Japan – Tokyo (Ginza ) 2018

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Everyone would know where the Japan’s biggest luxury shopping and entertainment district. There’s also is where always a lot of people walking around no matter the hour. All in your mind is Ginza (“Silver Mine”), Yes definitely correct.

Built on the site of a mint dating back to the Edo era, Ginza is an area steeped in history with an air of elegance. One square meter of land in the district’s center is worth over ten million Yen, making it one of the most expensive real estate in Japan.

Ginza is a popular upscale shopping are of Tokyo, with numerous internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses located in its vicinity. It is considered one of the most expensive, elegant, and luxurious streets in the world.

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Ginza Street with modern buildings

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Chanel company

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One of the trademark at Ginza

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Louis Vuitton (LV)

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Hahaha, no know why dislike wear winter coat take photo at winter time…..

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Prada company

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One of the attract activity in Tokyo……


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Word largest Uniqlo in Tokyo….


For fashion brands and department stores, opening a location in Ginza is considered the ultimate status. Of course, shopping is the real attraction in Ginza. It is the place; we can find the latest high-end fashions from internationally famous brands. If you’re in the market for luxury goods, Ginza is one of the world’s most upscale shopping.

Nestled in Ginza’s central area is the ‘Hattori Wako Clock Tower building’, which has become the neighborhood landmark. You can purchase luxury goods at famous established department stores such as Mitsukoshi, Matsuya,Tokyu Plaza Ginza and Marronnier Gate. On Ginza’s Namiki-dori, we will discover brand name stores such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Hermes.






Uniqlo’s is one of the proud Japan International brand for fashion brands. Of course in Ginza, Uniqlo store was opened 12 sales floors, making it Uniqlo’s largest store in the world. At here we can find the reasonably priced and latest fashion design clothing.

Japanese cosmetics and skin product are reputed to be of good quality, such that tourists love to take them home from their shopping trips. We love to wear and makeup, as do most women. If you’re not sure where to go for Japanese cosmetics, Ginza is here to help you find the best places for makeup brands such as Shiseido, Kose and SKII more. In the cosmetics world at Ginza, we can update myself, discover my best self and broaden my potential.


Ricoh company



I think this building all ladies will love its. Of cause including us.




It is no exaggeration to say that most of Japan’s highest-grade products can be purchased in Ginza. A landmark building known for its irregular windows that glow with interesting light. Here you can find as the leading jeweler of Japan and achieved international acclaim. There is Mikimoto, a luxury and casual jeweler that invented the cultured pearl.

Many of the department stores and buildings in Ginza have restaurants and remarkable cafes. And, needless to say, plenty of chic restaurants, cafes and bars scattered about to power the wealthy through their shopping sprees.





Nikon company, yap correct. Now we are using this brand camera

Same as the elegant names in fashion, tech company such as Sony, Nikon and Apple choose to showroom their latest and greatest in Ginza. At the scene, spenders can peruse and comprehend for their goods. Of course, Nissan Company also has a landmark building of showroom in Ginza. The company grasp in pursuit of new market and high consumption target.

So in Japan, the name Ginza is synonymous with old wealth, foreign luxury goods, powerful businessmen and well-heeled ladies who shopping and dining.


Oh no forget the Dior



A Nissan company i love this building design so much…


No worry the time because the Seiko building show the time to everybody





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