Japan- Tokyo (Nissan Crossing)

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Is this a dream car for all men?

Japan is high tech automotive, high tech automotive is Japan. For some tourist, visit the Car showroom is one of the pocket lists on the journey. In among-st the Tokyo’s swanky Ginza shopping area, there’s a car showroom gives visitors from around the world a chance to experience Intelligent Mobility. There is NISSAN CROSSING, company’s vision for the future of the relationship between cars and people.

Overlooking one of the busiest intersections in Tokyo’s Ginza district, Nissan Crossing located in Ginza Place a new landmark in Ginza, opposite the iconic Wako building and the upscale Mitsukoshi Department Store. As the ‘Facade mode’ that perfectly matches the Ginza Place exterior and ‘artist mode’ created by renowned artists.

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Oh, supers car. Hey, men love it?

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This is the Sony Center same building as Nissan

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See, the red car?

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Other the red car there also show some different type of car

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we love selfie.

Walk into Nissan Crossing, we are view a red supercar (Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo) for a stage rotation on a 360-degree. Limited edition vehicle such as concept cars equipped with state of the art technology, and cars that play an important role in the history of Nissan will be there for you to see. This is an interactive area that allows us to touch and test innovative products while consulting with knowledgeable sales staff — no strings attached.

Visitors can learn about the brand’s cutting-edge technology and watch related videos on a high-definition LED screen. Just one touch launches a dynamic of information, sparking curiosity as you explore Nissan’s past, present and future innovations. Find out more about Nissan history, from legendary cars to the ultimate in racing machines. Of cause, it also has information about the latest technologies of Nissan. Here even we can be entertained by a virtual driver’s seat called VR Racing.

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This is the Sony Technology

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Be a photographer will not miss the camera centre 


You can find the latest Sony model at here


Oh, a beautiful car

Here also having a cafe serving drinks and snacks. At this Cafe, customers can order coffee with custom latte art that uses state of the art technology to create image of Nissan vehicles or customers’ original designs. While seated in the lofty terrace-like interior, enjoy the custom latte art and use tablets are available for view the Nissan global information.

For tourists, checking out a latest electronics shop is also one of most important thing on shopping list. Walk to the upstairs; go into Japan’s most recognizable name and one of electronics giant, SONY showroom and store. These three levels floors, where available for customer to experience Sony latest goods and important of the Sony brand goods to us in our life. Here you can freely test and best shopping of all the Sony electronics goods, gadgets and games. It including’s TVs, computers, audio equipment, Walkman, video games and etc.

Of course we are photographers and love photography are spent a period of time in one floor on the dedicated to photography. Here, we are find hands-on displays of digital DSLR cameras in all shapes, sizes, purpose, and price range. Cameras are set up in front of detailed scenery to test their quality and depth perception.


Say, who love this car?



Some photo display at Sony Imaging Galley


For overseas tourists, there is a specific customer support center and a duty-free counter available in one of these floors. It also having Sony Imaging Gallery, which show photos selected from the world’s that using Sony Camera.
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Another super car but is white colour


And this is Silver colour





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