Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Jūrmala#Jūrmala Beach

Our Europe Trip – #Latvia #Jūrmala#Jūrmala Beach

Latvia, you can choose for plan your own route and follow your own mood on traveling in a region for soak up the local ambience and a few destination with experience the incredible variety of natural landscapes, cultures and centuries. These destinations that can be short journeys with be reached in just a couple of hours in train or by car. Latvia as blessed with some of the charming natural environment that where you can give a comprehensive list of the most dropping spots especially for natural lovers that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Nature. With Latvia’s Baltic Sea coastline as almost 500 km long and its many beach, each with a unique vibe, great long stretches of golden sand, beautiful pockets of untouched nature, the calm blue-green waters of the Baltic Sea and the feisty waves to play in where you can feel truly relaxed. Lively beaches with home to pretty seaside villages and harbours clinking with fantastic natural attractions such as dunes, steep cliffs, sandstone outcrops and rock formations – it’s everything else that give you to enjoy the great outdoors. With the culture of Europe’s seaside that would so much fun for pleasure seekers, drinkers and eaters.

On our travel journey we choose for go to Jūrmala where the gateway to the busy sun coast that its become one of the Latvia perennial holiday favourite who come here in flocks during year-round even in winter. Jūrmala as sunny haven of sophisticated resort town with 32 km stretch of natural white-sand beach, situated along sandwiched between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River, are only a short drive away about 40-minutes from Riga that you can choose either one day trip or stay as few days.

The waves in the Gulf of Riga, with their white crest, are calm and inviting only in the summer. In the autumn fierce wind, they grow harsh and impose their own rhythm. Jūrmala has variety beach for every mood with a whole string of detachable beaches: a sea for windsurfers and surfers, here are some wide swimming spots and water sports venues, for sailor great luminous beaches with some of the brightest and deep bluest ocean. Laid-back seaside towns, its glamour are brimming with cultural charm and its hippie vibe; that an eclectic mix with stroll around the natural lush green pine forest that flank Jūrmala beach or feel free to explore the Ķemeri National Park that can enjoy the hiking trails on the Great Ķemeri Bog through the picturesque fantastic natural and inhale the unusual smell.

MAJORI, Jūrmala Beach – Most spectacular beaches with tens of kilometres🏖🌞😎🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️:

Jūrmala can easy get to by public transport, from Riga either take the train or mini-van, we choose for ride the min-van make sure stop at the capital of Jūrmala, Majori and enjoy our one day trip. From the stations the beach is merely a quick walk towards, boardwalk walkways bring us to the sand-dunes this great long stretches of golden sand tumble down to a dark blue Ocean. Here, the sun shines even brighter and wild sand dunes dominate the beach; It’s most spectacular beaches with tens of kilometres of breathtaking beaches and the golden light that bounces off white and fine sand to great effect. Nowhere else do the pines on the dunes murmur so restfully, sensational bays, the air is full of sea freshness and meanwhile, here have many life varied in the sea.

Even in the winter an arc of icy white sand lapped by gentle waves of unearthly blue, an unforgettable beach holiday could simply be spent wandering through Majori , Jūrmala beach. Laid-back beach has stunning white sands, deep and wide; so well-trodden by the bare feet on the beach, cotton-white sand meets serene meets serene blue waters, quiet coves, coastlines give way to a gentler, flatter landscape. Here, you can enjoy numerous of water sports and on a sultry summer day, the site will be packed with sunbathers, swim in the sea or engage in sports activities at Majori, Jurmala beach although during winter if you don’t mind of the icy sea, you can play in the water. Here, you don’t need to worry about safety and hygiene problem. Whether it is a lifeguard, clean public restrooms, and dressing rooms; this kind of equipment is ready for the public.

If water-sports aren’t your thing, and beyond the beaches themselves it’s everything else that should come with a beach holiday; on the Majori, Jurmala beach complete with wide, wild beaches between with sunny beach clubs and the party atmosphere bars shoulders with relax cafes and restaurant, some of the chic boutique hotels are rustic wooden or stone villas strewn. The beach spots along its coastline are among its dramatic unique wooden architecture; the most distinguishing architectural feature in Jūrmala is the prevalence of wooden houses dating from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Here, has the evergreen allure with a more rugged, rustic character, the characteristic of classic and traditional architecture integrate with relaxing and natural environment, the architecture typically falls into classicism, national romanticism and but beside them are modern buildings! You can clinking with wine glasses in the bar, kick back with a coffee and pleasant dessert at cafes or enjoy Latvia local traditional tasty dish in restaurant. You will be pleased by varied offer of perhaps an excellent classical music performance in Dzintari Concert Hall which with an extensive concert and event programme. Jūrmala endlessly fascinates with its party scene, its glamour and its hippie vibe; where the beach clubs host hedonists and rich hippies all around the clock.

BULDURI, Jūrmala Beach – Fishing or hop on a boat to the string of sparkling coves🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️🌅🌊🛥🛥:

On the Jūrmala can be found on main road other side is another beach, Bulduri beach. You won’t see white sand here: In Bulduri, this go-slow region packs in complete with grassydunes, wildflowers and rock formations, charming coves with milky water frothing against the rock formations. We were be too distracted attention by the cool, glittering waters of the Sea, here can fishing or hop on a boat to the string of sparkling coves, with dreamlike lagoons where can pootle around in boats and marvel at the picturesque landscape. Let us for seek serenity and peaceful to listen to the rustling sea and enjoy a lazy sunset meanwhile let us to snap some photos of the epic sunset, which goes down directly in front of the beach.

JOMAS Street – Historic charm of street with the culture of Europe’s seaside🏛🏘🏨🏬🍕🍔🍟🥘🥩🍩🍰☕🍹🍻🥂:

Jūrmala has been known as a resort for centuries, which boasts historic town, spa therapies and rehabilitation centres. Tropical paradises complete with the culture of Europe’s seaside: the barefoot-chic attitude, Europe art culture lifestyles, wild and free. Further up the coast is one of the big hitter: Jomas street (Latvian: Jomas iela) oldest streets of Jūrmala, which during its existence has undergone various changes and transformations. Feel free to explore the historic of Jomas street, tour the traditional wine taverns, where the central pedestrian belt are full of award-winning restaurants, bars, souvenir booths, fruit stalls and a small shopping complex containing a cinema. Dining and parties in a multitude of restaurants or bars, this historic charm of street is heaven for full of happy foodies. Or same as us walk into a smaller chains supermarket which name as Top, even with small-acreage but variety product of store with provide everything daily necessities to satisfy the customer needs and the price is not higher. Of cause we not forget buy some different kinds and taste goods (have show on photo), the total price is 12.26€.

You can also head to Jūrmala Open Air Museum for some of the culture in the country and the history of town where you can trek through the Ragakāpa Nature Park and the trails with boardwalks pass through a pine forest in this nature park created to preserve the dunes. Here, the conventional fishing village with celebrates the cities fishing heritage, the museum is a fisherman’s courtyard has been set up, and its nearly 2,000 exhibits portray the fishermen’s work and life in Jūrmala in the 19th and 20th centuries. In passing on the nature trail of the park surrounded by a beautiful natural environment is usually a great way to relax and recharge, meanwhile also can acquaint with the plants, surrounding of a natural old pine forest, and traces left by the insects in the forest.

KEMERI National Park – Natural park is mostly occupied by forests and mires🌲🍁🍂🌷🥀:

For a real respite from the crowds you’ll have to head the picturesque forest; a short road ride from the Jūrmala Beach will bring you to Ķemeri National Park, a protected reserve filled. Here is an ideal spot for hikers, while the surrounding national forest with hidden wetlands and mires, this stretch of nature is great for a bit more exploring and getting a break from the sun. Fantastic natural attractions can relaxing and enjoy the hiking trails along the great boardwalk and across the wetlands, explore the bog and stroll around the unspoiled forests, view of the birds and animals. Take a hike to an observation platform that let you see amazing natural picturesque or have an unforgettable walk on the trail of the Great Ķemeri Bog for go to the Sulphur Ponds and inhale the unusual smell.

How To Go🚆🚐🚕🚘:

For those who want ride the public transport, from Riga City you can either take the train or minivan to the Jūrmala. Most of the tourists take a train ride of 40-minutes from the Riga station and disembark at Majori or Dzintari stations. Trains are running regularly. You can also same as us ride the minivan and take its from long-distance bus station, look for the ‘Platform LCD monitor’, make sure find the destination name as ‘Majori – Kauguri’ and which of the platform number for the minivan stop. For bus ticket no need buy from counter and direct pay to the driver. The ticket price is 2.15€ per person / per way. Notice: either you choose for take the train or minivans make sure disembark at Majori or Bulduri.

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