Our Europe Trip – Hungary(Part 5 Eger )

Our Europe Trip – #Hungary – #Eger 

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With the location of Budapest – close to the centre of the country and on the banks of the Danube River, it let visitors easy for have a fun venture out and explore to the nearby cities of heritage and stunningly beautiful scenery. Of cause, as our preparatory planning for Hungary Journey, we decide take a day journey to a city with many of the preserved example of baroque architecture and one of the wine-growing region. Situated in east of Budapest, Eger is nestled on the southern slopes of the Bükk Mountains, this beautiful city that had be fascinated by its rich history and centuries-old charm and its deep connection of Baroque structures, thermal baths and a Turkish minaret and become one of the best places for a laid back holiday😎😎😎 in this country.

In the early morning, buy a ham and cheese bread🥐🥐🥐 as our breakfast we ride train as our transport to the Eger city. Be apart from Budapest is 140 km and take two hour train🚆🚆🚆 ride to Eger Színház, ticket price is 2394HUF (6.77€) per person. For our suggestion, not commendable😔😔😔 as ride the train because in our route it have repair of railroad and didn’t direct reach our final destination. So we must take the “replacement bus” to another train station, its let us trouble and waste the time, unless you can make sure the railroad haven’t any renovate. So, for our return back trip, we choose for ride the bus🚍🚍🚍 and the ticket price is 2000HUF (5.66€) per person.

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Eger Színház as this elegant city happens to be a lively, historic town with dates to the town’s revival in the 18th century artistic and intellectual legacy after it was liberated from the Ottoman Empire🗿🗿🗿. Amidst the beautifully preserved baroque buildings of the city it`s littered with opulent Baroque, houses, mansions, churches, restaurant and simultaneously you can view of the northernmost Turkish minaret. Sure, you also can experience the thermal baths with a beautifully restored art nouveau baths and go textile-free into the tranquility of the soothing, warm water.

While there are many that baroque architecture and fascinating streets that define the region, there’s something extra about meander through the narrow lanes of the Old Town. We stroll on cobblestoned streets in the Old Town and the most prominent feature of this place is the “Dobo Ter” which is Main Square with the fountain and the statue of Istvan Dobo and lined with arched colonnades, churches, cafes, as well as medieval structures. Get cosy with shopping spree along Old Town. Visitors worth be fun for venturing into the many small cafes🥨🍰, breweries, charming shops, restaurants🍕🍔🥘, and art galleries and can mingle with the locals.

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Art, shopping and thermal baths aside, wine is the reason many visitors come to Eger. Known as one of the best Hungarian red wine🍷🍷🍷, this is the place easy to discover many of the specialist Liquor Store where have provide various type of wine or you can try and buy Eger’s other trademark is its strong red wine, Egri Bikavér. Before long though, our mind started to turn towards food and we made a beeline for a restaurant in the old town. Before long though, our mind started to turn towards food, we look for and choose a not bad restaurant in the old town. Enjoy set lunch along a plate of fried pork🐷🐷🐷 with french fries and thick sauce beef🧆🧆🧆 with potato add a local seasonal soup🥣🥣 and salad🥗🥗. We sure not forget try a glass of wine and I like the rose wine🥂 that recommended by boss, it happens to be the perfect wine. The taste of wine were refreshing🥰🥰, crisp and perfect with food particularly of fried pork and the sweet pink wine would no longer do. Total cost for our lunch for two person is 3060HUF (8.71€).

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Eger is the home of the popular wine-growing region of Hungary. So worth hiking up Nagy-Eged hill, from its top unmatchable scenery opens to Eger and the Bükk mountains, simultaneously it is very rich in different species. Because of the inclination angle of sun rays is close to vertical and the limestone base rock of the hill cause the character of the wines coming from here is very different from other wine region. As nature lover will especially enjoy, start from railway station and walk🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ about 5km, the nature trails passing along side vineyards and hiking up 536m to the hillside estate for panoramic views across the vineyard and city, looking like a model of a town, is Eger. However, we tour on the winter seasonal so haven’t discover and look for vineyard but we can view the agriculture start for cultivate.

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Don’t forget to visit the medieval Castle🏰🏰🏰 of Eger, oldest building in city and the best panoramic views of the hodge-podge of medieval terra cotta roofs and timbered walls. On the Old Town, a little distance from the “Dobo Ter ” to castle and on our left the smaller gentle river skirts around beautifully painted homes and we wander on the narrow cobblestoned streets all up to the hill where until will reach the main gate. The cobblestone path we’re walking on Castle was built in the 15th century. It was expanded numerous times over the centuries and the structure had strong foundations of an inner and an outer fortress, a gate tower and bastions.
On the top of Castle, let us peaceful for panoramic views across the Town of Eger and a sunset be enhance our feeling of well-being. It’s a wonderful sensation to feel the warmth of the sun🌇🌇🌇, and that experience is heightened by charming panoramic views from an overlook at the top.

Simultaneously, let us ending for our 2019 Europe Winter Travel Trip (30/Jan/2019 – 25/Feb.2019).

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