Europe-Latvia-Part 2 (Riga Central Market / Dumpling Restaurant)

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Latvia is one of the countries in Europe that let travellers are increasingly interested in discovering new destinations, let us developing a knack for connecting with locals, authentic and their culture by experience of authentic Latvia traditions and walk into local life. Simultaneously, it’s let us learning, inspiring, enjoying its unique ways of life and just plain fun! Food is a hugely important part for Latvia culture, this is a cuisine rooted in foraging, fermenting, and preserving, as well as celebrating the seasonal and the local. So it’s never let traveller monotonous and the country has well-known for its own brand of traditional cuisine with delectable dairy products, tart berries, homemade rye bread, flavorful smoked meat and sausages, tangy pickles and fresh Baltic seafood.

RIGA CENTRAL MARKET – Meandering through the country’s liveliest markets, that giving a glimpse of local lives and through its gastronomy🥩🍗🍰🍩🥐🥦🥔🐠🦐

Latvia’s elegant capital, Riga is leading the country in a dynamic cuisine renaissance. The charming city of Riga hosts one of the country’s liveliest markets, the “Riga Central Market”, and it is truly in the heart of its cities that you’ll find the epitome of Latvians culture. For immersing in the local culture by meandering through the throngs of people going about their daily business in Riga Central Market, here where you can glean some insights into local culture and cuisine, and enjoy for a good, local, quality meal. Few better walk into local life than rubbing shoulders with shoppers, browsing stands piled high with colourful and diverse fresh produce, lively conversation, nibbling on street munchies, and being fully immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the local community.

Serves as one of the city’s most historically important and active commercial centres, Riga Central Market is one of Europe’s largest indoor food markets and the fulcrum of a dynamic urban renewal of the neighbourhood. Bustling with pick up fresh ingredients alongside and it’s an explosion of foodie energy. Come on, everybody guess what the predecessor of this market? Its most distinctive is where the city has redeveloped a former used as military airship hangars into a lively people zone. Today, Riga Central Market is the largest and oldest indoor food market in the country. Location for market is opposite along a white ironwork railroad trestle and a little far from any tourist attractions (roughly across the Old Town), Central Market, just runs the River Daugava, next to Riga International Bus Terminal and Central Railway Station. Built in 1920s and architecturally-imposing food pavilions, this enormous food pavilions constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangar and is now be traditional market. Admire Art Deco styles depicting local history and monuments, as well as incorporating Neoclassicism to the city incorporated into the building.

Noted for selling a wide range of local products, including bustling with butcher stands for selling wide array of different part fresh livestock goods, a careful selection of the freshest catches of the day caught right on the Baltic sea and showcasing the finest in Latvia fresh produce. Squeezing between the crowds, you’ll find only the best of all manner of smoked fish & meat, fresh and traditional dense rye bread, local produce cheeses and other artisanal Latvia cheeses, delectable and different flavour of pickled goods, a mouthwatering array of pastries, various different kinds of ham, classic Latvian staples and Latvia’s famous sardines in oil. Enjoy and accepting samples from the merchants would let us choose for our like flavour!

“Riga Central Market” divides into five pavilions and each pavilion with its own category – meat, fish, vegetables, dairy and gastronomy products, as well as an outdoor area with stalls and stands. The Riga Central Market has a split personality. One-half of the market is as classic as they come: traditional and simply elegant, each indoor market pavilion is selling of each classification, whole of the pavilion with many vendors and one vendors is next to another vendors display just-so piles of produce. Transparent-glass or wrought-iron stalls: selling Latvian-grown (vegetable and fruits), a wide array of fresh seafood, goods straight from the farm (meat), as well as manufactured merchandise.

Plenty of stalls abound, where fill with for the colours of the fresh foodstuffs displayed and sold here, such as no surprise that can view a few of pig heads in the corner of every butcher stands. Listen for the cries of the different vendors as you move through the central market, as each one traditionally has his own distinct yell designed to bring in customers and ward off competitors. Friendly vendors can tell you exactly where and how their goods were grown, raised, or harvested. No need bargaining the price because all the fresh foodstuffs displayed would mark the price. Here let us enjoyed shopping for dinner supplies at the food market, let us buy a fresh pork just 3.50€😮😮😮 and beef just 3.00€😮😮😮 and then going back to cook ourselves a fresh and delicious meal. We want to taste some delicious food, our sense of smell and vision let our brain lead our legs, stop by one of the meat stall, buy one of the Latvia’s famous cuisine: some delectable traditional smoked meat and the price is 2.05€😋😋😋.

Other of indoor market pavilion, we are step through a door into Riga Central Market other half: a sleek, futuristic, a wide array of dairy products and pickled goods, a delicately composed dessert, appreciate the aromas wafting from the food stalls cooking up cuisine, taste on the free. It’s a bustling showcase of edible Riga, offers a variety of food let your mouth water as you wander the market: highlighting of early Latvian traders, fresh-baked bread and biscuit of every shape and size, traditional of rustic cheeses, luscious cottage cheese, sour cream, tiny pyramids of fine gourmet hard and soft cheeses that went a bit more traditional at Riga Central Market. As cheese lover we must buy a few of cheese, choose as delectable cheese with three different flavour that let us meanwhile taste different. Here we can give in to actual appetite right outside: the beloved Latvian all sorts of salads, homemade and explosively flavourful pickled goods, cake with fillings both traditional and creative, nuts and dried fruits, crispy pizzas, gastro hot dogs, and whatever produce is in season. You’ll also find stand bursting with Prosecco and craft beer.

DUMPLING RESTAURANT – authentic and different cooking method that can be found everywhere in Europe🥟🥟🥟🥣🍽🍻☕

Even though dumplings as one of the famous in our Chinese cuisine, but when travelling Europe, search for and taste western dumplings as mealtime is one of our favourable. Dumpling as one of the cuisine with preferred hibernation fuel of nearly every culture, so it’s no surprise dumplings can be found everywhere in Europe with different taste and variety of cooking dumplings method. Search and taste this delicious cuisine, a restaurant is specialist selling Koldūnai (Kalduny, Kolduny, калдуны́) dumplings with its location in the heart of Riga, Old Town. A laid-back atmosphere, this restaurant is wide and simple deco, there’s a real focus on the quality of the products. Serving up an extensive of dumplings that sells in its deli section counter and everything, down to the sauces are prepared by handmade.

While here, offers classic and traditional Kalduny dumplings: this variety of dumplings different on the stuffing that including filled with minced pork, beef, chicken, curd cheese, or mushrooms and made with fresh coriander and spiced, a commitment to using what is local, seasonal foods. The simple dumpling skin are made with easy using spoon for eating, so that the dumlpling skin wrapping doesn’t tear and Kalduny dumpling are usually boiled in well-salted water. This cuisine can be enjoyed with a variety of garnishes or sauce, from butter and black pepper to mayonnaise, sour cream, crispy bacon, or spirgučiais (a type of pork rind) that depends on the stuffing. In addition to, this restaurant making the delectable, healthy soups possible: enjoy a hearty potato tomato soup in winter, the flavour combinations of different salads plus plus beverages likes coffee, milk, soft drinks and beers. Cuisine are calculations sold by weight, selected and take by yourself, we choose two different taste of dumpling and one bowl of soup, pass to the counter and staff would calculate price depend on the cuisine weight. The total price is 5.34€😍😍😍. Choose with beef dumplings, big juicy of fresh beef mounted with melt-in-my-mouth and the dumpling skin is soft but elastic, a plate gourmet of dumplings let us vibrant. Taste the fried dumplings in butter, dumplings it develop a sumptuous and crispy bottom, plus thick sour cream of source, well, deep-fried tastiest and sour cream are prefect. Although here don’t have grand decorations and the staff’s attire is simple, but the food itself is authentic, and let us mouthwatering meanwhile an excellent value for money😋😋😋.

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