Japan – Tokyo (Tokyo National Museum) 2018

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If you have just one day to devote to museum-going in Tokyo, we recommend you visit the Tokyo National Museum (TNM). Here you’ll find the best collections of art and archaeological artifacts in Japan.

TNM is Japan’s oldest and largest museum with collection comprises around 110,000 individual items,which includes 87 Japanese National Treasure holdings and 610 important Cultural Property holdings (as of July 2005). At any one time, about 3,000 different items from the permanent museum collection are on display.

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Japanese antiquities

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Hall of main building

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The Koran Book

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Japanese antiquities

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Saudi Arabia  antiquities

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India  antiquities


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Egypt antiquities



China antiquities

After buy the ticket, we past the ornate gateway, we see a wide courtyard and pond surrounded by three main buildings. First, you must visit in front of your building, it is the modern-style building with Oriental elements, and it is known as Honkan, built in 1938. The Honkan is displays the permanent collection of Japanese arts and antiquities, it including sculpture, painting, calligraphy, architectural model, metalware, swords, pottery, lacquerware, dyeing, and weaving, protohistorical objects, ethnographic material,, oriental archaeology and oriental art.










Follow me; go to the left of the building known as Hyokeikan, the original complex of buildings, which is representative Western style architecture during the Meiji Period. Hyokeikan is survived the earthquake of 1923 and in 1978 was registered as an important cultural property. The building is primarily used for temporary exhibitions and we visit the museum it is special exhibition, “Roads of Arabia: Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia”.

Since ancient times the Arabian Peninsula has been intersected by trade routes, acting as crossroads of diverse people and civilizations. This exhibition will for the very first time in Japan display treasures from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that reveal a dynamic history and culture. More than 400 invaluable cultural properties will be displayed and Exhibition Period is from 23 Jan to 13 May 2018.









We walk to the right of the Honkan name as Toyokan, design by Japanese architect Taniguchi Yoshiro, built in 1968. It is the artifacts from Egypt to Asia with collection from China, India, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Western Region and etc.

If you got more time, you can explore other multiple buildings and visit other collection. REMEMBER: The ticket price is 620 yen (adult) and closing date Monday (or following day if Monday is a holiday)
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