Our Europe Trip #Slovakia #Poprad (Part 5 #High #Tatras – #Stary #Smokovec )

Our Europe Trip #Slovakia #Poprad (Part 5 #High #Tatras – #Stary #Smokovec )

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View the breathtaking scenery with hike to challenging peaks or hear the wind whisper through the pines with relax😚😚😚in the rainforest, we believe many people whose know as Slovakia travel or local resident were suggest journey to High Tatras. It also is one of the popular holidays for those deciding where to skiing🏂🏂🏂, scenery, snow, and culture vary hugely by region and resort.
As a mountain🏔🏔 🏔range along the border of northern Slovakia, it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among high-mountain plants such as dwarf pine, pine woods🌲🌲🌲 and a flora. Rare animal species such as the eagle🦅🦅🦅, bear, or marmot live here as well. The chamois🦌🦌🦌is the symbol of Tatras. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and there are more than 80 tarns, 32 are located on the Slovak side of the mountains (the rest of them are in Poland). From majestic mountains to sweeping landscapes, wide-open skies to exceptionally clean air, High Tatras is home from some incredible hiking destinations.

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you can view  beautiful and colourful houses at Poprad platform…….

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A shop where you can buy souvenir and rent bike



They are four main parts of High Tatras in Slovakia. Poprad City – the gateway to High Tatras, a lot of accommodation facilities and a popular thermal aquapark.

Tatranska Lomnica – If you want to see High Tatras from a bird’s eye view you can take the cable railway from Tatranská Lomnica to Lomnicky štít and travel under the highest peaks and take delight in magnificent nature.

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Strbske Pleso – A little village with glacial mountain lake, a perfect starting point for hikes to Krivan, belongs to the Western Tatras and is the most popular for hikes to the top of Tatras.

Stary Smokovec – a middle age town with the oldest and distinguishing feature of buildings for restaurants, hotels, shop and etc and administrative headquarters of the national park with waterfalls, caves, towering pine forests, rare animals and crisp snow-capped mountains.




Before go to High Tatras, Slovakia, we face the more difficult🤔🤔🤔 and less information online especially in English plus Chinese less information. While we know four main parts of transportation and orientation is easy arrive by trains and trams and inexpensive way to go around. But time of transportation is very important for us whose only plan for limit time🕐🕐🕐to tour this area, we are face of take the trains and trams would less convenient for waiting compared to self drive. Another must emphasize is season, while some area would close and some area would liven up during winter time. After consider all of these we choose tour as Stary Smokovec.

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Selfie at Poprad Station




How To Go:

Go out early of morning, take train🚊🚊🚊as our main transport, and let’s go to our purpose “Stary Smokovec”. For transportation, first we must take the train to Poprad – Tatry after that change to ride the tram🚎🚎🚎( Slovakia call as Tez) to the our destination “Stary Smokovec”. Same as last time tour to Spišské Tomášovce, we are go to the Kosice Railway Station (If you want to known the address of Railway station and more information of the trains you can view our page of Spišské Tomášovce. ( https://lifecornerstory.blog/2019/03/26/our-europe-trip-slovakia-part-1-spissketomasovce-kosice/ ).  In Railway station, while waiting the train we enjoy a great wonderful breakfast with croissant with ham and cheese🥐🥐🥐 and a cup of hot coffee. The easiest access to the High Tatra, is you can the train either stop at Poprad or Tatranská Štrba which are two main railway station and after that take the trams leaving for the mountains. While buy the train ticket from Kosice to Poprad – Tatry with the price of 4.90 € per adult. The train from Kosice arrived Poprad – Tatry within 1 hour 30 minutes.



Having breakfast while waiting train.





In the Poprad Railway station you no need walk out of the station and take the elevator to the downstairs while the station ticket counter would be beside of you. Buy the tram ticket price for go to “Stary Smokovec” with 3.50 € per adult and go up to the hall again follow the signboard of the tram( Slovakia call as Tez) to the platform of the tram ( Slovakia call as Tez) arrived. The checking ticket of the tram is machinery that mean would not have Train Ticket Examiner in the tram, use your ticket scan on the machine. It take about 30 minuted and we arrived “Stary Smokovec” station. For those whose want forward to Tatranska Lomnica and Strbske Pleso remember you must change another tram in the “Stary Smokovec” station also a station to change to .




You must scan you tram ticket with the machine


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Arrived “Stary Smokovec”
Before go forward to our final destination, we walked slowly at the foot of the mountain and delight for view of the town that has a charming historical center full of colorful buildings that date mostly to the 18th and 19th centuries. “Stary Smokovec” a middle age town is a countryside retreat infused with the flavor of the old century building. The town is a recreational wonderland centered, the wooden folk architecture and Middle Ages building🏰🏰🏰, let us imagine as fairy tales. While, these old buildings are remodeled in shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels🏩🏩🏩, etc. You can take a leisurely stroll and admire the architecture of the Middle Ages. It has the oldest building in Smokovec, view of both taste for classical forms and exotic styles.










While to be a recreational wonderland centered, the town as a lively area with a quiet atmosphere. Here easy to find a wide variety of hotels and restaurants, as well as street food stalls. Not only that, but it also have bicycle rental or souvenir shop. After walk around town, you can hike or bike to a mountain. Fittingly, Smokovec🏕🏕🏕 really comes into its beauty in the winter when it’s covered in snow, complete with the snowyTatras in the background. To Be Continuous…….













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