Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 4 Rattanakosin) 2018

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If you are interest the history, development and cultural of the Bangkok, at the same time you also would be fond of the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall 🏟🏟🏟. We go forward the Democracy Monument and the hall is located just west of Democracy Monument. Outside the Exhibition hall, you will see two traditional statues welcome you and walk into the lobby which is the main gate to the interactive displays.

There are two exhibitions and the entry price for one exhibition is 💲💲💲 100 baht. All visitors must explore the museum with tour guide that take a solid 2 hours. During tour it more conducted mainly in Thai and limit for English. Foreigner same as us, we recommend have a special audio headset in English. You need a 1000 Baht deposit or Passport for rent an audio headset🎧🎧🎧.

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Guess where are i take this photo? is not at LRT or MRT.

“Rattanakosin” is the former name of Thailand’s capital city, here presenting the birth and develop of the Bangkok through a variety of interactive exhibitions. Although it is a description of the history, development and culture of Bangkok, but it is more concentrated of the vicinity of the Chao Phraya River. And it is no same type as the general museum.

Below we have integrated the explanations of the two exhibition halls. The Exhibitions Hall is clad with state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive technologies, presentation devices, models and multi-media and multi-touch animation technologies. With view 4D multimedia, we can understand the beginning of the Rattanakosin, the history and cultural of the Rattanakosin period. During the period, we will take the different public transport such as boats, and the subway🚊🚊 🚊will give you a deeper experience for Bangkok development. It’s the most fun 😊😊 😊to take a boat. You will feel the swing of the boat while listening to the songs sung🎶🎶🎶 by the Thai people when they are rowing.

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During the visit, the staff will lead us to different show-room to witness their ways of life and works that reflect Thai lifestyle during Rattanakosin era. 360-degree multimedia demonstrating various of art and traditional entertainment. You would feel go back to the past to be in a celebration atmosphere and view from ancient dances and have been integrated and developed into various beautiful and unique dance styles. We also get to watch Ramakien animation, learn khon (Thai masked dance) gestures and try their hands at maneuvering small puppets.

At here you can understanding the Bangkok development and combined different of architecture to become of colourful and characteristic of city. For those who interest and ever want more understanding of Chao Phaya River architecture design, it including get insights into the design of the celebrated royal palaces and temple, Rattanakosin is one of the exhibition hall to visit. Listen to the tales of architecture changes in different eras from persons in the royal palaces.



In the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, one of the interesting is taking you into parts of the palace that are displays royal; it includes extensive info on royal culture, traditional performance and royal ceremonies. Among them how the Royal concern over his people led to the revival of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony to bolster morale of Thai farmers who are backbone of the nation. You can also learn the colourful Thai way of living by the multi touch technology.

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We will appreciate the differences in the lifestyles of the Thai people during the different period of Rattanakosin. One section of part showcased the various craft villages that the city has retained since its inception. On the 4th floor, you can admire panoramic view of the Ratchadamnoen Road. Rattanakosin also can be served as tourist information for the City of Bangkok, while you can glean a greater understanding of a range of famous attractions located in the vicinity of Bangkok to visiting the actual place themselves.

NOTE: You must keep the ticket because the staff would check your ticket for go to different floor.




Address : 100 Ratchadamnoen Klang Rd

Opening Hour🕐🕐🕐: 10.00 – 19.00 (Except on Mondays)

Entry Fee💲💲💲: 100 baht per person for one exhibition.

How To Go
Sadly there is no railway line station near the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. You can take the railway🚊🚊🚊 to the Hua Lamphong and take the Tuk Tuk to the Rattanakosin. If the driver don’t know, you can mention to the Democracy Monument. The fees for Tuk Tuk around 💲💲💲 100 Baht. You also can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat🚤🚤🚤 from Taksin Pier to to Tha Thien Pier (No8) Pier. Take the Tuk Tuk to the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. And take the Tuk Tuk, fees for Tuk Tuk around 💲💲💲150 Baht.

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