Europe-Latvia-Part 5 Gauja National Park – Sigulda (Section 2)

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If you’re interested in outdoor activities, within easy reach of the Sigulda Town, is the Gauja National Park with hundreds miles of hiking paths is the ideal place to explore for a day. As with much of the trekking in Europe, the routes here are part of a national park. The Gauja National Park is not famous for high mountains, but that doesn’t make hike it a lesser experience, there is something for every level of hiker here, from the short and relaxing to full on multi-day hikes, here is a place showing of natural beauty. You can find here, there are numerous routes with different distance and attractions. The wooded mountain range is steeped in history, the Gauja National Park is the largest national park in Latvia and boasts many beautiful views and offers also many sights such as old valley of the Gauja River, rock outcrops and varied terrain shapes, have their origins in this forest. During a Gauja National Park Adventures trip, from the medium to the easiest, discover exceptional landscapes and untouched nature and overall it’s an easy hike for anyone who is always walking or hiking in the trail, with very few uphills and downhills. The hike can be completed in a couple of hours, but in order to make the most of it and admire the views, about spend a day of hiking. The trail is a mix of ups and downs and isn’t too difficult if you are reasonably fit. Of course, there is also a simple, time-saving and labor-saving way; that is to take the cable car, the only drawback is that you can’t enjoy the scenery on foot. To find the beginning of the trail in Gauja National Park Adventures, walk towards the cable car. You should be able to see the signs for the cable car, which begins in the square just next to car park. Where you can jumping into the cable car to other starting point trail, the cable car suspended at the height of 43 meters and let you view of amazing scenery of the Gauja River. The ticket price is 8€ for one way per adult and 12€ for return per adult.

There are various caves in Gauja National Park, among which Gutman’s Cave and its mysterious rock formations are the most popular among tourists. You can direct take the transport and visit, the most spacious grotto in the Baltic states; Gutman’s Cave, this tremendous cave was formed from the yellow-brown sandstone rock of the Gauja river bank and formation is due to a millennium long interaction between the river and an underground spring. The cave be one of the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia and on the walls of the cave, there are inscriptions from the 17th century. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this cave. Gauja National Park also boasts various other natural attractions, maybe you can same as us walk into forest, view of many landmarks and cave along the way. No be worried, It’s a well-marked and easy to follow hiking trail. Passing stunning of a few caverns along a wild stretch of trail, the views of cave and wildlife natural sightings are consistently sublime. Monstrously ancient of cave let us feel wild and mysterious, mere natural of rough rocky with different shape of cave from triangular to deep, pear-shaped and also have smallish, rough-hewn all are the great artwork of natural. As we walk along the cliffs, we have pass a pretty interesting cave, pig nose shape of cave, This cave reminds us of the plot version of a Japanese cartoon in our minds. Relax walk in this dark and draughty cave here is formed from singular yellow-brown sandstone natural rocky, although let us comfortable but empty. In the cave walk through tunnels and along ledges with sheer drops, the path leads you up to the mountain, while we are hiking on winter season and the path is closed due of this season.

The trail walk has magnificent views as you hiking through the cave and cliff, eventually crossing the famous river- Gauja River. Most importantly though, you will get to see the magnificent views over the Gauja River which is the only large river of Latvia that begins and ends its flow in Latvia, the beautiful river banks rich in sandstone outcrops, easy accessibility of the river. Gauja River winds through forests and lush water, flows through its primeval valley which is among the most impressive Baltic terrain forms, meanwhile the nature of the river is suitable for various paddlers. The picturesque footbridges over the Gauja River have always been the favorites of hikers on this trail. From here we were enjoy the view of the monstrous big river flowing swiftly ahead, and high, rocky bluffs on both sides and surrounding with verdant forest. View of the Gauja River, view over a deep river that capable of reflecting in its placid surface, billowy hills, the luminous shadows. When tired for walking, let us enjoy a picnic lunch as we took in the tranquil scene, sometimes life is so ordinary and beautiful. By the river, you can continue up to the Turaida Castle, the manor house, the church and the Dainu Hill and learn what had happened in the area since the 11th century. A medieval castle on a strip of land between two ravines at Gauja River, Turaida Castle is the highlight and most visually impressive element of Turaida Museum Reserve. The museum of Latvia offers expositions on the history of archaeology, culture and art and narrates events dating back as far as to the 11th century. Meanwhile, its also a breathtaking view of Gauja Valley opens from the tower of the castle.

Or can same like me continue hike on the trail by the river and arrived it in the starting point. A wooden footpath bring us between the green vegetation and river, pass beside the wide, blue river, the meadows on the other side, far over the outskirts of the great city. The trail leads through virginal forest, peaceful meadows, and make it contrastive with the river through a variety of landscapes, water meadows, swamp, canals and village. The most of the trail goes along the meadows with little shade available, so sun protection is advised. The trail continues past hut and back towards Bobsleigh and luge track in Sigulda. The Part of this beautiful trail goes through of the Sigulda with offer a peek of few outdoor activities for those who want a unique hiking experience. Sigulda have provide outdoors enthusiasts with endless entertainment in the Gauja National Park such as Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park, Fly in Aerodium, Bobsleigh and luge track in Sigulda, Catch emotions and ride the “Zērglis” zipline and etc. that will let you captivated by the closeness of nature, and be able to test your physical endurance.

During the trail, we met several friendly local resident, thank for them that suggest and leader us to the area point where there are incredible panoramic views of the surrounding forest. The trail leads towards the starting point and from there onwards across the panoramic slopes to these you will see beautiful and memorable panoramas. Here, we were enjoy with panoramic views of the Gauja River and Part of the Gauja National Park and end of our Latvia Trip at here.

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How To Go Gauja National Park – Sigulda:

Sigulda can be reached from Riga (53km), you have a number of transport options available to them. Public transport such as bus🚌🚌🚌 or train🚆🚆🚆, for instance, is a very quick and efficient way to get from one city to another. We choose take a direct bus takes 1h 15min and ticket costs is 2.20€each way and luggage is 0.50€ per item. Just board the bus at Riga Terminal Bus Station and alight at Sigulda Bus Station. From there, it’s a short walk to all the main sights.

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