Home Decoration (Part 3 DIY Beach Huts Scene)

Home Decoration (Part 3 – Wall Mounted Hooks – DIY Beach Huts Scene )

Uncluttered and functional style that make a house is always be delight, sought to create a space of simple sophistication that let us to achieve a relaxation, coziness, and homey-ness. So storage and organizing items play is a very functional role, in achieving neat and clean goals for your home and when there is no mess and clutter to be witnessed in any section of it. When it comes to storing items at home, there are many ways to do that and we could keep stuff in cabinets, shelves and drawers. Of course, no forget wall hooks also as one important method that for hangs some of our belongings especially if you have a small space.

While some people think that wall hooks are boring and monotonous, but I can tell you, you are wrong. Wall hooks may be simple, there are so versatile and stylish hook racks available in the market, use them to spruce up your regular home décor. Reimagined and try make a functional of decor oriented hooks that tailored for our own personalized, it’s all completely unique and will help us to really make our home décor unique and creative. You must know home décor is sometimes just about what you have on hand, collected and turn old items that you no longer need into adorable and functional wall hooks, that is so easy…… Turned them into wall hooks which resemble a work of art. The theme of our decorative hook is lovely miniature beach huts scene, creating a relaxed and cozy beach life atmosphere.


1) Cardboard 2) Cardboard Scraps 3) Poster Card 4) Egg cartons 5) Styrofoam 6) Kitchen Towel Roll 7) Toilet Roll 8)Fake Flowers 9) Dried Branches 10) Ropes 11) Ice cream Sticks 12) Iron Nails 13) Moss 14) Flower Crepe Paper 15) Green Stem Wire 16) Cotton 17) Kraft Brown Paper 18) Shells 19) Wall Stickers 20) Plywood 21Stone


1) Hot Glue Gun 2) White Glue 3) Craft knife 4) Scissors 5) Pen 6) Posters Colours 7) Brush 8) Nail Polish 9) Hammer 10) Plier 11) Plant Cutter

Ways To Make:

Handcrafted beach cottage, coastal decor, nautical wall and a coastal treasures, each and every scene has been handcrafted from recycle material. Normally, one of the easiest ways that you can do that is with driftwood but before that we use cardboard for DIY Fairy Garden and still have many, so we decide use a lot of cardboard for this DIY decor ideas. Beach scene all made from cardboard and reclaimed materials, the materials almost same as Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts so we would not repeat explain again and add some of shells and styrofoam. Give our home a coastal feel on a budget with these DIY coastal home decor ideas. Mimic the coast view, create seaside colours palettes associated with it; the soothing combination of blues, greens, neutrals, and white.

Craft Beach Cottage:

If you love the beach and all things coastal, you may be looking for ways to incorporate the ocean into your home in a natural way. We use as two different possible ways to create miniature masonry walls that produce unique and different cottages. First for creating a craft cottage (REFER PHOTO STEP E), that all of the material building is used as cardboard, miniature masonry walls that built by cut of tidy and square cardboard, utilizing inner cardboard for window and rooftop with colourful water colour paint.

Colourful Cottage:

Another of cottage that miniature masonry walls base on styrofoam let cottage (REFER PHOTO STEP F) look more emerge and colourful, meanwhile use poster card as rooftop to recrates a delicately cottage(If there is no poster card, there is no problem with ordinary cards, just make sure it is a thick card). Of course, seagull, flowers and moss are indispensable when it comes to seaside cottages. Easy beach inspired from crafts and colour poster pouring art ideas that’s fun and creative.


Utilizing nail for lighthouse roof, whitewash lighthouse (REFER PHOTO STEP G) with its own fence; unexpectedly, only a small iron nail can make a lighthouse roof.

Coconut Trees :

When it comes to the beach, I believe that people in some countries will have coconut trees (REFER PHOTO STEP H) in their minds. Decorative a few of seaside coconut tree that let it looks greener natural environment. Easy do the plant with handmade craft by using flower Crepe Paper, Green Stem Wire, cotton and kraft brown paper.

Seagulls :

Don’t look down on the toilet paper roll, many small and cute seagulls easy made by just only using toilet roll; just cut the shape and paint with white and red color.

Using creative ideas plus natural things such as shells and dry branches, which makes the boat look more natural and beautiful. Just put all handcraft mounted on a piece of cardboard.

Last, gluing the cardboard on the wooden board, a simple and beautiful natural coastal home decoration is completed.






Home Decoration – D.I.Y (Part 2 – DIY Indoor Fairy Garden )

Home Decoration (Part 2 Shelf Brackets – DIY Indoor Fairy Garden )

We love coffee and aftertaste coffee let us intricacies flavor in the mouth once coffee is swallowed. Like for every morning start a new day, with a cup of mellow and balance coffee, give us full of energy. Drink a cup of darkish tan color coffee that brewed by coffee maker machine which crema of foam on a shot of espresso for high-quality espresso. Wow, enjoy a breakfast with a cup of aroma espresso let us have a liveliness soul in the morning with a happy mood in whole day. We love cooking and baking so our breakfast are bakery by ourself. Sometime, a complete coffee maker machine would gift with set of Coffee Grinder and that let us satisfy for easy to grind coffee bean. But at the same time we have a little headache with place them, that is because a set of exquisite Coffee Grinder is not suitable put inside into the dark of cabinet kitchen. If place on the worktop profile of cabinet kitchen that affect the kitchen look a little messy.

Open shelving can solve our problem with storage them to empty walls and adding extra style. The simplicity of these DIY wood shelf brackets makes them a good fit for any decor style. Turn our wall into a work of art with these quick and easy steps. Simultaneously, our wall hanger of aprons look like monotonous and lacking in variety so we decide make up a new decorative Wall Hooks. Making own DIY wall mounted hooks with some type of accessory wisely to create a beautiful and efficient hooks to hang things in own style, it also helps create a more inviting home environment.

Shelf Brackets – Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts DIY

With simple DIY shelf brackets, that will be perfect for our small kitchen with limited cabinet storage up, with an attractive way to display our traditional Coffee Grinder without taking up valuable floor space. Install up the brackets, place on top of wood board to create an even surface, then just screw in place! Normally many people would hanging accessories and décor but we decide direct DIY a beautiful of Fairy Garden on certain part of the top of wood board by using recycle material. When think about mystical and talk about fairy gardens that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Using whimsical fairy garden ideas, create a sense of childlike magic as maybe sometime we can even think that these gardens do in fact supernaturally attract the little spirit beings to their abodes.

Both young and old can’t help but resist the allure of fun fairies living in their home! Many of people like set up the tiny vignettes all over their garden or yard space, transform its into a fairy’s paradise and customizing the garden with special touches is where the magic lives. But we choose to create an Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts that without using any soil and live plants. Although today, we can easy find dedicated online stores for selling miniature plants, figurines, and tiny garden ensembles. But we try for create Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts from scratch with use a wide array of recycled materials. Strive to create our own little worlds of make believe within our designed DIY fairy garden, meanwhile it also as a decorative touch to the rest of own home design environment.

This miniature fairy garden is easy to make; starting with a base of recycle material that always daily use and then plus a few simple supplies.


1) Cardboard 2) Egg cartons 3) Cardboard Scraps 4) Toilet Roll 5) Box Wrapping 6) Poster Card 7) Fake Flowers 8)Dried Branches 9) Kitchen Paper Towel 10) Ropes 11) Ice cream Sticks 12) Wooden Stick Crafts 13) Coffee Bean 14) Dishwashing Sponge 15) Recycled Plastic Bottle Cap 16)Plywood 17) Eraser Rubber (unicorn)


1) Hot Glue Gun 2) White Glue 3) Craft knife 4) Scissors 5) Pen 6) Posters Colours 7) Brush 8)Plier 9 ) Manual Vegetable Shredder Cutter Machine 10) Gardening cutter

Ways To Make:

Do as several of the projects (DIY crafts), we choose of them which are easy, inexpensive and simple to make, of course each one looks totally different and unique, meanwhile must add on all the possible accessories. It doesn’t take much more than a miniature windmill and two fairy houses to turn as main decoration for a dream fairy garden. It‘s FAIRY HOUSES! We wanted to first try creating with decorate a style of mystical fairy cottage (REFER PHOTO STEP A) that overlook outside covered in bark and root. Materials are almost everywhere around us; easy to find and simple recycled craft idea : the base of the fairy cottage is toilet roll with just poster colour painting, some fake flowers, dried branches, glue, and creativity! Use as a giant colorful fake flower be as on top of rooftop to help it blend into the enigmatical. For an extra creative spin on fairy cottage, we take kitchen paper towel sort of scrunched a little made be as root and glue with small fake flower and rope to the fairy cottage make more mystical.

Delightful little fairy house :

Get creative and determine how we’re going to decorate as one-of-a-kind fairy house, a delightful little fairy house (REFER PHOTO STEP B) is made from anything simple recycled craft idea and everything cardboard! It is including: wrapping box, egg cartons, cardboard scraps, Ice cream sticks, fake flower, moss and dried branches. A wrapping box made of the main building, there be an elaborate rooftop with full of fake moss covered fairy house and moss can be buy or make its. Used only fingers to ripping up the egg carton and aimed for semi-rectangular pieces or ‘stones’ that are vaguely similar in size that use as wall. Use for decorated with dried branches, flowers, and other embellishments to make sweet and beautiful fairy homes. Every fairy garden needs a portal and lovely little window-boxes filled with miniature flowers into said fairy’s home. This rustic design is handmade and painted to make it a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Miniature Windmill :

It even features a miniature windmill (REFER PHOTO STEP C), this rustic windmill complete made with toilet roll, rope, Ice cream sticks, wooden stick crafts and more. Our purpose for make this fairy garden artwork as beside of coffee maker machine, so a creative idea and ingenious for use coffee bean made as part of windmill is suitable that matching of this whimsical garden.

Moss :

MOSS become as one of the important project (DIY crafts) on Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts. You can either buy or make its, we try for make its by just using dishwashing sponge, green colour poster colour painting and manual vegetable shredder cutter machine. When we had a large pile of these mosses, we can do much fun for our fairy garden. Let us place a few other tiny knick-knacks to complete the entire fairy garden.

The perfect leading to the fairy’s door or down the garden path is a set of stones, DIY craft just only use as egg carton because of its roughly hewn look as stone. Just use your fingers to ripping up the egg carton and try for rip to semi-rectangular pieces and just paint it.


No garden is complete without a wishing well for your fairy. The base of the well is a recycled plastic bottle cap and glue with dried branches and rope.


Plus, this rustic-style dining set (REFER PHOTO STEP D) is a lively touch that will elevate your garden. After all, fairies need somewhere to eat and enjoy tea time.


Of course, don’t forget the cute mushrooms! This one features rustic well, dining set and cute mushrooms, this absolutely adorable set up, to help it blend into the natural surroundings.

Add many of moss and colourful flower filling on the board that surrounding of fairy house that let the Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden not look monotonous and be more into a dream fairy garden. Lastly, we added a cute unicorn to complete of our decorate for Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, miniature fairy garden are so much fun, throw in a little imagination that can add whimsical fun for make your own beautiful fairy garden. You will delight in stumbling across these “secret” scenes.






Home Decoration (Part 1) #Cushion #Bench #Shoes #Cabinet + #DIY, #Minimalist for Own Work of Art Modern Cushion

Bench Shoes Cabinet, yet mirror in tradition give our home a minimalist instantly and beautifully! Industrial bench and hanger with the handmade craft of wooden mirror and natural art pattern of carpets that reflect the chic and sophisticated distinguishing feature. With save the cost and perfectly curated our own unique interior, we do a lot of D.I.Y for decor theme that attempt focus on wildlife nature distinct character. Before D.I.Y our house, we have calculation our cost with budgets .That is why we buy a lot of different shape hanging frames with economic price. We love travel, to be photographer we take a lot of photo during our travel. So, for this decoration, we paste with our Europe trip 2019 yrs travel photo be as poster that what make us unique.

For those who like to paste their favorite patterns on the walls but are afraid of damaging your walls, here is a tip; Not direct paint on the wall and paint in Disney silhouette art with black color that let us easy for change to other design in next time.

No has idea for put your key? We also DIY for key wall hanger that using iron nails for make firm and decoration is using of wild animal toy that paint with your favourite color. We choose golden color nail polish let make its look classic the most important is nail polish is cheaper. Ok, not forget put a decorative plants that its look more natural.

Here make the contemporary transformation unites apparent opposites: simple and chic furnishings with unadorned and poetic decor theme are complemented by both a minimalists and a work of art.