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Let’s go shopping! Let us steal a lazy whole day in Malaysia – Malacca on Friday. Enjoy some of the great value for sales on shopping🛍🛍🛍, dining🍽🍽 🍽and … Plus, view the sunset and night view of Malacca. First station, shop in AEON hypermarket to satisfy all our general merchandise needs🛒🛒🛒.

Mention of shopping, we are ladies sure will to look the branded bag👝👝 and clothes👗👗. When mention branded company, at Malacca is just Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall got the more collection of independent Brands Stores. We take aim for ALDO cross body bag👜👜 and ADIDAS backpack🎒🎒 and didn’t hesitate to buy it. Oh, feel so joviality😍😍😍.


So happy for buy the Aldo cross body bag and Adidas backpack


Our lover “buffet”



United-13As a food lover and food hunter. For this time, we decide eat a BBQ Seafood Fiesta Buffet to end of our “Lazy Friday” on the rooftop of The STRAITS Hotel & Suites which is a place for you enjoy refreshing cocktails, delicious dishes and magnificent views. Take the elevator up to the 23 floor and walk forward to swimming pool and the Pizzaria Restaurant is beside the pool.

This buffet is good news for the seafood lover. With an open-air terrace, from here you can slip your cocktail🍸🍸🍸 while watching the sunset 🌆🌆over coastal city. With the relaxed atmosphere, we can choose many seating options to choose from Quartet table or comfortable padded benches around the edge. During “Friday BBQ Seafood Fiesta Buffet night”, we are enjoying delicious, fresh and local favourites. Variety seafood from crabs🦀🦀 to prawns🦐🦐 is perfect for the grill. Load grilled seafood up with local flavorful, let you can’t go wrong with these seafood and shellfish🦑🐚. Just pick the seafood what you want and ask the staff to help you barbecue. After barbecue the staff will serve to your table.


Night view Malacca



Love the cheese so muach


You can choose the different seafood





Except the seafood BBQ, it also includes a salad bar, dessert, soup station and a section for “freshly baked bread”. As Malaysian, we very clear Nasi Lemak is our Signature cuisines. In the BBQ Seafood Fiesta Buffet, we enjoy tasty nasi lemak and crispy fried chicken🍗🍗🍗. The price for BBQ Seafood Fiesta Buffet is RM47.00++ per person not including cocktail. Be sure, you can take order for daily menu with extra money which including local and international dishes.

Thank for F&B Manager, Dass treat us a pizza🍕🍕.🍕 The smell of the pizza with straight from the oven makes us salivate. It is a large size pizza with topping many different ingredients. Plus the fresh of sauce and great cheese combinations are excellent let us cheerful for enjoy of the delicious of pizza. We enjoy the delicious cuisines and look pretty night view🌃🌃🌃, watching for the city’s lights sparkling off the building.



With a relaxed atmosphere, Pizzaria Restaurant where is a place suitable a few friends meet together, spend a whole night for enjoy gourmet and have a drink with view the beautiful of Malacca night.

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