Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 18 Nana Street)

Our Thailand – Bangkok trip (Part 18 #NanaStreet)


As our time Bangkok trip we choose stay at Sukhumvit is rich from restaurants🥢🍽 and bars/ nightclub🍻🥂 to the shopping 🛍🛍and modern hotels which are a road for every mood. Sukhumvit is the longest road in Thailand and it runs across the middle of this district with the perennial traffic jam. The sky train🚊🚊 covering most of road which runs through most of its downtown stretch, that make us easy to arrive in every area. Sukhumvit may not be brimming with top-name attractions, but it’s still popular with a vibrant night scene, restaurants, malls, and markets.

Stay on the hotel in one of the Sukhumvit road, called Nana streets only a short walk from the Nana BTS Sky Train station. The street is located in the heart of the bustling business and entertainment district in Bangkok, a great mix of fancy with connects the high-rise business hub🏙 🏙 🏙sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with early-20th-century revivalist building. We loved for strolling of the street and view for some buildings have verdant gardens tucked alongside, while some building have flowering plant🌹🌺🌻 clinging to their white facades. A dozen buildings collective taste for modern and colorful fusion of architectural.








At Nana streets, you can a walk able in one street are home to numerous restaurants serving cuisine around the world from small hole-in-the-wall-type establishments to fancy restaurant where groups of friends and family gather to make the transition from day to night. Anything from Western Restaurant🍴🥄 like popular of USA, Australian and Italian dishes to the Argentinian and Peruvian dishes. Walk in a few steps away, you also can try Asia dishes in the Japan🥢🥢, Indian, Korean Restaurant or try one of the menu at Dubai Restaurant.







Many men👨🧑 go to Bangkok for find garments tailor made a new suit. Nana Street has some tailors shop that prepared several fittings to ensure that your suit is perfect. Alternatively, here are numerous small massage parlours where you can experience a traditional Thai massage or a reflexology foot massage. You can same as us walk🚶‍🚶‍ a few minute or take the sky train just 1 station to the Terminal 21 shopping mall🏢 🏢 with the design concept as several different style of famous charateristic of cities under one roof. It concept create as an airport that a crisscrossing of escalators and electronic display boards that bring to mind flight information displays at an airport terminal. We are glad for our shopping in the different levels of the mall with represent different countries destinations. Sure we also enjoy eat the delicious local Thai dishes on the shopping mall.













The Nana Street is preparing by the nightly of Bangkok, the sociable from clubs to the next of bars either side of the street. In terms of variety restaurant and cafes, from a simple dining to something to eat has morphed into a two or three hour event accompanied. But the food is secondary to the social element, and it’s the Thailand enthusiasm for liquor🍹🍻🥂that makes it the happiest of happy hours. There are more clubs, rooftop bars and late-night spots, drinker can indulge with serves multiple varieties of the liquor. Hip hop club taking control of the sound system with a live dance🕺💃 crew pop and lock on the central stage to keep the crowd energized. Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, a great place for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying panoramic views of the city. Many other bars on the street, beers start at just 70 baht for a bottle for Chang, of course 80 baht and above for all others beers. For a designated happy hour, some bars do the promotion for a glass of red wine🍷 🍷🍷or white wine just needs 80baht. A few of tables it does have are snapped up early, so most likely you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with a varied clientele of ex-pats, tourists and a few Thais.United-8





We stay on the Aspira Hiptique Hotel, the location is quiet good just we mention above. This modern room with featuring simple interiors and bright. Bed🛏🛏 and pillows are so far so good and we can sleep quietly. But the service is very poor and the staffs have very poor attitude. We stay in 7 day, the cleaning service is very bad, the dustbin in the toilet doesn’t clean up😔 😔😔from our start check in date. On last few days, we only asked not need cleanup for 1 day, but the next day also hasn’t cleans our room. I go to ask the RECEPTION WOMEN STAFF and tell her remember ask the CLEANER to clean up our room at next day. She is very rude and scold me, she command us leave our room let the cleaner would come to clean our room on next day 8.00am morning. We are very angry😡 😡😡and rebuke her, we are customer why must follow their time and remember clean up our room while we are go out. When we go back to our country, we found some of our costumes (haven’t wear it) are dirty, we doubt is the hotel staffs make it. We would not recommend👎 👎this hotel. If you want to stay this location not need worry because nearby got a lot of hotel.