Thailand – Bangkok 2018 Part 13 (Siam Shopping) 2018

Our #Thailand #Bangkok Travel (Part 13 #SiamShopping)


Bangkok has developed as numerous of modern shopping 🛍🛍 🛍 arenas and emerged as one of a truly hip fashion in Asia, with introduction international fashion brands and affordable fashion clothes of Thai brands and designs.The reasons for tourists come to Bangkok except for sightseeing also Bangkok become a best shopping destination for shopping and fashion lovers.

The massive, modern, multi-storey shopping malls provide a myriad of choices for every budget and need. Enjoy our shopping city break, in splurge on an extravagant shopping of the hottest cities for fashion. Thais love shopping, if you ask for where is the most popular shopping location, the immediate answer is Siam. This is because it really is the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district, with many of the large malls which are directly linked to the BTS. Let’s go shopping! Join our shopping day and enjoy some of the finest shopping.





Siam Paragon is Bangkok ‘s upmarket shopping mall, which is proudly and elegantly stands in the center of Siam. Behind the glimmering glass facade of this glitzy multi-storey complex, ostentatious and splendid of architecture design, hundreds of specialty stores with an abundance of luxury and international brands. Siam Paragon are devoted to retail shops and specialty outlet selling goods ranging from apparel to groceries to expensive automobiles.

The magnificent of panoramic for those who seek All sense of noble and trendiest fashion where from upscale branded boutiques👗👜👠 🎒🧥👓👖like Channel, Dior, Coach, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga and etc to worldwide international brand like Zara, CK, H&M, Uniqlo, and etc. Look their ZARA outlet store is so big and with a variety of fashionable and gorgeous costumes, we are so happy to buy our favorite style of fashion.






Hey, man👨🧑 no need worried, with among hundreds of international brands to men select and complete the sense of style👔👖👞. Plus it also is the world of the Men whose desire of technology products📷📹, Auto gallery🚗🏎, sport accessories🏑 & digital world📱📟. The finest and biggest jewelry 💍💎& watch center in Southeast Asia where Siam Paragon is the best for you to find the precious limited collections and exclusive collections of your favorite brands. Don’t miss the Thai International luxury brand Jim Thompson House and as well as spa products with luxury Thai brands as Panpuri, Harnn and Mt Sapola.

The unique and spectacular world with “break through concept “ of all entertainment places that for everyone, even those whose don’t like shopping. It is including a range of specialty of restaurant, cafe, a large food court as well as a multiplex (15 large screen cinemas), the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World aquarium, an exhibition hall, the Thai Art Gallery, and a bowling alley🎳🎳🎳. On the basement floor of Siam Paragon is a Sea Life Ocean World🐳🦐🐙 and also the largest aquarium in South East Asia housing a large variety of sea creatures. Surround yourself with the luxury and worldwide brand names, along with multiple of hi tech and glitzy gimmicks to make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience. Siam Paragon Mall is next door to Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center. United-17




We relax for walk👣👣👣 to Siam Center for continue our shopping. Siam Center, a small four-story structure built in the 1970s is one of Bangkok’s original shopping malls. Over time it has transformed; the interior design into unique composition, the latest artistic, a quirky mash-up of nature and technology and boundless imagination of art, fashion, technology, and lifestyle. It is now part of “OneSiam,” a concept that unites three shopping destinations: Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center.






Although Siam Center may have been around for over 40 years, it is kicked off cutting edge, street-chic culture and unusual fashion. Hundred of international and Thai brands including the boutiques of some brilliant promising local designers as well as renowned Thai couturiers. If you are looking for great value Thai labels then come to Siam Center which is considered the very heart of Bangkok’s fashion 👚👕🎒industry and has brought abundant success to legendary Thai brands like Soda, Theater, Tube Gallery, FlyNow, Greyhound, Milin, and Kloset. In the same time it also is where to find the up-and-coming Thai designers.

Thailand’s largest Forever 21 is right next to the entrance with other international brands including👓👕👟👗 Adidas, Nike, The Wonder Room, ALAND, Sephora, Estee Lauder, Victoria’s Secret Levis and etc. On the top floor you see is the bulk of Siam Center’s eateries, there are also provide plenty of different cuisines from around Asia🍜🍛🥘 and the rest of the world🍕🥩🍰 including the airy food court. If you same as us want find a dessert for take a break of crazy shopping. You can queue up at Zaku Zaku and enjoy the Soft Serve ice cream 🍦🍦🍦made of Hokkaido milk and coated with crunchy Croquant crusts. When you bite down, the crispy crust and the smell of milk, you can experience it by yourself.



Come to the Siam we must go to Som Tam Nua, a very famous Thai Isaan restaurant in Siam🍽🍽🍽, Bangkok. Almost many of people think here is Papaya Salad specialty store but actually here is Isaan restaurant with serve northeast region of Thailand dishes. While we are tour in Chiang Mai on last week haven’t taste northeast region of Thailand dishes so come here must not miss for enjoy a good taste of dishes and by the way this is our second time for visit.

There are many variations of dishes🍴🍽 in this restaurant, but Papaya salad in Thai language call Som Tam are the represent dishes with serve different tasty of papaya salad from the original ‘Thai-style’. Which immature papaya is most popular; generally includes shredded, unripe papaya that is smashed together with chili🌶🌶, tomato🍅🍅, lime and peanuts🥜🥜. Others you can also choose baby crabs, mangoes, salted eggs, fried pigskin, etc. as Som Tam. The taste Papaya salad very fresh and the papaya were crisp. For those who love hot and sour dishes, you sure will love it😍😍 😍. It is spicy and sour and the wonderful flavor to it, sure enough it is one of the dishes that represent Thai dishes.




Haha, didn’t expect it. Fried chicken🍗🍗🍗is also one of the famous dishes of Thai-style northeast dishes. Fried chicken is marinated in more than 10 Thai spices and then deep fried to a crisp. With a fragrant, crispy and hot it will let you eat in addicted without knowing it😋😋😋. We suggest when the dish is coming out, you must eat it first. If you’re in Bangkok and looking for delicious and original Isaan food, Som Tam Nua is a good choice. To be continues….




How to go : Take the BTS🚊🚊🚊 and get down to the Siam Station.



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