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Go to Tokyo, should you visit Kabukicho in Shinjuku? Kabukicho is a place, where you are able to try the unusual side of nightlife that will leave you in disbelief but somebody call them is the most dangerous place. 

Kabukicho, is a part of Shinjuku, shiny modern city, one of Tokyo’s most popular districts for its many shopping centers, restaurants, bars, parks and unique buildings. Kabukicho also is Japan’s largest red light district and one of the biggest and most successful red light districts in the world. Don’t be surprise, Japan has a very large sex industry that still thrives. The entertainment district features countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pachinko parlors, love hotels and a wide variety of red light establishments for all sexes.

united 2       When you are planning enjoy your nightlife in Kabukicho, please pay attention to your behavior during your visit. Yes, that is crowded with members of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. In Japan, gangs and the mafia are legitimate, and the Yakuza is officially recognized as a real organization. Yakuza operating their most business in this area so they don’t like somebody do trouble in their land-grave. So it is better don’t do any trouble in Kabukicho. united 3

Another thing is beware of exorbitant cover fees and drink spiking resulting in loss of cash and credit cards. When you walk along the district, you would met some people invite you to their bar, REMEMBER don’t ignored them, because they would bring you for overpriced. The latter typically occurs at establishments run by non-Japanese patrons and is initiated by touts targeting foreign tourists. united 4

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REMEMBER you should be prudent in this area, by the way keep on your mind they is a safety area if you don’t do any trouble to them. united 8 c


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歌舞伎町是新宿闪亮现代化城市的其中一区也是其中一区东京受欢迎的购物中心,这儿也聚集了餐厅,酒吧,公园和独特建筑。歌舞伎町也是日本最大的红灯区,同时也是世界上最大,最成功的红灯区之一。不要惊讶,日本的性行业是非常庞大的而且仍然在蓬勃发展。娱乐区设有无数的餐厅,酒吧,夜总会,弹珠店,情趣酒店和各种各样的红灯区,适合所有性别。DSC_0200     DSC_0204    当您计划在歌舞伎町享受夜生活时,切记游玩时请注意自己的举止动作。是的,那里挤满了日本黑帮黑社会成员。在日本,帮派和黑社会是合法的,黑帮被正式确认为一个真正的组织。这个地区是Yakuza经营最多生意,而他们不喜欢有人在他们的土地上捣乱。 所以最好不要在歌舞伎町制造任何麻烦。DSC_0205

DSC_0215      另一件事是提防过高的支付费用和饮料费造成现金和信用卡损失。当你沿着小区走时,你会遇到一些人邀请你去他们的酒吧。切记,不要理他们!!!因为他们会带你去过高价格的地方消费。后者通常发生在由非日本人经营的机构,并且针对外国游客,在这方面你应该要谨慎。DSC_0222



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