Europe-Estonia – Part 1Tallin City /Passenger Port/Tallink Silja

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Imagine as the multicultural metropolis such as the highly productive of peasant culture thrived in Tallinn – and that was only the start. Tallinn, the port geography and located at the northern coast of Estonia, along the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea. That let emergence of an important port of the Baltic Sea, with the busy passenger section of the port reaching the foothill of the picturesque medieval Old Town, which has been astonishingly well preserved. It has a long complicated history, yet has emerged to become a with a vibrant culture city. Tallinn’s combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise, all those keen to explore with its vibrant culture, modern architecture, an exciting history, and intense parties.

Once known by its German name, Raval, Tallinn dates back to the 13th century and as a charming city with an ever-present legacy from the middle ages. It is the famous old town that makes Tallinn renowned on boundary. It truly is one of the most enchanting destinations on the Baltic, because you’ll have the feeling you are taking a step back in time. In medieval town, cobbled walkways support chic streetside cafes and shops, while from tiny basement s bars to fancy cocktail clubs, saucy cabarets to cacophony of sounds emanating which echo off the Gothic and baroque facades. The city combines Nordic qualities with a Western European feel. Estonia considers itself a Northern European/Nordic country, with very close ethnic, linguistic and cultural ties to Finland and cultural ties to Scandinavia. It’s also among the most popular ports of call on Baltic Sea cruise itineraries in Northern Europe and nearly all ferry companies use the Tallinn Old City Harbour’s Passenger Port.

Tallinn Passenger Port or the Old City Harbour ⚓⚓🌊🌊 :

As one an important gateway of the country, the Tallinn Passenger Port or the Old City Harbour as a great geographical location; major port city on Baltic Cruise, regular lines serve routes to Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden) and St. Petersburg (Russia). It is one of the biggest and busiest passenger harbours in the world and also the biggest passenger harbour in Estonia. Unsurprisingly, one of the majority of visitors are day trippers from Finland, because of Tallinn is a two-hour ferry ride south from Helsinki and the distance to Helsinki (across Gulf of Finland) is approx 85 km (53 mi). Here, they can enjoy frantic shopping with low prices on practically all goods and services such as restaurant, grocery market and even fuel. When heard of Old City Harbour maybe you can image as traditional or Gothic architecture, but Instead of this, a fitting new architectural landmark that makes the city the highlight of any cruise itinerary.

Today, new quay construction is built in the Old City Harbor in the immediate vicinity of existing cruise quays. Highly developed infrastructure and high standards of safety and security at the new terminal with multifunctional and environmentally friendly cruise terminal. For the new cruise terminal, both the interior and exterior architecture have focused on the best environmental performance of materials and equipment with focus on implement energy efficient and ecological. A wide area of building (around 4000 m2) which can accommodate more to 2,000 people, meanwhile Interior is an enclosed and bright central courtyard leads to the building’s main reception area. Let`s follow us and what can find inside ?Inside we can find with magnificent views over both the centre and the port from behind the glass walls and the facilities that are offered here are: info & maps, audio guides rent, post office, currency exchange💲💲, cafe with local drinks🍰☕ and specialties, shop with souvenir, wine and chocolate🛍🛍, children’s playground and Wi-fi hotspot. Outside of pier with wide parking spaces, taxi and bus station, most important as you walk down from the ship and walk off the pier, look to the right where you see the large clock towers of the old town. Ok, let`s talk about how far from town hall square to pier? It is about a little over 2 km walk from the pier to get to the town hall square (middle of the centre). Just reminder, if you are carrying large suitcase, our suggestion is take a taxi or a private car that better than you’re walking. Don’t waste the money on the ferry tickets just because you want save the money on the taxi or private car fare, it’s not worth it.

Tallink Silja Line – Cruise-style ferry offers Luxurious and Modern-amenities.🛳🚢 :

For want enjoy an uncommon European adventure, you can same as us choose from one of the many unique ferry routes which combines the public transit of a ferry and the pleasure of a cruise ship. From Tallinn to Helsinki (two-hour ferry ride), we choose for Tallink Silja Line which is the shipping company leader of the Baltic Sea in transporting passengers. Connections to major destinations in the Baltic Sea , as Tallink Silja operates ferries between Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Aland Islands. As one of the leading European ferry operators providing cruise-style ferry crossings, Tallink Silja offers luxurious and exciting cruises packed with modern-amenities, sail across in comfort and style. The cruise-style ferry fare price is 22.49€ per adult (STAR CLASS). Seats are free-seats, which mean that is no designated number for the seating place, so the seat is first-come, first-sit.

From the moment they stopover in Tallinn, they provide the perfect conditions to host passengers with modernist decor and host of facilities such as it features fine restaurants service from a buffet that serving local delicacies to fast food (Burger King) 🍔🍔that various option will let us for choose. An Art Deco-style night club🍺🍹🍸 with “Sailors Pub” bars where you can listen to the latest always trendy songs as well as a real casino atmosphere. For children, the ship offer large spaces equipped with Play Station to spend the time of the crossing in complete relaxation and enjoyment. Good for us is shopping in duty free shops that including supermarkets, boutiques, kids shops and cosmetic boutiques💄👜👗. Here, we can buy the Clarins skin care products with special prices, haha😆😆, we are really shopping queen. Wow, we can view many people buy and carries as much as beer and alcohol because of the customs regulations allow them to bring into Finland! Of course, because they are ferries and because their voyages are shorter and cheaper than those offered on standard cruise ships, there are numerous ways in which cruise-style ferry and cruise ships differ. With the shorter voyages, cabins are typically very small, even by cruise industry standards and facilities do tend to be somewhat more limited than those on the cruise ships.

There are also similarities with airplanes, and its tickets are divided into three levels; Star Class, Comfort Lounge and Business Lounge. Comfort Lounge including enjoy the sea view and snacks (also ham and cheese for making sandwiches), coffee, tea and refreshments, daily newspapers and free WiFi. Of course, business Lounge is the most luxurious that includings food and drinks in Business Lounge’s own Buffet, newspapers, magazines and free WiFi available. Add addition, the cruise ferry also provide cabins that including separate beds🛏, wash room🚽 and shower🚿. We choose for Star Class, So we have to sit with others. Easy to say, it is a square seat that can accommodate about four adults. Since we are only two sisters, we have to sit with two other strangers. Perhaps the most obvious is that food generally is not included in Star ferry fares. But with this ticket price and offer many of the amenities, we are satisfied for this cruise ferry journey. Oh, forget to tell you they also provide Vehicle service, It includes from bicycles – motorcycles – cars to vans. to whose are interesting, you can direct click to their company website👉 :

Tallinn city – Intricate Architectural Style full of Architectural Style🏙🏛:

As we exit the ship and walk off the pier, we can see some unique exteriors. Be it in the historic city center or in one of the surrounding districts, Tallinn is full of architectural delights. The city’s eclectic architecture is a magical fusion of periods and styles that combines ancient buildings and important historic sights with charm of a village and ground-breaking contemporary architecture and modern skyscrapers. While isn’t all standard skyscrapers is with art deco influences, as long as you a little over walk you’ll find some of the most urban design masterpieces contrast and harmonise with traditional surroundings. Even though contemporary masterpieces is not very Spectacular, here we can view a lot of intriguing modern buildings with glass exteriors and jagged lines, these are cutting-edge architecture that demonstrates the best of the best of contemporary design.

Simultaneously, Tallinn retains an inner charm seldom found elsewhere. Tallinn is a multicultural city that deep down it maintains the unpretentious charm of a village. Many traditional neighbourhood, where the old folkways are still practised, the classic rustic buildings with colourful wooden houses and Soviet brutalist (concrete apartment blocks). Here, developed through every building and landscape garden are held through artistic and traditional whose rich and lucid forms were to Estonia rustic style, are some of the architectural jewels that can be found well integrated between the city’s urban fabric. Go for a walk around the city and you will see that there is no clear separation between ‘old town’ and ‘new town. If you’re interested in seeing with the best of both worlds with historic buildings and rustic sights alongside cutting-edge ones, Tallinn maybe can be one of the architecture enthusiast’s bucket list.

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