Our Europe Trip Poland ( Part 3 Zakopane – Tatra Mountains )

Our Europe Trip – Poland ( Part 3 #Zakopane – #Tatra #Mountains )

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Crisp alpine air, magnificent panoramic views of the valley, snow-capped mountains🏔🏔🏔 and quaint architecture – the magic of mountain towns have an almost indefinable charm that offer a unique and enchanting experience. Really want experience quintessential Poland with visit the mountain town which is overflowing with beauty and charm. Snowy mountain peaks, the scent of pine trees🌲🌲🌲, numerous beautiful resort village and a relaxing 😎😎😎atmosphere with surrounding by incredible scenery, all make up the idyllic image of a vacation in the mountains.

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The prior post we have mention the Tatra mountain are connected between Slovakia and Poland. While travel in Slovakia we only visit few range Tatra mountain so during our Poland Trip we decided experience other different beauty scenery picturesque of Tatra mountain🏔🏔🏔. The Tatras are a mountain range of a corrugated nature, and therefore characterized by a relatively young-looking lay of the land, quite similar to the landscape of the Alps, although significantly smaller. Alps-like Tatra Mountains, is rise to the greatest elevation in the entire northern half of Europe, with the 2655-meters (8711 ft) Gerlachovsky Stit in Slovakia and the 2499-meters (8198ft) Rysy peak in Poland. Both Slovak and Polish sides are protected as national parkland and are popular destinations for winter and summer sports. The Tatras are home to wildlife including the Tatra chamois, marmot, lynx and bears🐻🐻🐻.











Whether you’re nature lovers or you just want to experience more of Poland than Krakow, follow us to our travel destination is Zakopane. Nestled between Gubalowka ridge and the foothills of the Tatry Mountains to the south, Zakopane is a picturesque ancient town in a narrow valley best enjoyed on foot. This town is as picturesque as they come while offering fascinating views of nature and a wealth of activities that keep visitors coming back. Biggest mountain resort🏡🏡🏡, it hosts beautifully renovated 18th-century homes🏛🏛🏛 for preservation of the town’s architectural heritage with surrounded by imposing mountains. Don’t think that this retro-style town is only the buildings of the old century. Yet, the town does also have a modern side, Zakopane well-developed in tourism infrastructure and earned the nickname “the winter capital of Poland”. Zakopane also has managed to preserve Goral culture with many of its traditional customs all to be authentic delight.








How to go:

If you think🤔🤔🤔  such as nature attraction is very far from Krakow town. No no no, you are wrong!!!  However, venturing two hours further south brings you to “the winter capital of Poland” – Zakopane. That means sit just located a little over 100 kilometres, it’s extremely easy to reach Zakopane by bus 🚌🚌🚌from Krakow Town. Normally the bus leave regularly from the main bus station (Dworzec Autobusowy@MDA) just beside of Galeria Krakowska Shopping mall which near the old town. Outset our mountain town journey on the early morning, for go to the bus station (Dworzec AutobuMosowy), we suggest direct walk🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ into the shopping mall and its easy go toward to the gate of bus station. Don’t worry and not necessary to buy bus tickets in advance because they are many buses running, the schedule of the bus every 30 minutes a trip with the ticket price is just around 20 PLN (4.68€) per adult. Of course must buy some breakfast in the bus station while don’t forget drink a cup of coffee for give us refreshing, it’s good starting point for journey to adventure mountain😍😍😍













Dworzec Autobusowy just beside Galeria Krakowska Shopping

Arrived Destination:
Although set in a narrow valley at elevation ranges between 750 meters and 1,100 meters surrounded by imposing mountains, Zakopane, a cosy town with twenty thousand++ residents is well-developed in tourist infrastructure. Whether you are like us just a round trip or stays for few days it is a good choice. The town itself is home to a number of timber houses🏠🏠🏠, chalets, new modern buildings and manor houses, making for an idyllic base from those whose like to explore the surrounding mountains. The beautiful Town😍😍😍 of Zakopane is the gateway to the Tatra mountains National Park, the country’s largest nature preserve. Love of the great outdoors will fall in love with the town and this area with its extensive network of scenic trails. As its name suggests, Zakopane surrounded by snow-capped mountains🏔🏔🏔 and beautiful alpine landscapes, thus making it a place for stunning views in every direction.











Take the camera📷📷📷, we explore the town with walk as relaxing on the wide stone-paved street and wander along the narrow alleys. Dotted with 18th-century Alpine houses, the impressive architecture of Zakopane, traditionally made up of carefully carved wood and snug alleyways with cafés, restaurants🍽🍽🍽, bars, hotels🏨🏨🏨 and shops, the town is full of hidden ins and outs that we can spend hours. Continue on the trail leading to the glistening snow scenery, in the views of the surrounding towering oak and sycamore trees🌲🌲🌲 or enjoy the majestic views while snow-capped mountains serve as the backdrop .












Of course, you also can only visit for the Krupówki Street, the main pedestrian zone of Zakopane always bustling with life for full of shops and restaurants, horse carriages and street performers. The town also is the scene of a traditional Goral culture for its vigorous folk traditions, its rich in its unique styles of food🥐🥖🧀, architecture, handicrafts, music, and costume. We come across the local market with have numerous wooden sculptures, traditional slippers, fur coats and fur hats can be found dotting the streets. Buy a few of local staple, Oscypek ( smoked sheep’s milk cheese) with the recipe followed dates back to the 14th century which can view selling the stuff all over the town of Zakopane. Oops😞😞😞 ,the taste is not suitable for us because of very very salt, It feels like grabbing salt to eat. Zakopane, the town have real character along with well-developed in tourism infrastructure and spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding Tatra foothills that make it a jaw-dropper. To be continuous……………..









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