Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 1 #SpišskéTomášovce, #Kosice)

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Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 1 #SpišskéTomášovce, #Kosice)

For those whose want a reprieve from city life with seeking its secluded hamlets of and have not infect on the wave of tourist culture, we choose one of the beautiful farmer village 🏕 🏕 🏕 called Spišské Tomášovce, Slovakia. A scenic location while at the same time view for a natural complex of extraordinary with simpler times of farmer village and rich fertile Agricultural land. Spišské Tomášovce village, one of the entry for Slovak Paradise National Park with numerous interesting sites can be visit but at the same time it’s retain a village feel local farmer cultural so with seldom have hotel🏩🏩 🏩and restaurant🍽🥢🥄. It a quiet small village, which bisects a lush of mountain with views of the surrounding foothills, encircled by vibrantly fertile Agricultural land. Of course some people will think such as this place is not easy to arrive for those whose haven’t take own transport. You are wrong, you can rarely easy for travel by train🚉🚉🚉 and just walk around 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ 500 meter to arrived Spišské Tomášovce village. We use one day for visit this village by take the train as our transport

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How To Go:
In Europe, train🚉🚉🚉 is extremely vast with can truly connect everywhere of European, even from the bustling capital cities to the smallest villages so you can get arrived the beaten path without having to rent a car. In Kosice Slovakia, that is only has one Railway Station which situated at Staničné námestie and near the western bank of the river Hornád. Although it has different type of train at Europe but for go to Spišské Tomášovce, you must use Local Regional Trains. Regional trains are stop by stop at every train station even in small region. Today, regional train still is their main and popular transport especially for the small village. Many town 🏙🏙🏙 or village🏡🏡🏡 can only arrived by Regional Trains and Spišské Tomášovce is one of village while they are one of the best ways to transport you to non-touristy areas. Remember normally some small train station is no has counter to sale the ticket🎫🎫🎫, so you must purchases the ticket from the Train Ticket Examiner at the train that is why I mentioned just now also can purchases ticket from Train Ticket Examiner. Regional Trains do not have high speed train save the time and must use more time to arrive the destination, of course compare to other the price is most cheaper. You no need to buy train ticket early, you can either direct buy from station ticket counter or buy from Train Ticket Examiner in the train. By the way , the ticket price from Kosice to Spišské Tomášovce is 4.45 € per adult💲💲💲.


Train Station at Kosice



Coffee Machine at station


Let me think what i want to drink


You can find money changer at the train station


This is a train ticket with a valid time of 24 hours🕛🕛🕛. One of the benefits for us by using Regional Train, while you can use valid time of day to get to your destination. In our planning, we plan for catch up on train in 07:15am and we buy the train ticket for that time but we late for 5 minute and the train is leave off. Lucky, the train ticket valid on 24 hour so we no need waste the money for purchase another train ticket. While wait for the train arrived, relax on the station and drink a cup coffee. HAHAHA….😝😝😝.




Traveller with Micky Mouse


Remember press the GREEN button for open when you want get down




A really small train station

Although, this is not our first time to take the train for travel but this is our first time ride the train as travel in Europe. For use train as transport to a travel destination either can be easy and can be hard. First you must look for the “Departure LCD Monitor”, there are usually multiple LCD Monitor throughout at the train station and one main LCD Monitor at entry place. Normally “Departure LCD Monitor” has two languages one is local language and another one is English so you must patient for wait of English language. The most important thing to note is departure time, direction, destination to make sure your train is in which platform. Especially for Regional Train, the area you arrived maybe not show at Destination Category, would show at Direction Category because the Destination is their final stop. Direction normally is stop by stop at every smaller train station and your arrived area maybe stop at one of them. Sometimes the train you take may appear in the “Departure LCD Monitor” a few minutes before train departure to inform you which platform will arrive so you must always pay attention to the LCD Monitor. And remember when get off and get on the train, the door is not automatic so you must press the GREEN button just beside the door. Oh, make sure you must wait in front of the door EARLY and press the GREEN button when get off the train. For those who missed your destination, don’t worry you can got out on next destination and just walk to opposite side for wait another train.









Arrived Village:
Sometime we like chooses the train as one of our public transport. This is because different scenery🏞🛤🛤 show in front of your eyes when the train is moving slowly and it is good felling. On the road for go to the Spišské Tomášovce, let us feel alleviate and sit on the train for view of different natures view in different small villages. After take off the train, we take a simple walk around village, a simple small farmer village compare other scenic spots in European but its give us a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Although the village does not have distinctive features like the ancient stone cottages but the houses of village give us farmer local feel. Rich color of house🏚🏠🏡 with each of the house constructions representative every local resident culture gives us view how resident cherish and attach importance to their village. The residents in this village are kindly, while we something for ask them, they would answer you with friendly. Ok! Follow us to continue exploring this small farmer village.








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