Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 11 Khlong Bang Luang Artist House) 2018

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Last time, while ride a boat trip on a beautifully decorated long-tail boat🚤🚤🚤, passing through the traditional house, we are which interest and In-depth look for the residences of local residents and a traditional characteristic house. Join us to tour Khlong Bang Luang Artist House which is a place steeped in history and seek out inspiration.

If Taling Chan Floating Market more likes the food Floating Market, Khlong Bang Luang is more concentrate on literature and art. Tucked into the artist enclave of Khlong Bang Kuang on the west side of the Chao Phraya River, Khlong Bang Luang Artist House can accessible by land or boat. If you same as us, choose walk👣👣👣 on land we would pass the residents with place a small stall outside of their house for selling the local Thai food and fruits🍍🍌🥥. Some of these fruits are popular in the local area and some of them are rare and even cannot be named.





Although the Khlong Bang Luang Art Gallery hidden inside a community, but a handful of signs along the way let us know our walk direction to the right destination. We first pass by a few restaurants before finally arriving at the Artist’s House. Walk on the wood made of sheltered walkways and feel on rustic and simple atmosphere. Explore the canal’s water against and the fascinating architecture which sit just above its quiet surface. It has some small traditional wood houses which are connected by a wooden walkway that follows the edge of the klong.

A century ago, this kind of old Thai wooden house was very typical along the klongs but today these are becoming rare. In addition to residents, these traditional wood houses sell the various handicrafts, art, handmade painting and old style of Thai daily supplies. With all of these atmosphere and typical houses, it gives us feel to dive back into a past time, dating all the way back to the era of the Thai capital with main of the canal.








On the wood made of sheltered walkways, have several human-sized statues sitting by the water, look like motionless for ponder something and endlessly see at life passing by boat as if waiting for somebody for come. It has decoration some dexterity sculptures with hanging potted plants🌵🍃🌸, it made this become beautifully restored and you can felling of the art.

You can find an over 200 years old of the Artist’s House is owned by Khun Chumpol Akkapantanon and sits right along the khlong(canal). The house is all made of wood; it is L-shaped and has two layers up and down. Until today, this traditional style very well conservation. At its heart is a centuries-old Chedi from the Ayutthaya period that rises from the open-air belly. We think it is limited of house have their own 600 year old Chedi🤔🤔🤔?

Downstairs has a workshop with prints, drawings, sculptures, puppets and khon masks. There is a hand-crafted of art sold in its corner, from postcards to wooden Thai art all you can find at here. The upstairs of building is open; we take the dark wood and old creaky stairs up to the upstairs. Here in addition to the rest of the seating area to a very artistic taste. Statue and the wooden tables are speckled, rather stained, with colorful paint. It gives us bursting with charm art feel.

It also is part gallery shows with its walls are covered with paintings. You also can view some of the exquisite khon masks. Look of the puppets which are look true to life as a human, give us a little shocked😨😨. According our search, in front of Chedi have a troupe of puppeteers performs the traditional Thai puppet show at 14:00 every day except on Wednesday. But when we going there that is no show and we ask somebody they tell us the puppeteers performs only has showing in Saturday and Sunday.






It has the feel of Thailand’s life around here, we can same as Thailand residents, sit on sheltered walkways and swing our bare feet, smiling😊😊 and waving🖐🖐 to the long-tail boats . You also can feed swarms of hungry fish with colorful food pellets sold in shop. It’s also is a great place for gather to enjoy drinks 🥤 and food🍜🍛. You can enjoy the delicious and affordable riverside restaurants serving up Thai cuisine🍽🍽.

We feel relax for view the calm and fluvial of the canal with the peaceful and charming the village house. It perfect way for sip a cup of drink🍵🥤 and sitting quietly on the canal and enjoy an unspoiled view of local canal life

315 Wat Tong Salangam, Phet Kasem 28, Thanon Phet Kasem, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, Thailand

How to go
You can take the skytrain🚊🚊🚊 stop on the Bang Wa station. From there, you either take the motorbike taxis🛵🛵🛵 or same as us walk👣👣👣 to the Khlong Bang Luang Artist House. It’s about 1.9km distance from station to the destination. 

Entry Fee💲💲💲: FREE

Opening Hour🕐🕐🕐: Usually from 09.00 – 18.00 (Daily)

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