Russia (Part 5 – Vyborg Russia).

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Let us take a little over two hours’ train🚆🚆🚆 ride from Saint Petersburg, Russia, to this picturesque port town – Vyborg, a more unique town with a bright blue glimpse of the sea beyond, characterized by the beautiful colors of the facades and this is dominated by well-preserved medieval architectural of various histories that links with Sweden and Finland combine with oodles of Russia cultural😍😍😍. This appealing Gulf of Finland, Vyborg is situated 174 km northwest of St Petersburg and just 30km from the Finnish border. This is an important port that possesses a rich and turbulent history passing from the hands of one country to another that make this medieval town, offer unparalleled views with a beguiling mix of architectural from typical Sweden to art-nouveau Finnish.

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Finlyandskiy Railway Station🚆🚉🚆:
In Saint Petersburg Russia, we go to Finlyandskiy railway station a cleanly, brightly and provide a lot of modern convenient facility, although, that have selling various different breakfast. AhAh, in this wonderful morning let us buy and drink a cup of fragrant strong lukewarm coffee for make our mind refreshing and have a happy sentiment ride the train to the Vyborg. Just Reminder: In the train station, they provide different type of coffee vending machine, if you want to buy the cheaper price of coffee for our suggestion buy in front of Burger King, a cup of Latté and Cappuccino per cup just 30RUB (0.37€)😄😄😄, but if you buy at waiting area the price is 60RUB (0.74€) even if the cup size is same. It just has a disadvantage that is without English subtitle.

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Medieval Town🏛🏘🏙🏚🏨:
After get out of the Vyborg railway station, we directly walk to the Progonnaya Street and all roads lead to this charming town central, its fortified historic center is replete with medieval treasures. Wandering through the narrow, arcaded cobbled streets to appreciate the captivating charm of this town and rimmed by architectural in pretty pastels, standing side by side with wonderful old dry-stone buildings with vaulted passages contribute to the time-warp feeling, let us stepping back in time of after 12-century. Here, to be one of the most interesting cities in Russia, eclectic mix of cultures that has also preserved its unique identity, with the first built as a fortress by the Kingdom of Sweden give us Swedish atmospheric, meanwhile due to its location and past is within autonomous Finland that also the remains of a medieval Finnish architectural and culture. During that time, Russia has captured it several times in history, Vyborg thenceforth remained under Russian rule and has remained be of the important part of Russia that let us can feel of the true essence of the Russia Culture. As its name as suggests, the street due to whitewashed typical-Swedish colourful buildings and lots of stately characterful old-stone buildings, quintessential terracotta rooftops, impressive monuments as well as ramparts and bell tower of the Vyborg Old Cathedral encircling its core. Every building has its own tiled plaque explaining its history which is let us sense this town as an Artistic Historic Site.

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Not a fan of the arts? Wander along its cobblestone streets which are line with local shop🛍🛍🛍 that full of local artisan goods and enchanting boutiques selling everything from ancient antiques to locally craft product to locally made goods. Not only that, here host to some delicious eateries where you can enjoy regional stylish fine-dining eateries in the squat Round Tower as a part of the medieval town wall converted into restaurant 🥩🍰🍩🍵/ bar🍺🍷🍸🍹 at the market square of Vyborg or enjoy the peace and serenity atmospheric in these gourmet eateries and café with in outstanding views of the beautiful scenery and the sea.

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High Tea and Indoor Market Square🍩🎂🧁🍮🧃🧉🍇🥒🛒🛍:
We enjoy a local high tea in a bakery situated in a medieval building with a cozy and modern interior, bakery counter loaded with local homemade pastries, cakes and breads with all kinds of treats to choose. Let us sample some local Russia desserts, we choose as a sweet and a savoury bread, although both are different taste, the bread bake into fluffy and itself fully of stuffing – a lot of ham and blueberry with different taste of cream and it’s so fresh, yummy and both is a delectable desserts. Of course must be with a cup of fragrant and hot coffee, the total price is 338RUB (4.18 €). Walk into indoor market square, come across a lively market that a mix of vendors with selling all sorts of different handicrafts, local product, fresh agriculture and etc which makes it a distinguish place full of life and local character. No need to worry about buying unpalatable food. Free for taste and reasonable price let us be at ease was well as some wonderful shopping opportunities. Shock that😱😱, here the honey not only mellow and pure, the price is very cheaper just only 400RUB (4.95€) per 600ml box. HaHa, must buy a few box bring back to our country, here let us cheerful for buy different local goods that including a big pack of mix snack only 200RUB (2.48€) and 100gm pack of spices is 100RUB (1.24€).

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On The Bay🚤🛳:
Another of Vyborg´s peculiarities is the unevenness cobblestoned alleys that end in the port that is at the foot of the town, each step leads to a beautiful sight, from where mesmerizing vistas of the coast unfold in all directions. Here, you can enjoy this charming town at your own pace and we follow the wide broad asphalt road bridge lead to the serene park where outdoor terraces to sit and unwind between promenades perfect views of color boats place on the bay. Let us view of the medieval building facing the sea are a symphony of colours that contrast with the tones of the sea, especially in the winter season, you can capture the true winter essence when the sea become ice snow.

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Vyborg Castle🏰🌆:
One of a highlight of visit to this town is undoubtedly the Vyborg Castle, we continue walk along Ulitsa Krepostnaya to the castle and in front of our eye is the gorgeous scenery to take in views of imposing white colour castle rising stoutly from an islet in Vyborg Bay. Parts of the castle are from in 1290s, although much of the building comes from the 16th century is a masterpiece of quintessential Swedes art. The tower of the castle as the last remaining part of the original Vyborg castle, this tower itself has been transformed into museums, where you can learn more about the local history. At the top of the castle is a great height commanding views most parts of the town and with beautiful views of the sea. At here, let us enjoy a peaceful😎😎😎 atmospheric for finish our Russia trip with take in outstanding views of Vyborg`s pastel-hued medieval architectural are arranged in a kind of half-moon shape around the bay or a bright blue glimpse of the sea beyond.

Let us continue next Latvia Trip…..

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How To Go Vyborg👈👉:
At Saint Petersburg, there have the public transport of bus and minivans that complete the route to Vyborg. For our suggestion it’s more convenient to travel by train and from Saint Petersburg Russia is directly connected via a railway line to Vyborg. Leave every day from the Finlyandskiy railway station and the train journey take about 2 hours to get to Vyborg. We directly buy the round trip ticket on the Finlyandskiy railway station and the price is 694RUB (8.54€) per round trip ticket.

Warm reminder: When you go to Vyborg, remember to bring your passport and the printed E-Visa with yourself. Because of the law enforcement officers will always check at any time. Especially E-Visa is very very important.

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