the best adventures any traveler can experience. Because challenge in terms of budget, destination for travel and accommodation. This is our FIRST Europe trip, choosing well-researched itinerary is essential for us. How to plan a different scenery and economic trip is our main goal. Journey Europe is can be expensive and can be budget.For the budget first, you must have good physical strength💪 💪💪and planning is one of the important part for save the cost.Europe, its cities are gorgeous and historic, its mountains are natural scenery and picturesque⛺🏞🏔. For our planning itinerary journey, most challenging is to get a real feel for their culture, natural, and traditions dishes on, with there is an important fact on your mind: Budget💲💲💲.




What are me thinking about?



We (two sisters) left from Malaysia, KLIA 🛫🛫🛫and upon arrival in the city of Budapest, Hungary. After collect our baggage, we direct take the long-distance bus🚌🚌🚌 from airport to the Kosice, Slovakia. Many European countries have comfortable and cheap long-distance bus services between them. Although long-distance bus aren’t as comfortable as trains, but often they are astonishingly cheap. Before start our Europe trips, we have already planning choose the best route for us from Country to Country and book our tickets on website. Normally we use the website of http://www.rome2rio.com and http://www.goeuro.com.


Waiting flight at KLIA, Malaysia

Filter for cheapest, timetable schedule, fastest and destination of departure, we choose Flixbus Europe🚌 🚌🚌the most important can departure from the Budapest Airport. Ok, well, it can save the transports fee from airport to bus station. For those buy the early ticket from website if you wish to change date, timetable and destination ,no worry Flixbus Europe provide the service for you can easy change from website of course it got small charge. From Budapest Airport to Kosice Slovakia, Bus Station is takes around 3 hour 30min.And the bus ticket price is 9.99 € per adult + 0.41 € (Debit and Credit Card Charge).


Waiting Area for FlixBus at Budapest Airport


FlixBus we take from Budapest to Kosice

Kosice, the second biggest town of Slovakia and KOŠICE is not only the centre of eastern Slovakia but also the core of the Eastern Carpathians where several ethnicities live. It is situated on the river Hornád at the eastern reaches of the Slovak Ore Mountains, near the border with Hungary.





For accommodation🛏🛏🛏 , we have using Airbnb, it provides a more local experience. We take the 6 night in Kosice, Slovakia and we choose for stay in a comfy and modern, fully equipped apartment in the Centre of Kosice. It just 10 minutes’ walk to Main Street and close to groceries hypermarket. The host of Airbnb prepared fully complete Kitchen equipment that can help us economize by prepared and enjoy breakfast and some dinners by our self. A good experience to stay with provides everything we needs for Reasonable Price.


Remember, cook by our self to save some of cash whilst travel during Europe. First day arrival on Kosice, Slovakia, first thing must do is take a couple of hours to go to grocery supermarket buy the food ingredients we needs. We choose for Lidl supermarket (discount supermarket chain) located next of the Train Station and Billa supermarket (‘cheap supermarket chain’) located in one of the bigger shopping center in Kosice. We buy some meat🥩🥩🥩, fresh produce🍓🥒🥔, dairy🧀🧀🧀, and baked goods🍞🥐🥖 with total price are 13.50€ for 1 week while we stay at Kosice, Slovakia.




First step, buy a whole bread


Second step step, close up and choose now many pieces you want


Final, became like that




These all the groceries and food ingredient enough for 1 week for 2 person.

To get around the Kosice Town, we suggest can be for walking🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️but you also can using public transport🚎🚌🚖🚘 and Taxify. But remember Taxify is not have service of pay by cash, it`s direct less from your debit or credit card.






Although walking🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ is our main transport, but in our Europe Travel Trip (Four Country) using public transport for go too far destination inevitable for us view of different scenery🛤🛤🚉. In Slovakia, we choose train🚉🚊🚇 take us from one destination to other destination. We believe many of Slovakia resident are agree our wording, that trains are convenience and cheaper public transport to get around in Slovakia especially in Kosice. Because of the Kosice, Slovakia has extensive railway connections. An ideal way, for us use the less expensive of regional trains go to just about the far destination with no need to book these in advance.

Ok finish our introduction and some travel tips for the Slovakia. Let start our Slovakia travel Journey.



Train Station at Kosice







Europe Winter Trip 2019 (Airplane)

Our Europe Winter Trip 2019  (Airlane)


A photo when we transit at Amsterdam airport


Prepare for flight


Wait a airplane at KLIA

For this Europe trip, we choose for the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines🛫🛫🛫. And thousand thanks🙏🙏🙏 for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, FREE for us check in our extra luggage. So now,  let follow with us, Start our itinerary route for the Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Budapest.