Japan – Tokyo (#DisneySea 2) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 29 #DisneySea – 2)

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After amuse in the beautiful DisneySea South Europe town “Mediterranean Port”, we continued our adventure journey. Now let’s go to “Journey to the Center of the Earth” as a “mysterious island” for the background of the facilities story.

Within Mount Prometheus, the giant volcano at the heart of the park, Mysterious Island is the park’s centerpiece and most prominent feature. At the same time, it also is the research base of Captain Nemo. The Mount Prometheus underground vehicle uses computer-controlled technology similar to Epcot’s Track.A thrill ride of the “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, unexpected danger sound sends you during through the caverns. 

Before, we have play the future world in the Shanghai Disneyland, we felt horrible. At here, Disneysea, we see and felt more terror so we decided not to play. If you want to try your guts, come and play.

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Oh did you fell so beautiful.

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Because call Disney-Sea so you can see sea everywhere.

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Selfie again.

Take the path of the geocenter elevator that hidden inside the mountain, a dark thrill ride that take us discover the secrets deep within the Earth and under the sea at Captain Nemo’s hidden base. Follow us aboard one of Captain Nemo’s submarines; take part in mission to explore the fantastic “20,000 leagues under sea” world.

Mysterious Island is one of you can explore, but we do not consider it is the end, in Disneysea, its begin for us to play attractions and entertainment.

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Look, in the 1001 Arabian Nights story, the Aladdin’s magic carpet takes us along the Arabian Coast recreates the world of magical and mysterious Aladdin. Let us follow Arabian Coast experience the world of the Arabian Nights filled with magic and mystery.


We are travel with Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage as he sets sail for adventure. Pu! Pu! Follow with sailors Sinbad and Changdu sails to the unknown sea!!. Board in the ship and start on a journey with them! A dark journey, let us together towards a courage and friendship adventure. As long as you believe in the compass of your heart, you will be able to find the most precious treasure in the world. In the darkness of the journey, looking on your left and right, that realistic moving figure, It’s a different journey.



In  the Palace Courtyard, a double-decker Carousel that is loved by adults and children. There are various shapes such as the magic lamp and the camel. At DisneySea, soar over Jasmine’s garden on a flying carpet.

We watch a Magic Lamp Theater show, with the world’s “greatest” magician and the Genie. NOTE: In Disneysea, not take photo inside the theater. For us, the show is fantastic with combined live-action / animatronic based magic show with a 3D movie featuring the Genie. The show let us laugh out loud, although the whole is mainly in Japanese.



While walking in Disneysea, we walk into deep within the remote Central America jungles, adventure into the remains of an ancient civilization, “Lost River Delta”. Among the ruins we find remains of the Aztec Pyramid (Mexico). Because of the seasonal, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits are closing temporary.

We go to watch the show again, a show of “Out of Shadowland”. a live theatrical show that a young woman named Mei, lost in a world of shadows who finds courage and confidence. Although it were take up large portions of time, while we watching different entertainment, as the good quality of DisneySea’s shows, we think this is worth it.


See i am so revel


We love Disney




In the Disneysea, you can choose take a ride on this steamer and enjoy a fun waterway adventure during the day, or a romantic voyage in the evening.

To be continue……
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