Thailand – Chiang Mai 2018 (Part 6 Chiang Mai Nightlife) 2018

Our #Thailand #ChiangMai travel (Part 6 #ChiangMaiNightlige) 2018


Compared to the thumping and thriving nightlife in Bangkok, Chiang Mai at night is sleepy and reserved. Even still, you’ll still find plenty of appropriate places to enjoy a good night out. The Old City is home to the majority of guest houses, coffee shops and bars. If you want to experience the excitement of Chiang Mai night, you can go to the local bar for a drink, dance and live band or visit the local night market.

You just want to end your day with a drinks, Chiang Mai Old City has a wide variety of different venues which easily reached on foot. Around the east side of the Old City for bars that mostly cater the backpacking crowd, from open outdoor seating to twinkling lights with the hip hop places all you can find at here Whatever you want to be drinking or dancing, it was no be problem. Normally, you won`t see a group of local Thailand drinks at here.


A night market at Warorot Market.


Night view of Ping River


We choice a pub which can view night view of Ping River name as Black


You also can walk through Chiang Mai night bazaar and Warorot Market is one of the night markets since open every day. Or you also can walk around the Chiang Mai city for felling the different between day and night.

Just not far outside of the old city, the Ping River is an entirely different vibe. Although the area is just outside of the tourist zone, the bars are mostly frequented by local residents and expats. You’ll find a mix of restaurant and bar situated side by side along the banks of the rivers. People listen to live music have a drink and have a delicious dishes.


This area is at Old city


A pub which local Thai people love to go name as Black


Hahaha, a interest shose


A live show mix bar and restaurant name as BLACK which we choise


You can enjoy your meal and enjoy night view at Black


In Chiang Mai, for the most part, live music venues have the monopoly. We go into one of the mix bar and restaurant name as BLACK. It was a wonderful restaurant to see a more local side of life and some of the foreigner. With a massive menu it was including Thai, Japan and International dishes. It also serve of drink for cocktails,🍸🍸🍸 imported wine🍷🍷🍷and beers, local Thai Beer. 🍻🍻🍻It also provides non-alcohol beverages you can choose for order soft drink and juice. It also offers a hallmark of any Chiang Mai visit which is the live band entertain with classic blues, jazz and rock tune.

View of the river, with the relaxed atmosphere and the pleasant beat make us laid-back evening.




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