Our Europe Trip Poland (Gubalowka Hill – Tatra Mountains )

Our Europe Trip – Poland ( Part 4 #Gubalowka #Hill – #Tatra #Mountains ) 

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With its snow-crowned peak and alpine treasures, via the young-looking lay of the land, Tatras mountain this is nature endless beauty which give you pick up your bag and slow walking on the landscape you’ll feel you’ve stumbled into a fantasy. While, in winter, it can be coated with a heavy layer of ice and snow, on a fine summer’s day its scoria slopes can be easily traversed to the summit. Misted mountains and emerald fjords, ancient fern-ridden forests and steep-sided valleys, huge stretches of rugged, you’ll feel a flutter of joy every time your eyes view all of them.

With long winters in the mountains, It’s no secret that Zakopane with nickname “the winter capital of Poland”, awe-inspiring destinations have an incredible offering of skiing destinations up their sleeves. But even due to its central location on the verge of both the High Tatras and the Western Tatras, Zakopane a number of tracks to the mountain’s summit is the best gateway to the whole landscape so the area is also worth visiting during all other seasons. When the snow melts, the mountain is favorite of hikers and climbers attracted to the towering peaks and rugged beauty of Tatra Mountain National Park.

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You can providing an excellent opportunity for all-day exploration with hiking 🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️spectacular mountainous trails in unique and diverse the pine forests🌲🌲🌲 and terrain with supporting a range of birds and flora, view crystal clear postglacial lakes and more energetic way is to hike up to the summits. The High Tatras, with their dramatic vistas, steep peaks, sharp rocks, deep glens, and crystal lakes are the most attractive. At the same time the Western Tatras’ lower slopes clad in pine forests offer wider horizons, diverse wildlife, and somewhat less demanding tracks. Of course, the area is relaxing, too, with shuttle mountain biking🚵‍♀️🚵‍🚵‍♂, even swimming 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️and fishing the Dunajec river or simply enjoy one of the most scenic, peaceful panoramas.





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Well, we were trip to Zakopane in winter season, a must-visit for powder shredders, It is scenic as well as epic because of the terrain offers a fantastic vista of the Tatra invites us to get into the snowy spirit. With astonishingly gorgeous mountain range and many marvelous lakes, Kasprowy Wierch a famous mountain in Western Tatra range is the most popular ski center in Zakopane. Awe-inspiring destinations and a unique ski🏂🏂🏂 culture are skiers will love it, while advanced powderhounds can venture up off-piste terrains and snow bunnies just fun with marvel at the entire experience. Wide runs prov ide plenty of scope for beginners to practise, and the higher chairlift stopovers are perfect for the advanced adventures wanting to immerse themselves in the park’s large alpine terrains. While in Zakopane, you can take the cable car to Mount Kasprowy (1987 m asl), it boasts a few very long ski routes and a modern ski lift, there are two chair lifts operating in winter season.










During our Slovakia travel trip, we have already enjoy of our skiing in the resort which nearly of the Kosice town. So during our plan of Zakopane trip, we decide our journey to view the unique of the Mountain Range, iconic Mount Tatra summit and the distant valley below🙂🙂🙂. We walk toward the northern end of Krupówki Street, our purpose is Gubałówka Hill, it’s the hill opposite the Tatra mountains🏔🏔🏔 range. Although it does not belong to Tatra mountains but it is one of the best for admire a panoramic view of the Tatra Mountains that surround the city. For those of you not looking for such a big challenge but want something a little harder, Gubałówka Hill with up and down of this relatively simple hike is suitable for you. If you simply prefer a more relaxing😎😎😎 mode of exploration, you can take a ride in a funicular train to Gubalowka hill. Because of time problem, we only plan for one day on our Zakopane trip so we decide take funicular train, walk passing through the open air market we were find the cable car🚡🚡🚡 station that leads to Gubalowka Hill. The return ticket price is 23 PLN ( 5.37€) per adult.










While keep our eyes on incredible scenery, a few minutes later the cable car bring us up to the summit of Gubalowka Hill. When we are on the top of the Gubalowka, we feel one of the unique aspects is the view👀👀. It’s a time to appreciate the immensity of the world beneath my feet and use our eye to look forward all of them – a postcard-perfect mountain. Use our eyes appreciate the most spectacular views fiordland panorama ringed between immense peaks of the snowcapped Tatra and sublime views around the numerous valleys and canyons. Use our heart feel of the winds churn clouds down steep cliff faces and the cloud blanket disperses in the sun. Although the views along the way are definitely worth, but be warned though, it is 100% exposed so take sun screen, remember bring the sunglass 😎😎😎, plenty of water and apply sunscreen even in winter time .









In the clear sky, we stroll on the busy road surrounded by glaciers, you can imagine how spectacular of the scenery. Its narrow path are lined with a number of timber houses and old wooden chalets🏕🏕🏕, plus the landscape of snow in the mountains🏔🏔🏔 makes these brown- black cabins more visible. The busy path is home to restaurant, chalets stay and wooden houses with hosted for tourists with hundreds of souvenirs stands, from souvenirs to food🍽🍽🍽. Relax in the restaurant and cafe or one of the outdoor terraces for a casual dining experience at the top. Special seats in the open-air restaurants are erected in various places to admire the view – overlooks a sea of cloud with enjoy the lure of charm majestic view.

On the other side of the path is locals are commonly walking along the small snow mountain range on the smallest village🏡🏡🏡 a place of tranquillity and relaxation. We’ll catch a glimpse simply by wandering around village and view outstanding panoramas wider horizons snow land through rolling hills with stands of pine trees and snowy peaks. It also provides the snow activities like skiing🏂🏂, snowboarding, sledding and winter hiking.









Walk at the end of the busy path is another spectacular view over Tatra Mountain, views into the surrounding glacier carved valley all the way to the Fjord, this is infinitely rugged landscape. We feel a smile 😊😊😊of joy when our eyes look towards several huge peaks, white landscape of city and the valleys with a sheer drop. Just what one imagines, It’s truly awe-inspiring! Or you can also take chairlift with a bird’s-eye🦅🦅🦅 view of the below a panoramic viewpoint in every direction.









At the summit of Gubalowka Hill, whether you’re strolls on the path, dining at a rooftop restaurant, participate the winter activities or gazing in awe at the view from the top of the funicular, but you can’t resist views of the spectacular Tatra Mountains that can be seen around yourself. Although the Tatra Mountain might not find the advanced and expert terrain quite as aggressive as the Alps Mountain, but by the time we step foot in Gubalowka Hill we will feel as though we are entering a fairy tale with charming and magnificent Tatra Mountain as background.








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