Thailand – Bangkok 2018 ( Chills Lay Seafood Buffet Restaurant )

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Bangkok is a foodie’s paradise🍜🌮🎂, wide range of food with reasonable price, there is an endless supply of places to fill your tummy. So we no care the calories when we on a travel in the Bangkok. Although Thailand is in a hot weather all year round, Thai residents have a passion for hot pot and a love for barbecue. Seafood lovers do not miss out char-grilled seafood buffet dinner featuring a wide selection of seafood and easy find in everywhere of Bangkok.

After wander through King Rama IX Park (which mention in last time) and feel hungry, we decide go to the nearby Chills Lay Seafood Buffet Restaurant for enjoy our dinner. Enjoy the size of fresh prawns as big as a human palm hand with only 449 baht including beverages🍵🥤 (except beer🍻🍺) and all you can eat buffet. Chills Lay Seafood Buffet Restaurant is more welcome by local side and seldom dining by tourist where Thai resident like to enjoy their dinner with BBQ and beer plus party chat. 





Thai Traditional atmosphere, dedicated to open air barbecue cuisine, clean and simple making it a very comfortable setting for a dinner. Because grilled is the main cuisine of the restaurant so Thai local smoke charcoal grill is put on each table. Open air barbecue it cause unbeatable aroma, the mouth-watering taste and the eye-catching look let us feel hungry. At Chills Lay, you are not only seeing assorted seafood, it also sees live prawns 🦐🦐🦐 swim in the water. With local fishing villages supplying freshly-caught giant prawns, crabs🦀🦀🦀, squid🐙🐙🐙, fish🐟🐟🐟 and shellfish🐚🐚🐚 of all shapes and sizes are the main reason for attract local Thai resident come for have a dinner.

Wa! Wa!😍😍😍 Serving seafood not only fresh and not only the prawn is bigger size with all the seafood size is bigger which is the normal size x 2. Barbecue plentiful of seafood is truly fascinating, and almost all of the people love to do it. Same as another restaurant, while wait for Barbecue, feel hungry, you can have to eat dishes immediately which prepared hot from wok on the table. Now my most miss is the fried crab🦀🦀🦀. The freshly scented crab with curry leaves, a bit salty and spicy, the taste spicy and salty just right. The fried bananas 🍌🍌 🍌 also quite good, outer layer is very crispy with inside a ripe golden sarcocarp, when you bite it like crunchy with soft, one word says: awesome.There are other cooked foods waiting for you to taste







Ok, after eating these two dishes, our protagonist is almost ready to be baked. Honestly say, for eat the BBQ seafood we dislike the not fresh seafood. But the seafood at here, fresh of local seafood with simply traditional Thai grilled, the delicious seafood that practically melt in my mouth, let us feel get even better. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy😋😋😋! Enjoy the delicate and wonderful taste to the two different varieties of crabs and prawns. Fresh of the oysters prepared for those who loved to eat it, while you can either grill or fresh to eat for a garnish of lemon. Although Chills Lay Seafood Buffet Restaurant has prepared a selection sauce to the customers, but we feel that its seafood ingredients are already very fresh and sweet so there is no points dip with the sauce.

BBQ doesn’t focus only on seafood, for a meat lover, you may be to select different variety of meat. We select grilled meat skewer consists of beef or pork🥩🥩🥩, onion, green peppers and mushroom skewers wrapped in bacon 🍢🍢🍢to balance our taste. Ya, we know some restaurant there got the limited time. But at here, you no need to rush for finish your meal in a certain time because buffet offer unlimited time, certainly no need spend a whole night at here. They are served in friendly, while you want take a taxi you can using English language for tell your destination and ask them help you to call a taxi.






Although Chills Lay Seafood is nothing flash about the spaces and not as big as other mega seafood places but fresh premium seafood and variety of meat, well-prepared, reasonably price and served in friendly, surely this place is a great, casual, dining experience.

Address:Soi 28 Chalem Prakert Rama 9, Dok Mai, Prawet, Bangkok..

Opening Hours🕐🕐🕐:17:00-00:00

Price💲💲💲:449 baht/person with unlimited time (including beverages (except beer) 

How to go:
We are visit King Rama IX Park and walk to the Chills Lay Seafood Buffet. You also can take the BTS Railway and stop on Udomsuk station🚊🚊🚊. Take the exit 3 and ride a taxi 🚖 🚖 🚖can take you to the Chills Lay Seafood Buffet.


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