Russia (Part 3 – Stroll on St. Petersburg Russia Islands ).

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Beautiful channels and islands probably aren’t the first mind🤔🤔🤔 you would associate with St. Petersburg Russia, but they should be, although Russia’s second largest city was founded on swampland. To help drain the swamp land around St. Petersburg Russia, the city has an enviable system of canals which flow throughout the city and of the Neva River that stretch to the Baltic coast. Meanwhile, miles of undeniably charming waterways and charming canals, are very much part of the city’s allure. While elegant and charms are so much more than its 190 miles of navigable waterways, the city’s varied architectural styles are true spotlight with sites stretch along the river.

Waterways that ring the city center, St. Petersburg Russia is built upon 42 islands and holds over 342 bridges😮😮😮. Although they aren’t the cleanest waters, there’s still nothing prettier than standing perched upon a bridge and admiring the way of buildings appear to merge right of the water. Many of them are, of course, only nominally islands, when you cross from one intriguing neighbourhood to another, actually passing over navigable waterways and bridge that connect the city from one island to other island while offering dramatic scenes capes and visual treats. Simultaneously, some are clearly separate from the rest of St. Petersburg, with a distinctive character or unique historic function that make you interest and learn about their fascinating origins. Float down the canal to the different type picturesque of worthy distinctions St. Petersburg Russia: from marvel at impressive old-fashioned features built and18th-century mansions aristocracy along the banks to jump into new style and younger interest amusement park. You can visit several medieval palace and museums in town, or you can ignore culture in favour of the natural unique perspective on this city of islands.

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Vasilyevsky Island🏟🏛🏙🏢🏨:
We across its pretty alleyways and broadly beautiful canals, Vasilyevsky Island – A largest of St. Petersburg’s islands, with harmonious mix of many western European and Russian beautiful architectural. Island not only is constitutes a large portion of the city’s historic center is also several of St. Petersburg’s greatest institutions. Here, centuries-old merchants’, neoclassical buildings, university, museum, exhibition center, the Passenger Sea Port and historic cathedral line elegant and wide boulevards, seeming to round over with each other to get a view of the river. It’s also has plenty of affordable dining options – café; Market Place eatery; local bakery and etc.

In fact, the whole Vasilyevsky island seems focused on the river, with its grand bridges – one of the city’s most iconic sights. We walk toward the landmark: two large columns depicting Russia’s four great rivers, meanwhile we can find our full guide to one of this fascinating city here. Here, for a breathtaking view of the imperial-era St. Petersburg because its situated just across the river from the “Winter Palace” and “Peter and Paul Fortress”. On the Neva river, during the warmer months, you can enjoy daytime boat trips along the numerous historical rivers and canals. The river is always busy with dozens of river cruises on large ferries or hydrofoils from launch spots along the city’s river banks, or who take the trip into smaller canals you can experience them with in favour of the smaller vessels—sailboats, motorboats. Although we visit on the winter season so would not view these scenery but quilted in ice snow, the city’s big sights really don’t have a bad angle. River are inseparable from St. Petersburg’s panorama, continuous ice sheets being carried through the city on miles of waterways, ornate and brightly coloured of historical architecture, pigeons joyful flying and playing on the water, there all ample evidence why the winter of “St. Petersburg Russia” get another uniquely beautiful.

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Bridge, one of the great St. Petersburg Russia symbolism, these classic and broad bridges becomes a main attraction, covered in hundreds of beautiful fairy lights, that meet natural canals of the river and connect it with the island to another of the island. Most people stroll along the river bank during the warmer months period for waiting, cheer as illuminated bridges rise to let commercial ships through and have a jolly time with its majestic sight view, the surrounding fountains dance to classical music. During the winter season, water activities would not carry on. On our front of the eye panorama is when sunlight shining under bridge, the magnificent and exquisite bridge appear to be most frostily and dignity view, let it’s quietly balanced at there wait for the warmer month coming up.

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Zayachy Island🏰🛕🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🍔🍟🥤:
We stroll on a very small island which is one of the oldest-fashion Russia style in Saint Petersburg, Zayachy Island boasts another historic city filled with an undeniable charm of the past. Rich in sights of striking architecture from that have stood here since the earliest years of St. Petersburg meanwhile many different eras that give the canals an enchanting pastel hue. With broad expanses and deep enough of the river, here is the first port of St. Petersburg was built . A pleasant island to explore on foot, numerous interest museum, galleries, spectacular river side view and enough restaurant, coffee, beer, cafe around every corner to satisfy of the foodies. We relaxing stroll on island, delightful for snap some pics, unconsciously is time for a lunch .Ok, think to want be a budget price, great tasting and filling our stomach so we decide enjoy our lunch in Burger King, hamburger fast food restaurants chain. In Saint Petersburg Russia, you can easy look for multinational chain of food restaurants around every corner to satisfy even the most insatiable stomach. Burger King’s menu has expanded of many different kind of taste set meal for option and we choose “THE WHOPPER” set meal with the price is 400RUB (5.13 €) per set.

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Peter and Paul Fortress one of the notable landmarks will take us back to the days of the city’s founder, which during the founding time of it served as the city’s first stronghold. First, as you step into this fortress, same as other forts, you will see the brick wall first after that welcome us is a huge of Iconic Peter and Paul Cathedral, an Impressive building look is elegant with brightly golden yellow coloured and renaissance art. A few line of a centuries-old tradition with simple, coloured and exquisite facades, architecture itself premature rich with hugely varied, and sometimes sinister history. Early as a military base, a home of government departments, the burial ground of the Russian Imperial family, the site of ground-breaking scientific experiments, and a forbidding jail. Today, the museum has gradually become virtually the sole owner of the fortress building. It is intimately linked to both the history of the city and to the Romanov dynasty, as it is home to the graves of nearly all the rulers of Russia since Peter the Great. Simultaneously, on the top of its walls you can be able for admire beautiful panoramic views the part of this city, enjoy for overlooking the Vasilyevsky Island and the Petrograd Side.

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