Europe-Estonia – Part 2 (Tallinn Old Town)

Our Europe Trip – Part 2 #Estonia #Tallinn Old Town

As Europe’s best preserved medieval city with stunning historic architectures, narrow cobbled alleys and glorious sunsets, mean the Tallinn city is regularly as one of a stronghold of the Northern Europe. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland the Baltic Sea called the Tallinn Old Town, its most famous feature with an absolutely picturesque medieval town. Tallinn Old Town has managed to wholly preserve its structure of medieval and Hanseatic origin, with its medieval city walls, many of its narrow cobbled streets, Gothic spires, iconic red roofs, Baltic Sea and beautiful Hanseatic architecture. Its compact nature and definitive medieval charm make it distinct from other Baltic capitals like Riga or Vilnius.

However, the country has a much more substantial history and also made advancements during the medieval period. Tallinn this city was a focal trading point that linked Estonia with the rest of Europe, with trading generating much of the city’s wealth at the time. Ok, let`s us talk about Fortress; during that era, the Fortress was constructed next to the harbor and until today, it is still one of the top things to see in Tallinn. The wall and towers date back to the 13th century, from the 14th century Viru Gate walk into medieval town and really give the city the look and feel more of a medieval town that let us feel we were stepped back in history. In fact, this is visible in the ambiance and architecture of the city, meanwhile each decorated with unique gables. An exquisite medieval city center, Northern Europe boasting Gothic spires, enchanting architecture and an incredible castle are just show you the richness of city have dazzled that era time. Take a stroll through this amazing city, easy for us find here some fantastic monumental historic buildings, too.

What makes Tallinn extra-special are the many viewing terraces which offer a magnificent prospect of the old city center. One of the fascinate view terrace is Toompea Castle on Toompea Hill, a castle of ancient Estonians starting in the 11th century. The history architecture of the Castle dates back to 13th century when the Danish established a military settlement here. It wasn’t until the 14th and 15th centuries, while in the hands of the Holy Roman Empire’s Teutonic Order and after a few century of built to become it’s the rather spectacular century medieval castle. Today, It’s located beneath the backdrop of the Tallinn City and become one of the best-preserved medieval citadels in all of Europe.

Strolling in the cobblestone streets and alleys around the city center, there are many bars and cafes in the Estonian capital, making it a vibrant and vibrant area, where you can also find local and traditional cuisine in the area. Tallinn Old Town really comes to life in the evenings with merriment and unique medieval experience feasts on the many medieval taverns. Plates with livestock meats are medieval experience staple, here also are served alongside other meats like elk and boar meat. Of course, no forget get the bar menu with beer, liquors, and wine from waiter.

Just a short walk can easy find museum, here, you’ll easy find and exploring a wide array of museums – KGB Museum, Pharmacy, Natural History, Seaplane Harbour Museum, as well as Estonia’s recent communist history, as well as Medieval walls to trace the history of the city. As pass through cobbled streets filled with art galleries and boutique shops, you will find artisanal crafts interesting mini museums; galleries and shops selling local products proudly displayed everywhere. Let us buy and bring home some unique souvenirs from our Tallinn journey, we buy some cute and Miniature Estonia traditional Houses display which can find in good gift shop in Tallinn Old Town.

After visit, our stomach feel hungry, think for where we were going to get lunch, we decide walk out of old town and go into a modern farmers grocery market name as Selver. This Selver farmers grocery market looks a lot like standard urban farmers market. It is a project market featuring focus on the fresh produce, locally sourced milk, a varied mosaic of meats, produce and of course, freshly squeezed juices. But we are here to focus on food, walk into food court area offer lots of different kinds of cuisine and even dine-in options that range from casual to fancy. The place has understandable been packed, largely because its model works great for dining with eaters with massively disparate tastes.

Grab the food of your choice, a considerable array of Western food, among them fresh takes on classic dishes and a smattering of Asia food, be it a cheese slice or a plate of burger; snag a beer; You have to stand in front of the stall and wait for your food to be delivered to you. One of us choose the European Mass dish- spaghetti. When the vendor brought out the dishes, two of us was dumbfounded. Affirm in advance that two of us not a girl with a lot of appetite. But the quantity was too little, which can be counted as much pasta with a little minced meat and cheese. Meanwhile, another of us buy the Indian dish from India vendor. A plate of main course Indian fry chicken slices add sides dishes curly fries and salad, of cause, the quantity is good with serve as one person. After compare both of two dishes, at once I only say “haiz” and disappointed, most important the prices are same. For taste, the spaghetti is ordinary, the other dish as crisp as gourmet Indian fried chicken slices taste with Indian delicious flavour. Don’t ask us why we know this is Indian delicious . Ok, Let us end of our Tallinn Trip at here.

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