Our Europe Trip – (Prague Vltava River & Old Town Square)

Our Europe Trip – #Czech #Republic #Prague ( Part 1 #Prague #Vltava #River & #Old #Town #Square ) 


Prague, dubbed the City of a Hundred Spires with rich in architectural landmarks🏛🏛🏛, it was the seat of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the favoured residence of several Roman Emperors at ancient time. Immerse yourself with the city goes back over a thousand years, Prague became a town in the ancient cobbled streets, long shadows stretching from glowing lanterns and golden spires of Prague. Apart there’s more here than just outstanding history and architecture from boasting of the Gothic, Renaissance, Bohemia and Baroque mix of architectural wonders – Prague has become steeped in the legend of the Golem. This is magical Prague, a city shrouded in countless myths and legends from its thousand years of history.

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We want to see the contemporary atmosphere on the Vltava and take a stroll along the river, the longest river in the Czech Republic which flows through the centre of Prague and the river played a fundamental role in the foundation of the city. The waters are used to drink and used to irrigate the steppe regions. Because of its importance in the country, the Vltava has mythological status, the panoramic views over the river and of the historic buildings🏛🛕 beside along its banks are unrivalled. At is a retro atmosphere around this place, walk through Street to the cosy promenade offering a fantastic view of this main symbol of Prague🏙🏙🏙. Seeing it from the Vltava perspective, Vltava beauty is everywhere you look, on one side of the river banks found the fascinating folklore in Vyšehrad, the Old Town and New Town which line the river’s route, on other side is spellbinding scenery steeped in majestic Prague Castle🏰🏰🏰, Hradčany and Petřín Tower. View of the meandering Vltava River that reflects the city’s golden spires and castle that dominates the skyline. The bridge🌉🌉🌉 was built on the remains of a river crossing and on the wall is a relief sculpture that marks the medieval water level. The narrow streets and little taverns and restaurants of the older quarters contrast with the broad sweep, Gothic grace and Renaissance architecture.

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A river cruise is a luxurious and leisurely way to discover the different perspective of Prague, at the same time river cruise might be a way to view many of the best parts of a town. The delights of Prague river cruise can be enjoyed all-year round, on night and day regularly wind their way up to as far as Vysehrad castle and Prague Old Town with offering music🎵🎻🎷, drinks🍻🍷🍸 and meals🍕🌭🥗 along the way. On the longer cruises, you run from the capital of Prague through the architecturally rich of history which line the river’s route to several islands and stretches of lush green forests. Another way to gaze the beauty of the Prague river scene is to dine at one of the riverside restaurants🥩🥐🍤, some of which boast fine terraces looking out over the water.

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Walk into the soul of the Prague, Old Town Square – the heart of its historic core, we make sure what we was seeing is in fact real because all of it compositions are similar same as scene in the fairy tale world🏰🏰🏰– cobblestone streets, alluring architecture, enchanting spires, and monumental castle. Yes, it’s truth Old Town Square is a compact medieval city center crisscrossed by winding cobblestone alleys, colorful baroque buildings, Gothic architecture and monuments, a symbol of the Crezh Republic grace and sophistication. The centuries-old buildings are rebuilt and many of which remain in use today. Some of the other Medieval towns in Europe may be more compact or have their city walls preserved, but Prague has an unmatched vibe that helps bring you back to the past. This medieval-flavored area dominated by a delightful cluster of towers, Gothic spires, beautiful shops🏪🏬🏨 and markets, brightly colored houses, churches, museums and cosy cafés. Old Town Square also filled with legends, it emerge this historic atmosphere is combined with a certain quirkiness that embraces the entire city👻👻👻.

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Stroll on the Old Town Square, we walk to the famous of the oldest working Astronomical Clock in the world was built in the 15th century. The clock contains dials which track the motion of the sun🌞🌞🌞 and moon🌛🌛🌜 through the year in both Central European Time and Old Czech Time. It also contains elaborate moving sculptures of various allegorical figures and the Twelve Apostles. A window above the clock opens and the mechanical Walk of the Apostles begins. As a nice touch, after the clock’s performance, a trumpet🎺🎺🎺 player heralds in the beginning of the next hour. If possible you can spend some time for view night of the Old Town🌃🌃🌃. The old town at night – absolutely spectacular! All the lights are on, the view of the old town with its colorful buildings and the city’s monuments get beautifully illuminated.

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In the Prague, smell🤤🤤🤤 the fragrant aroma of Trdelník let us remember the delicious and tasty of Trdelník during our Krakow Poland trip. In the Old Town Square it have a lot of food store selling different favourless of Trdelník. Simultaneously, we are definitely buy for it and present we choose and taste the Ice Cream🍦🍦🍦 favourable of Trdelník. Although the baked method and form of Trdelník in Prague is same as Krakow but the taste of Prague Trdelník is more sweeter.

Walk with grab a freshly baked Trdelník for hours, and we will instantly feel like we are part of this real fairytale world. To be continuous…..

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