Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 2 Siriraj Medical Museum)2018

Our #Thailand #Bangkok Trip (Part 2 #SirirajMedicalMuseum)


Hidden away in the oldest hospital, a museum that is always search by the traveler who always like to find something extremely unusual. While tour of the museum, someone would in the exhilarate and fascinating, someone would terror-stricken and nightmarish, that called Siriraj Medical Museum. 🏛🏛🏛

The Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital🏥🏥🏥, the oldest medical institute of Thailand has established Siriraj Museum to the public and is a valuable resource for medical professionals and students. If you think this just a medical museum and name also not s freakiness, why will be so scared, No,no,no you are wrongly! The Siriraj Medical Museum having a nickname called “The Museum of Death.”


A shop we having our noodle


All of these are no a toys


Purchases tickets before entry


Selfie again


You can buy some snack at the street market near the Medicine, Siriraj Hospita

Go along the Chao Phraya River to the Prannok Pier; be off the Pier we would pass the Wang Lang Market. If you love Thai street food and you’re plan for tour Sirirai Medical Museum, you can same as us stop and eat at the Wang Lang Market. You’ll find a bountiful collection of restaurants, street food stalls, and variety of snacks. If you want to taste different type of Thailand traditional food and snacks, this is the not bad place that you can go. Same like us buy some snacks🥟🥟 🥟and cold of Thai Tea🥤🥤🥤, walk into a noodle shop order two bowl of noodle soup🍜🍜🍜, you can enjoy and fill out your stomach with different type of traditional Thai dishes. But make sure take away the plastic with fill the outside food.

After walk out of the market, we are see the building of Siriraj Hospital just opposite of the road. The museum is in the two separate buildings while around with a lot of building haha and look like labyrinth which made it a little difficult to find the right direction of the museum. So make sure find the sign and just following the direction of sign. In the building, take the lift to the second floor, you would find reception counter and admission fee is 200 baht per adult. NOTE: Make sure keep of the ticket because the staff would check it when you visit to other building. The staff would request you put your bag in the private locker.

This museum consists of five small medical museums. This is the modern building with the air-corn are feature four distinct museums: Ellis Pathological, Forensic Medicine, Parasitology and Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum & Laboratory. NOTE: Because of many areas NOT ALLOWED take the PHOTO🚫📷 so you would not find many of the creepiest photos. We are view of so many specimens of human remain in many of different conditions, many jars of preservative that the mind boggles! But it is ever so interesting. From deformed and diseased babies preserved in formaldehyde, to the fractured skulls of murder victims. The room also shows the murder case, organs that had been stabbed and shot, including autopsy instruments.

Although some people may see will be shock😱, but for us we fell so interesting😜. NOTE Interesting is not the mind of the gloating or ridicule, while these specimens are not always visible to most people and even medical staff. Just at here you can catch your eye of the original and special of specimen. You can view the mummified corpse of a notorious serial killer; He killed about six children in a row in the 1950s and ate the hearts, brains and livers of the child victim.



you need take the small shuttle boat🚤🚤🚤 either from Tha Thien Pier (No8) Pier or Ta Chang Pier (No9) Pier just across the river to the Prannok Pier (No10)




Don’t forget walk to the Congdon Anatomical Museum, which is locate in the other old building. Dark wood, old faded portraits, fan and old creaky stairs will take you up to the third floor. You can imagine, you would walk through the dark passageway and the museum is rows of old glass and wood cabinets full with skeleton. Sound squeaky from the old style fan, it look like walk into a haunted house😱👻👻👻. Skeletons of some important people and children’s bodies seem to silently try to tell you their own stories from decades ago. It’s common to see candy🍬🍬🍬 left in the museum near the bodies of the children.

All the human organs neatly and systematically such as cross section of the human body, the internal organs of every system, organs of special senses, embryo development and muscle can be view everywhere at here. Ya, these are some aghast and having a cold feet pretty scary exhibits.



Please go to the second floor via visit Siriraj Medical Museum





If you are interested in these special exhibits, it is all fascinating and compelling. Most important, after tour the museum, the public can gain knowledge and new learning experience. The Siriraj Medical Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm except Tuesday and public holidays.

Address: 2 Thanon Wang Lang, Khwaeng Siriraj, Khet Bangkok Noi, 10700, Thailand

Opening Hour⌚⌚⌚: 10.00 – 17.00 (Except Tuesday and Public Holiday)

Entry Fee💲💲💲: 200 baht per person

How To Go
To reach Siriraj Museum, along the Chao Phrays river, you need take the small shuttle boat🚤🚤🚤 either from Tha Thien Pier (No8) Pier or Ta Chang Pier (No9) Pier just across the river to the Prannok Pier (No10)


P/S : This is our second time to visit this museum




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