Thailand – ChiangMai (Thailand Cuisines and Accommodation)2018

Our #Thailand #ChiangMai trip (Thailand Cuisines and accommodation.)2018


We believe when we mention of Thailand except the beautiful scenery it also is a food paradise, correct? Follow our Travel Journey and find the different dishes. Except the café last time we introduce that is search in the internet. The rest of the cuisines we decide not for planning and follow our trip to find the restaurant.

Why we love the buffet because at the same time we can taste the different cuisines follow our appetite. In the Chiang Mai, we choose the BBQ buffet🍽🍽🍽 which is location opposite the Premium Outlet. At here you will seldom find the foreign people and it based on local residents. We believe on site we just the only two foreign the rest are Local Thai. The restaurant have provide many and different types of ingredients on the table. If you are meat lover here is the paradise for you🥩🥩🥩. For the meat it provides beef, chicken and pork with different part and pickling method. Of course, eating only meat seems a bit unhealthy and monotonous, so at the same time it also prepared a wide variety of vegetables🥦🥦🥦, mushroom🍄🍄🍄, frozen food and fresh seafood. It also provides some cooked food for the customer who can eat those foods first when you are waiting for the BBQ and steamboat. For the beverage are FREE included soft drinks, juice, etc🥛🥛🥛 plus the ice-cream🍦🍦🍦, all you can eat and drinks but except the beer. The venue is very wide so you don’t feel stuffy .The time limit is 2 hours. The food taste it is suitable for us, just a small tip, you can put a lot of vegetable into the steamboat and the soup will became so sweet.Price💰 💰💰is 199 baht per person.


It almost base on local Thai people



We love the seafood so much


Plus it also have the beef



We are the Japanese food lover🧡🧡🧡. So we must have Japanese cuisines on our journey. Walk into the Nostalgic Japanese style of Japanese restaurant which is the location is near the Warorot market. Wow, the price of dishes are cheaper, all the food just 59bath.Correct, you are not mistaken all the food just 59 baht. View the menu you can find the simple Japanese dishes such as Ramen🍜🍜🍜, Donburi, sushi🍣🍣🍣, salad🥗🥗🥗, string barbecue🍢🍢🍢, side dish etc. For this time we order the Ramen, even the price is cheaper but its serving size is adult, although no 100% Japanese tastes but taste is quit OK. For the salad almost many of restaurant is serving the salad together the sauce. But for this restaurant they give you a bottle of sauce, you can put as many as you like. Sure no be waste the sauce.


Ya, this japanese ramen only 59 bath


Plus this ramen also 59 bath


This Salmon salad just 59 bath and you can put the sauce as many you like


Some people say when you at Thailand you must try their pineapple fried rice🍍🍍🍍 plus when you are at the Chiang Mai you must try the Khao Soi🥢🥢🥢. Ok for the last year trip we no taste these two types of food. We decide we must try for this trip. The restaurant is near the Tha Phae Gate. Honestly say although the serving size is big but both of the tastes of food are average. Ya, while it has different ingredients in the pineapple fried rice but it is tasteless and not hot. For the Khao So,i the soup is no sour and also no hot not same as traditional Khao Soi. We got disappointed😥 😥😥because we trust it can be more delicious.


Honesty say this pineapple fried is no taste i no like it


And this Khao Soi also no taste disappointed for this shop.



One of our favourite Thai food is beef noodle🍜🍜🍜, we can`t forget the taste last year we eat. So for this year trip we still want to eat. What is the important of the beef noodle? Bingo!! Correct, is the soup. The soup in each restaurant is different. In Thailand, you don’t worry, we trust you will not eat the unappetizing beef noodles at least until now we haven`t try it. So what the second important for choose the beef noodle, the answer is size of the meat. Of cause we will no say we must get the size same as the steak but at least not be too small you must use the magnifier just can find it. The location of noodle beef restaurant is out of Chiang Mai Old city. The soup is acceptable and the size of meat is ok.



Did you see the beef meat?



Of cause when you travel at Thailand no forget have a cup of Thai Milk Tea🥤🥤🥤. For those who are afraid of sweetness remember tell the staff less sugar. Due to the geographical situation, Chiang Mai is producing coffee beans. We believe that it is very difficult to find 3 in 1 coffee at here. So come to Chiang Mai and don’t forget to enjoy and taste their coffee.


Thai Milk tea


When you are in Chiang Mai (Thailand) you must try their coffee.


For the accommodation, we choose to stay a hotel name as Chana Place in Old City. This hotel is suitable for traveller because of it provides multi services. It including take the tour to the tourist attraction, rent the bicycle, help you to rent the motorcycle and sell the bus ticket to other destination. The distance of hotel is no so far to the Tha Phae Gate, by the way around the hotel you can find a lot of restaurant, café and food, fruits stalls. The front desk is 24 hour, for who arrived at midnight it also no be the problem and cleanliness also OK. The room is comfortable, the staffs are quiet friendly. At the ground floor you can take a rest of drink a cup of coffee or having the breakfast at the rest area. No so far from the hotel you can find a 24 hour self-service laundry. But notice this hotel is no provided the elevator.







Ok, let us end of our Chiang Mai Trip and continues our Thailand Trip with begin of Bangkok Trip.🛫🛫🛫

P:S//: For our motorcycle trip, we suggest if you follow the GPS REMEMBER FOLLOW THE CAR GPS NO BE FOLLLOW MOTORCYCLE. And if possible remember the road you came if you felling the road is suitable because sometime the GPS will give you the different you came and back although there are same road.







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