Thailand trip 2018 (Airplane Transfer) 2018

Our #Thailand trip (Airplane Transfer)

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Oh no, Malaysia Airline put us on next flights from KL, Malaysia to Bangkok. It lets our transfer time from Bangkok to Chiang Mai become shorter from 6 hours to 3 hours. Most important that is MULTIPLE Airline Company. Simply say, our luggage would not directly sent from KL, Malaysia to Chiang Mai. Now, see how can us done all of the process transfer flight with  MULTIPLE Airline Company into 3 hour, sure have another 1 hour shopping in Bangkok Airport.

Normally transfer flight has divided into two. First is same Airline Company, but more than two destinations. Just same as last time we went to Japan, take same airline but have transfer in the halfway. This kind of transfer is much simple. Your luggage will be sent directly to your destination, while you check in for your flight. Midway transfer no need to take out the luggage.

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Follow the siggboard to you destination

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The sighboard of Baggage Claim.

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Remember see the Baggage Claim it can let you save the time

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When wait for the airplane selfie at airport

Second is same as our current, purchase MULTIPLE Airline Company. The transfer method is also different. After get down the airplane, follow the sign of Baggage Claim. Before go to take the Luggage, we must pass to immigration counter. REMEMBER: Make Sure Fill out the Depart Card (white card) before or at the airplane.

At Baggage section, don’t want anxious for go to every “Rotating Baggage claim” to check where is your Luggage. Because in Bangkok Airport, it have over 10+ “Rotating Baggage Claim”. Walk into our nearby BAGGAGE CLAIM SIGN VERSION; check our flight number is under into which number of “Rotating Baggage Claim”.

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Rotating Baggage Claim to take your luggage

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FLIGHT NUMBER SIGN VERSION to check which counter for your check-in plane

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After take out our luggage, walk into main hall. Direct go up to LEVEL 4. In the LEVEL 4, check the FLIGHT NUMBER SIGN VERSION for which counter is under our flights check in. After check in and place our luggage. MAKE SURE walk forward Domestic Departures.

P/S : Depends for your airport you must direct go to the DEPART LEVEL

After pass to immigration counter it is time for us to shopping. But make sure don’t shopping for overtime. Just Kidding….

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Shopping time

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We love shopping

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Finally at the airplane

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Enjoy our dessert and go to the next destination