Home Decoration (Part 3 DIY Beach Huts Scene)

Home Decoration (Part 3 – Wall Mounted Hooks – DIY Beach Huts Scene )

Uncluttered and functional style that make a house is always be delight, sought to create a space of simple sophistication that let us to achieve a relaxation, coziness, and homey-ness. So storage and organizing items play is a very functional role, in achieving neat and clean goals for your home and when there is no mess and clutter to be witnessed in any section of it. When it comes to storing items at home, there are many ways to do that and we could keep stuff in cabinets, shelves and drawers. Of course, no forget wall hooks also as one important method that for hangs some of our belongings especially if you have a small space.

While some people think that wall hooks are boring and monotonous, but I can tell you, you are wrong. Wall hooks may be simple, there are so versatile and stylish hook racks available in the market, use them to spruce up your regular home décor. Reimagined and try make a functional of decor oriented hooks that tailored for our own personalized, it’s all completely unique and will help us to really make our home décor unique and creative. You must know home décor is sometimes just about what you have on hand, collected and turn old items that you no longer need into adorable and functional wall hooks, that is so easy…… Turned them into wall hooks which resemble a work of art. The theme of our decorative hook is lovely miniature beach huts scene, creating a relaxed and cozy beach life atmosphere.


1) Cardboard 2) Cardboard Scraps 3) Poster Card 4) Egg cartons 5) Styrofoam 6) Kitchen Towel Roll 7) Toilet Roll 8)Fake Flowers 9) Dried Branches 10) Ropes 11) Ice cream Sticks 12) Iron Nails 13) Moss 14) Flower Crepe Paper 15) Green Stem Wire 16) Cotton 17) Kraft Brown Paper 18) Shells 19) Wall Stickers 20) Plywood 21Stone


1) Hot Glue Gun 2) White Glue 3) Craft knife 4) Scissors 5) Pen 6) Posters Colours 7) Brush 8) Nail Polish 9) Hammer 10) Plier 11) Plant Cutter

Ways To Make:

Handcrafted beach cottage, coastal decor, nautical wall and a coastal treasures, each and every scene has been handcrafted from recycle material. Normally, one of the easiest ways that you can do that is with driftwood but before that we use cardboard for DIY Fairy Garden and still have many, so we decide use a lot of cardboard for this DIY decor ideas. Beach scene all made from cardboard and reclaimed materials, the materials almost same as Indoor Fairy Miniature Garden Crafts so we would not repeat explain again and add some of shells and styrofoam. Give our home a coastal feel on a budget with these DIY coastal home decor ideas. Mimic the coast view, create seaside colours palettes associated with it; the soothing combination of blues, greens, neutrals, and white.

Craft Beach Cottage:

If you love the beach and all things coastal, you may be looking for ways to incorporate the ocean into your home in a natural way. We use as two different possible ways to create miniature masonry walls that produce unique and different cottages. First for creating a craft cottage (REFER PHOTO STEP E), that all of the material building is used as cardboard, miniature masonry walls that built by cut of tidy and square cardboard, utilizing inner cardboard for window and rooftop with colourful water colour paint.

Colourful Cottage:

Another of cottage that miniature masonry walls base on styrofoam let cottage (REFER PHOTO STEP F) look more emerge and colourful, meanwhile use poster card as rooftop to recrates a delicately cottage(If there is no poster card, there is no problem with ordinary cards, just make sure it is a thick card). Of course, seagull, flowers and moss are indispensable when it comes to seaside cottages. Easy beach inspired from crafts and colour poster pouring art ideas that’s fun and creative.


Utilizing nail for lighthouse roof, whitewash lighthouse (REFER PHOTO STEP G) with its own fence; unexpectedly, only a small iron nail can make a lighthouse roof.

Coconut Trees :

When it comes to the beach, I believe that people in some countries will have coconut trees (REFER PHOTO STEP H) in their minds. Decorative a few of seaside coconut tree that let it looks greener natural environment. Easy do the plant with handmade craft by using flower Crepe Paper, Green Stem Wire, cotton and kraft brown paper.

Seagulls :

Don’t look down on the toilet paper roll, many small and cute seagulls easy made by just only using toilet roll; just cut the shape and paint with white and red color.

Using creative ideas plus natural things such as shells and dry branches, which makes the boat look more natural and beautiful. Just put all handcraft mounted on a piece of cardboard.

Last, gluing the cardboard on the wooden board, a simple and beautiful natural coastal home decoration is completed.






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