Thailand – Bangkok (Part 17 Silom Village)

Our #Thailand #Bangkok (Part 17 #SilomVillage)


Historic of buildings, lush garden patios and local folklore, this village has always stood in the shadows of traditional Thai identity. For those looking to experience old Bangkok Memories, you can visit Silom Village the last village Thai traditional old style on Silom road, a walk distance from Surasak BTS Sky train Stations🚊🚊🚊. Although the name is “Silom Village”, but don’t misunderstand that it is a village. We just can say It is a hotel🏡🏡🏡 + restaurant 🍽🥢🍻+ and some shop lot🛍 🛍🛍.Although it’s not a village but you still can walk slowly through and enjoy each and every traditional building you lay eyes upon.

A “panya-style” building (unique house design with a square-shaped wooden roof in southern Thai style) stands in majestic splendor. Apart from this front building, a row of some 10 other teak houses lay. Did you see, we are close to our eyes👀👀👀 for view for the hundred year of building full of exquisite and beautiful architecture. Although it has over many years, with attentive of conservation the ancient teak houses, between teak wood and teak wood haven’t any orifice, incorporate them into a charming example of ancient Thai architecture. The plants🌲🌳 and flowers 🌻🥀cover the village in nature green colour, which gives the Silom village a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 





There are lots of small shops all the way around the Silom village and, in the middle an open-air restaurant area. The restaurant is the epitome of a neighborhood kitchen, a Thailand restaurant that you can get Thai-style food🍜 🍚and with a Western influences🍕🍔, blending homegrown heritage and western classics into something that is both familiar and fresh. With nice leisurely😎😎 😎of village, a laid-back yet elegant of restaurant where a sense of time is shaded by ease and comfort. As we mention it also is a hotel and a shopping arcade, you can find Thai commodities / souvenirs. A lots of pretty little handicraft and gift shops which including silks, shawls, traditional clothing, jewelry, silk, carved wooden handicrafts, jade bracelets, antiques, silverware and lots more. If you hunt for carefully, you may find treasure.

At night, the Silom Village is a popular nighttime spot as it encompasses, where you not only can taste the traditional Thai food, it also including fresh seafood🦀🦐🐡 with watch a traditional Thai dance performance. A number of fresh seafood dishes with fragrant Thai flavours from the fresh open Market Kitchen while cook to order with the alive seafood. The restaurant provides indoor and outdoor seating options. You can choose either sit inside or outside, during enjoy the dinner while watch Thai dancing performances and be serenaded by Thai classical musicians🎵🎶.












Silom Village providing the space and time for people to enjoy life, with cultural and memories of old Bangkok, a great place for friends and family spend a whole night.


How To Go
You can take the BTS Railway and stop on Surasak Station🚊🚊🚊. Walk🚶‍🚶‍ about 10 minute you would reach Silom Village .

286 Silom Road, Bangkok Thailand

Business Hour🕐🕐🕐:
Restaurant/ Shopping Arcade : 11:30 – 23.00


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