Japan – Tokyo (DisneySea 3) 2018

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In DisneySea, after watch the excellent show in the“Lost River Delta”, we continues our journey. But this time we are not a scary adventure, in the graceful world, in the world of Ariel, the little mermaid and her aquatic friends is filled with fun. This colorful and lovely area of the attractions park is geared toward young children.

“Mermaid Lagoon” is built to look like the Palace of King Triton and features fanciful seashell-inspired architecture, its recreates the feeling of being underwater. In Disneysea, the Little Mermaid and her fish friends allows us to enter the undersea world, explore the caverns and peek at Ariel treasure. The sea-themed area of the indoor park host to Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Scuttle’s Scooters, Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Blowfish Balloon Race and The Whirlpool.

Come and join a musical concert is about to start in the kingdom under the sea. Ariel is nowhere to be found, who dream will become human. We enjoy and pleasant to listen Ariel song and music with visuals and dynamic performance.

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Selfie again. Two sister

We say goodbye to Little Mermaid Ariel, let us go to “Port Discovery”. In Disneysea, Port Discovery, this futuristic marina located across the horizons of time. In the Aquatopia Attraction we try out some of the experience, with board into Aquatopia to move and spin with unexpected danger go through the rocks, a lagoon amid waterfalls and whirlpools.



Nemo! Nemo! Where are you, we want find you! Oh where is Nemo? Come and follow us board a submersible and finding Nemo. Sneak into the Ocean, a journey through a unique adventure across the ocean and exploring the marine life. Of cause, we meet Nemo, Dory and Marlin and everyone is familiar with the Disney star. It immerses you into the worlds of Finding Nemo.

However you also ride into an elevated electric trolley, with the 2ft6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge DisneySea Electric Railway, to and from the American Waterfront. A beautiful DisneySea America harbor that is somehow familiar, even through its your first view it.


A ghost tower

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Firework at night

Arrived at America Waterfront, we walk into another time tunnel, the early 20th century of New York, New England and Cape Cod with themed harbour. You’ll find both the excitement of the big city and the charms of a New England village in this vibrant themed port. In America Waterfront, this city’s backstory revolves around the wealthy Harrison Hightower III, whose power grew stronger amid New York.

We take a leisurely stroll in the full of American flavor, walk in the New York City, Main Street USA and American Adventure. America styled of department stores and restaurants complete with an elevated railway, a classic American Theater and a harbor displaying a large range of boats, these aspects contribute to give this area more America Street feel. American Waterfront boasts more places to eat than any other area of the Park. In DisneySea, we are so happy for eat the America Style of fast food set with reasonable price.

In America Waterfront, it can easy view Harrison Hightower III, his S.S. Columbia and his Hightower Hotel, symbols of his might, until he mysteriously disappeared after snatching a cursed African idol. In New York stands the hotel knows as Tower of Terror so called after the mysterious disappearance of its owner in 1899.


A hightower has a story



This is the real story, a background story of Harrison Hightower III was to hold a large-scale banquet in his luxurious Hotel Hightower to announce his acquisition of a strange statue named Shiriki Utundu, recovered on an expedition to a remote region of Africa. As Mr. Hightower was taking his statue to the hotel’s penthouse apartment, the elevator inexplicably came crashing down to the ground! The statue was the only thing found in the elevator; Mr. Hightower mysteriously disappeared without a trace. In the latter period, “New York City Preservation Society” considered the Tower Hotel to be a “historic building with high value” and therefore carried out the restoration of the hotel. It stated give tour to the public.

But what happen when you take the elevator to the top floor. A terrifying experience await you. It’s classified as a thrill ride, but what makes this attraction so fantastic is a brilliant buildup to the heart-stopping climax. It became one of the popular rides in the Disney Sea.

You can also board one of the big city vehicles were popular in the early 20th century, right when automobiles began to take over from the horse-drawn carriages. Old fashioned automobiles that take us on leisurely drive through the City and we fell like born as 20th century New York City in style.

We love Broadway-themed and it is one of the big attractions in DisneySea. This is a first-rate theatre which play the show “Big Band Beat” with features dancers and a live band playing swing and jazz tunes from the 1940s. But the time of our visit, the show is rest. Oh! Really want to watch!









However, you also can join another 3D theme park, Toy Story Mania. Board a tram and play some fun carnival games with Woody, Buzz and their pals. Because we have watch the 3D show in the “ Arabian Coast”, so decide not to participate.

First class entertainment, enjoying a fantasy-story, a various active in adventures, cheerful ambience and various of attractive scenery are a big reason why at least 2 day visit in Disneysea, can be more relax for enjoying all of them without feeling boring.



Fantasmic! A big, essential part of what makes the DisneySea wonderful. A nighttime spectacular on the waters of “Mediterranean Harbour”, this spectacular entertainment features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice who creates a fantastic world of Disney through his powers of imagination. Filled with special effects using gigantic water screens, lasers, lights, and fire, this dramatic show promises an evening of unforgettable fantasy and excitement for all. Characters from popular Disney films such as Aladdin and Cinderella appear on the huge water screens. And the climactic scene has Mickey fighting a gigantic dragon in this magical and dynamic nighttime spectacular in Mediterranean Harbor. The perfect way to end of our DisneySea trip with the spectacular Fantasmic!

Although we previously watched nighttime show at Disneyland in Shanghai. Of course, it is not the same kind of nighttime show, but for us, they all provide the best and pleasure of entertainment with different visuals and feelings.


With different seasonal, Tokyo Disney Resort are sell different themes of Disney goods. While our visit is March 3rd, Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day. So We bought Mickey and Minnie in the shape of ornamental dolls.

This year April 15, 2018 through March 25, 2019, the special anniversary event, “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’. Congratulations to friends who went this time. Kicking off the “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” is the premiere of this grand daytime parade. Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends take Guests to a world of fantasy and imagination.

We believe it will bring more surprises and limited products to the public. We really really want to go for one more time.

End our Japan Trip (8/Feb/2018 – 17/Feb/2018)


We buy the Disney which a Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day as a theme


America Style of fast food set with reasonable price


America Style of fast food set with reasonable price


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Japan – Tokyo (#DisneySea 2) 2018

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After amuse in the beautiful DisneySea South Europe town “Mediterranean Port”, we continued our adventure journey. Now let’s go to “Journey to the Center of the Earth” as a “mysterious island” for the background of the facilities story.

Within Mount Prometheus, the giant volcano at the heart of the park, Mysterious Island is the park’s centerpiece and most prominent feature. At the same time, it also is the research base of Captain Nemo. The Mount Prometheus underground vehicle uses computer-controlled technology similar to Epcot’s Track.A thrill ride of the “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, unexpected danger sound sends you during through the caverns. 

Before, we have play the future world in the Shanghai Disneyland, we felt horrible. At here, Disneysea, we see and felt more terror so we decided not to play. If you want to try your guts, come and play.

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Oh did you fell so beautiful.

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Because call Disney-Sea so you can see sea everywhere.

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Selfie again.

Take the path of the geocenter elevator that hidden inside the mountain, a dark thrill ride that take us discover the secrets deep within the Earth and under the sea at Captain Nemo’s hidden base. Follow us aboard one of Captain Nemo’s submarines; take part in mission to explore the fantastic “20,000 leagues under sea” world.

Mysterious Island is one of you can explore, but we do not consider it is the end, in Disneysea, its begin for us to play attractions and entertainment.

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Look, in the 1001 Arabian Nights story, the Aladdin’s magic carpet takes us along the Arabian Coast recreates the world of magical and mysterious Aladdin. Let us follow Arabian Coast experience the world of the Arabian Nights filled with magic and mystery.


We are travel with Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage as he sets sail for adventure. Pu! Pu! Follow with sailors Sinbad and Changdu sails to the unknown sea!!. Board in the ship and start on a journey with them! A dark journey, let us together towards a courage and friendship adventure. As long as you believe in the compass of your heart, you will be able to find the most precious treasure in the world. In the darkness of the journey, looking on your left and right, that realistic moving figure, It’s a different journey.



In  the Palace Courtyard, a double-decker Carousel that is loved by adults and children. There are various shapes such as the magic lamp and the camel. At DisneySea, soar over Jasmine’s garden on a flying carpet.

We watch a Magic Lamp Theater show, with the world’s “greatest” magician and the Genie. NOTE: In Disneysea, not take photo inside the theater. For us, the show is fantastic with combined live-action / animatronic based magic show with a 3D movie featuring the Genie. The show let us laugh out loud, although the whole is mainly in Japanese.



While walking in Disneysea, we walk into deep within the remote Central America jungles, adventure into the remains of an ancient civilization, “Lost River Delta”. Among the ruins we find remains of the Aztec Pyramid (Mexico). Because of the seasonal, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits are closing temporary.

We go to watch the show again, a show of “Out of Shadowland”. a live theatrical show that a young woman named Mei, lost in a world of shadows who finds courage and confidence. Although it were take up large portions of time, while we watching different entertainment, as the good quality of DisneySea’s shows, we think this is worth it.


See i am so revel


We love Disney




In the Disneysea, you can choose take a ride on this steamer and enjoy a fun waterway adventure during the day, or a romantic voyage in the evening.

To be continue……
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Japan – Tokyo (DisneySea – 1 ) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 28 #DisneySea – 1)

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We have a dream is to visit all the Disney around the world. As a huge Disney fans, after continuing Shanghai Disney, of course we would not miss to visit Disney Resort in our Tokyo Trip. Walk into the Disney, is same as we walk into another different townlet. Walk into a wonderful townlet where we can experience some of the wonders of life, of adventure and feel better of it.

Yeah, normally you were well known of the Disneyland but in Tokyo it also has DisneySea that is unique to Japan in the world. Obviously both Disneyland and DisneySea are incredibly magical and experience a multitude of fun. If you have the luxury of time, getting a 3 to 4 day Tokyo Disney Pass for do its all entertainment at Tokyo Disney Resort’s both theme parks.

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A show time

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A port at Disneysea

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Looks like us at Europe country

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Selfie at the 

Many of the heart of us are in grown up with Disneyland, when we were children we are long for Disneyland. Disneyland is steeped in idealized memories of the childhood. The difference between Disneyland and DisneySea is Disneyland as for pioneering status in the world of theme parks, that makes Disneyland more historically significant and more classic.

While DisneySea suitable for all ages and are more adult-oriented, it was designed to specifically also appeal to a more grown up audience. The park provides a wider selection of table service restaurants than Tokyo Disneyland and by serving alcoholic beverages, which are unavailable at the neighboring park (Disneyland). Both of the theme parks for 1 day pass are same price and the cost is 7400 yen for each.

We only go for one day journey, we choose Tokyo DisneySea, built by the great adventures and imaginative of sea.It is a sea where great adventures and imaginative seas are built. The seven theme harbors of ports have brought everyone’s “EPCOT” heart and dreams become closer.The atmosphere and decoration of all of its theme regions are very realistic and it makes us feel as we’re are in it.

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Disney Hotel

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Is it look like beautiful

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Hahaha, see who we meet?


Follow us ride of the Electric Railway go to wonders of life and truly magical townlet. Take the Disney Resort line, a monorail that circles Tokyo Disney Resort, providing transportation between JR Maihama Station and major destinations within the Resort. Regardless of where you stop at the station, It cost 260 YEN for one-way ticket, and of course we are stationed under DisneySea. NOTE: PASMO cards can also be used.

In the Disney Resort Parks, the Fast Past ticket that getting to skip the queue and cover all your favorite rides with minimal queuing time. The machines are located beside the ride entrances and you simply have to scan the QR code on your printed e-ticket to receive a Fast Pass with a designated time period printed on it. The problem is Fast Pass ticket is limited quantity and the queues to the Fast Pass machine can take up to an hour.

We decide not take the Fast Past ticket and walk into the DisneySea. The park’s two symbols are the DisneySea Aqua Sphere – a water fountain with a large model of the earth – in the entrance plaza, and the volcano, Mount Prometheus, in the center of the park.

DisneySea has an overall nautical exploration theme to it. Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, there are seven themed areas or “ports of call”. At here, we have the wrong impression of a time tunnel journey to the seaport, deem us really have arrived seaports of different countries.The entrance to the park is Mediterranean Harbor, which opens up to six more nautically themed ports: American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island.

  REMEMBER: You must take the Disney Sea Guide Map from the staff and if you want view for unforgettable Disney Entertainment go to public notice near the entrance gate, make sure the time of show schedule.






A notice board show thetime of show schedule

First, greet of us is Mediterranean Harbor, a style of Southern European port town. Its waterfront based on the renaissance of Portofino, the Cinque Terre, the canals of Venice, the fortress on the coasts of Portugal and Spain.it provides lived-in buildings with lots of shops and restaurant, even you also can get an accommodation in its building with the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. Mediterranean Harbor is one of the most important and groundbreaking features of Tokyo DisneySea.

To be Continues……
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