Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Bangkok Doll Factory & Museum ) 2018

Our #Thailand #Bangkok Travel Part 5 (#BangkokDollFactoryAndMuseum)


A hidden treasure in an old very local neighborhood, exciting places special charm transports all of us back to the bygone times of childhood🏵🏵🏵. When we are children even some adult, dream for stay at this place. Doll Museum, the collection with its variety of items delights not only doll collector but also satisfy our childhood desire. Doll Museums can be hard to find and are not widely known.

Located in the narrow road, this small and somewhat hard to find museum🏡🏡🏡 is home to a variety of dolls not only traditional Thai and also famous International dolls from all over the world. Established in 1957, the Bangkok Doll Factory and Museum is the loving creation of the late Khunying Thongkorn Chanthawimol, a renowned Thai doll maker who trained in the Ozawa Doll School in Tokyo, Japan. Bangkok Doll Factory has been creating a variety of exquisite handmade collectible Thai Dolls and we can come along to see her personal collection of over 400 dolls of world🌍🌍🌍.





There is a unique museum that delights children, doll lovers and collectors of every age. This unique collection and it took more than decades to collection distinguishing feature doll around the world. In every age, worldwide, dolls have reflected our contemporary and traditional images. Each doll is meticulously designed and dolls have their own unique identity.


Stand on a world of small wonders, surrounded by the world of dolls, it invoke a great sense of nostalgia for our own childhood😍😍😍. We fun for through look a toy’s where we can view of the world, as well as view of the worldwide historical, cultural and specialty clothing. Looking at these as we feel these marionettes, dolls, whose also have their own lives.





What did the first Bangkok doll look like? Or doll of Khon mask miniatures? Follow us; find the answers at the Bangkok Doll Museum. Through those of the doll, we can view the traditional costumes from Thailand, hill tribes of northern Thailand, Classical Thai dancers, rural peasants and thematic aspects of rural life in Thailand. The Bangkok doll Museum not only kindle childhood in the minds of us but it also knowledge the Thailand’s culture and heritage.






Bangkok Doll Museum is FREE for visit. Each is a must for every serious collector and is on sale. You can come to buy a Bangkok Doll which is the perfect souvenir from Thailand. Even if you are not has kids, it would be hard to resist buying one or two dolls for yourself! Sometimes through marionettes, dolls, we can know the culture and life background of different era and countries. Are you agree?





85 Soi Ratchataphan (Soi Mor Leng) off Ratchaprarop Road, Ratchathewi district.

Opening Hour🕐🕐🕐: 8.00 – 17.00 (Except Sunday and Public Holiday)

Entry Fee: FREE 😻😻😻

How To go
You can take the Airport Rail Link station stop on Ratachaprarop Station🚊🚊🚊.Take the exit 4. At here you either take the taxi🚖 🚖🚖or same as us walk 👣👣👣to the Bangkok Doll Museum. It has a little distance from station to the museum. If you choose to walk, walk across to the opposite road and walk to toward the 7- Eleven building. Walk along road of under “Urban Traffic Flyover”, its a dirty and smell road, don’t worry you are not walk wrongly. Now is about 1 km distance, you would pass the shop lot. You will face an intersection with a pink and white building. Both forks will take you to the doll museum.