Japan – Tokyo (The Imperial Palace) 2018

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“#Fujimi-yagura” built in three storied, one of the oldest remnants of Edo Castle and reconstructed in 1659.

Although situated right in the heart of Tokyo, the Imperial Palace is surrounded by a water-filled moat and tree-covered grounds, precious scenery of nature within the bustling metropolitan city. There are three gardens are open to the public and free of charge. Kokyo Higashi Gyoen (Imperial Palace East Garden) we have visit and explain before, Kokyo Gaien (Imperial Palace Outer Garden), and Kita-no-maru-koen Park. The largest green area in central Tokyo, the grounds are painstakingly maintained and are one of the top destinations for visitors to visit.

However, anyone who interest in history, culture and nature also don’t miss to visit Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is located on the site of the former residential palace of the successive Tokugawa Shoguns in the Edo Period. Following the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Emperor Meiji moved to Tokyo from Kyoto and Kyoto had been the Imperial capital for more than a thousand years.

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On the occasion of New Year’s Day and the Emperor’s Birthday, the Emperor and Empress and Members of the Imperial family stand on the #Kyuden #Totei ( The Palace East Courtyard), receive the congratulatory of the public and addressed by the Emperor.

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#Imperial #Household and were constructed in 1935

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#Seimon-#tetsubashi #Bridge is commonly called “#Nijubashi”

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Hahaha, lets us selfie in front of “#Fujimi-yagura”.

 Since then, this is where the Emperor has resided and, as Imperial Palace, where the various Imperial ceremonies have been held. The Meiji Palace burnt down in 1945; the present Palace was built and was completed in 1968. The Imperial Palace grounds extend over an are of approximately 1,150,000 square meters, and most of the complex is off-limits, as this is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan.

But if you want to explore this mysterious palace, you can attend one of the FREE TOURS organized by the Imperial Household Agency to see a small part of the inner compound and you need to make reservation. Tour are conducted twice a day: at 10:00am and 1:30pm, not conducted on Sunday, Monday, national holidays (excluding Saturday) and new year holidays between 28 Dec to 4 Jan. You can either reservations (admission free) in advance through the website or arrive a little early on the same day and go to the office at Kikyo Mon Gate, as long as it’s not fully booking you’ll be able to register.

We are reservation on the website, firstly go to website of the address – Imperial Household Agency and click on “Application for Visit” and fill in the required information. Isn’t it simple? Once the application has been accepted, no for changes may be made to the date and time of the tour, number and list of participants, and other details. NOTE: Applications are accepted from 5:00 am on the first day of the month preceding and no later than four days in advance via the website.

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A part of of garden at Imperial

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All the journey, you must follow the worker.

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Japan bridge see from the Imperial Place.

Arrive no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time at Kikyō-mon. REMEMBER: You must print an online booking form to prove your identity to enter the palace. The Tours take us about 75 minutes and the tour is accompanied by the staff and we cannot leave the visiting team. As a general rule, visitor will not be permitted to turn back midway through the tour.

The tour is on foot and about 2.2km in length and we only can view the exterior of the buildings. Explanations and instructions by staff will be given in Japanese only. The buildings we see in inner section are all post WWII era.



Entry for the Imperial Place.




See, we see the horse car


On this excursion, we view Fujimi-yagura built in three storied, one of the oldest remnants of Edo Castle and reconstructed in 1659. We continue our visit, in front of us is the head office of the Imperial Household and were constructed in 1935. After World War II, from October 1952 to March 1969, the three floor of building was used as the temporary Imperial Palace.

Then the staff take us to the Kyuden ( The Imperial Palace), a ferro-concrete structure completed in 1968. On the occasion of New Year’s Day and the Emperor’s Birthday, the Emperor and Empress and Members of the Imperial family stand on the Kyuden Totei ( The Palace East Courtyard), receive the congratulatory of the public and addressed by the Emperor.



It also got the police car at Imperial Place




At here, we also visit Seimon-tetsubashi Bridge is commonly called “Nijubashi” the bridge is well-known by Japanese nationals. It reserved Fushimi-castle which moved here from in Kyoto during the reign of the third Shogun Iemitsu early 17 century.

Although it was only a small part, we were very impressed with the structure of the palace. In the Imperial Palace, we buy the souvenir that special made by Imperial Palace in Souvenir shop.





Waiting Area for whose make the reservation online


A Souviner

Entry : FREE (Ethier book online or arrive a little early on the same day and go to the office at Kikyo Mon Gate, as long as it’s not fully booking you’ll be able to register. )

Opening Hour : Tour are conducted twice a day:10:00am and 1:30pm, not conducted on Sunday, Monday, national holidays (excluding Saturday) and new year holidays between 28 Dec to 4 Jan

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Japan – Tokyo (Tokyo Tower) 2018

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Think of simultaneously view panoramic of modern-day and shimmering light night of Tokyo. We decide visit Tokyo Tower, is a communication and observation tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Built in 1958, it has become well known to visitors around the world, not only as one of Tokyo’s popular sightseeing attractions, but also as the symbol of Tokyo an international city.

We stand in front of Tokyo Tower for view it’s beautiful. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations. Height 333 meters (1,092ft), it is made of prefabricated steel. Tokyo Tower may no longer be the tallest structure in Japan, nor a full-fledged broadcasting tower, as Tokyo Skytree now holds that joint title. But it is still one of the most popular places for tourists to visit.

At night, you also can appreciate the luminous of Tokyo Tower, that use two kind of light; they are “Landmark Light”, and the “Diamond Veil”. Tokyo Tower’s Landmark light is light up with 180 light bulbs, suspending its beautiful in the night sky. Note: Diamond veil is lit only on Saturdays during the two hours between 20:00 – 22:00. It is 17 layers of light may each change into 7 different colors and total of 276 lights shine outwards from the Tokyo Tower. Because of on Saturday we have planning for visit other destination, so it is regret have not coming here.

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Night view see from Tokyo Tower

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I wish bring it back

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Tokyo city 24 hour…..

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Selfie again


Tokyo Tower has three parts open to the public: “MAIN DECK” + “Top Deck” + FOOTTOWN.In the Tokyo Tower, visitor can visit two observation decks. The Main Observatory is at 150 meters (490 ft) with cost 900 yen for adult. The Tower Top deck reaches a height of 250 meters (820 ft) with cost 2800 yen for adult(150meters + 250meters). We went to visit there on February and the Tower’s Top deck was renovated. So we only buy the two-story Main Observatory. Note: It reopened to the public on March 3, 2018.


Tokyo Tower ticket


Wait for elevator and Tour participants will be guided to the 2nd floor of the Main Deck. Walk out from the elevator, where the Deck will be enveloped by geometric windows, one of the deck’s four side is closed for renovation, but it still open for the other three sides. We enjoy for view myriad skyscrapers below them, all neatly packed in the busy city, that immerse us in the atmosphere of a future metropolis. Use our eye for view the night sky fused with the beauty of the lights installed on the various parts of the high-rise buildings.

We walk to the 1st floor, because of a relatively moderate height; we can nearly view of the city building despite. This is a chance to see Japanese beauty at its fullest. On the 1st floor of Main desk, one of the area called “Skywalk Window”, can stand 145 meters high overlooking the foot, it is one of selling point in the Tokyo Tower. If you are not afraid of high, you can look down. It also have a souvenir shop and a cafe where can enjoy some food at here.


Wait for entrance 


wait for elevators


Beautiful night of Tokyo

From the elevator, go down to the Tower and visit for the FooTTown, FooTTown consists of the sixth floor including top to bottom floor. In addition of the ticket office on the first floor, it also includes souvenir shops, restaurants, aquariums, Tokyo Tower Tourist Information Center, Tateyama Grand Shrine (temporary relocation), theme parks, and more.

I suggest that you can put this attraction front of the travel day because hare got an information center where visitor can get sightseeing guides in Tokyo and neighboring areas in Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower has different themes every season. The season I go to is winter, of course it is winter-based. So what of you will be the theme again?



Winter season at Tokyo Tower



Night view of Tokyo Tower 


Take photo with Tokyo Cartoon

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Selfie in front Tokyo Tower




Japan Tokyo (Tenjō-Yama Park, Mount Tenjo) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 21) #Tenjō-#Yama #Park, #Mount #Tenjo

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A story of Tenjo-Yama Park Mount


From Oshino Hakka, We stop again Bus at the Kawaguchiko station; we walk to the Lake Kawaguchiko because our planning destination is Tenjō-Yama Park Mount Tenjo which is panoramic views of the Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji, one of the best attractions in Mount Fuji.

Go to the Tenjō-Yama Park Mount Tenjo, you can either take the red line bus or walk to the ropeway station. We walk around 10 minutes, arrived Kachi Kachi Ropeway; official name is the Lake Kawaguchi Mt.Tenjo Ropeway (河口湖天上山ロープウェイ). It is ascends 460 meters from the eastern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko to an observation deck near the peak of Mount Tenjo.

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Mt.Fuji see from Tenjo-Yama Park Mount

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A scape see from Tenjo-Yama Park Mount

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At Japan you can see this at everyway.


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Selfie again

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Shop with sell souviner

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Our Favorite cheese cake


Guess this photo is take at where? Hahaha is at cable car

Did you know that, Mount Tenjo is setting of Dazai Osamu’s folk story “Kachi Kachi Yama”. Because there are too many versions of this folk story and we do not know which are correct, interested parties can find it themselves. Anyway this just story doesn’t be too serious. Named after the story, you can see a lot of Tanuki and rabbit dolls decorated on the ropeway gondola and around the observation deck.

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A story protagonist

Buy the ticket from the machine, go in to the cable car, we are glad for view the scenery of Lake Kawaguchiko from the air on 3 minute ropeway trip. After walk out from cable car, we walk around 5 minutes and arrived observation deck. From the observation deck, which sits more than 1000 meters above sea level they are panorama view of the whole mountain of Mt Fuji and Kawaguchiko Lake as well as Aokigahara forest. In front of us, use our eye for view a large and gorgeous panorama of Mt Fuji with small and dense buildings like matchboxes on the foot of mountain. On the other side, we also view the layer and layer of Aokigahara mountain and placid, vast of lake.

With offers spectacular views of Mt Fuji, you also can enjoy some food and drink at “Tenuki Tea house”. They also sell souvenirs relating to Mt. Kachi-Kachi and Mt Fuji. After our visit, we take the cable car go back to the town. For round trip, it cost 800 yen for personal and 720 yen for ground. The operation hour from 9.00am (9.30am in winter) to 5.10pm (4.40pm in winter). For those whose want to visit Fuji Goko, Kawaguchiko Lake, a pleasure boat other than a ropeway, a retro bus and so on! You can very advantageously for buy a set ticket with discount price.


Wait from cable car


See from cable car



We love Mt.fuji





Selfie again



Remember keep this cable ticket when you purchase round trip

In the Kawaguchiko, we walk into a cheesecake house and enjoy specialty handmade cheesecake. When I scented cheesecake in my mouth, a fragrant of cheesecake spins in my mouth, completely conquered my taste buds and add on a hot cup of fragrant coffee, perfect. Oh! Super blessed for enjoy it.


At winter, yo can see snow everywhere






Wow, we love cheese so much




A bakeries shop


At here, we also don’t forget buy a traditional souvenir. As for the bus going back to Tokyo, we also same as buy the highway bus ticket early on the website, take on the expressway bus around 18.40. Well, end of 1 day trip of Mt. Fuji.
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You can buy some souvenir


This is a a traditional souvenir we buy


How to refund Tax at Japan

Walk into “Purple Building”, name as Takeya general duty-free store located in Okachimachi, next to Ueno. Takeya is the oldest discount store in Japan. With the 7 floor of the store, it sell food, medicine, cosmetics, health food, household goods, electronics, watches, accessories, designer fashion, clothing and furniture. The most alluring part of Takeya is hands down its wide array of good-quality products and low prices.

The store not just well known by the locals though, it’s can be said to be a shopping paradise for Foreign travelers especially for backpack like us. Except of discount prices, the reason for us (Foreign travelers) like the Takeya are having multi foreign-language interpreters and a Refund-Tax counter. We enjoy a great time for shopping to find extremely discount product. With huge discounts, we are buy everything we want and total purchase amount more than 5000 yen, we can have tax refund. 

Now we teach you how to refund the tax. As a Foreign travelers are eligible to get your taxed refund while enjoying shopping if they follow certain procedures at licensed tax refund agencies (such as department stores, home appliance stores, discount stores and other). Tax exemption can applies when the purchased goods are brought out of Japan and consumption for individuals, not used for business purposes.

In general, the total purchase amount of wares bought in the SAME SHOP on the SAME DAY must be 5000 yen or more, tax excluded. They are divided by commodities and consumable items, that both can combine for tax-refund.(Note:For the latest news update both can combine). Commodities are electric appliances, clothing, accessories, shoes and etc, item purchase must be more than 5000 yen, tax-refund. Consumable items are food, drinks, medicines, cosmetics and tobacco, item purchase must be more than 5000 yen and less than 500,000 yen.

There are two different types of tax exemption procedures, depending on the store. First, pay for your wares with the tax already being deduced. Second, pay for full price (including the tax), go to tax-free counter, and present your receipt to get a tax refund and cash rebate. 

At store, go to tax-free desk, show your passport (REMEMBER Passport must original not photocopy). If you are using a credit card on payment, credit card holder must present for the refund tax. The staff will be take the slip attached to your passport. 

NOTE: not to remove it, it will be taken by the airport’s customs official when you leave Japan. However, goods are wrapped in special disposable bags that are sealed upon the purchase. REMEMBER: They should not be opened before leaving Japan.

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