Thailand – Chiang Mai 2018 (Part 3 Mae Ya Waterfall)2018

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As I mentioned in the previous section (Pha Chor Canyon), because of their landscape position, with countless beauty mountains, many waterfalls occur in the Chiang Mai with a lot of perfect natural resources. This is answers the question of “Waterfalls are ones of the popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai.” Don’t hesitate to prepare one sets of clothes for swimming and a camera to take nice photos.

Follow us; take an adventure for find one of the largest and most beautiful sticky waterfalls in Thailand. That is Mae Ya Waterfall located in Doi Inthanon National Park. Doi Inthanon National Park is the highest mountain in Thailand. Ranges of mountains of Doi Inthanon give birth to many tributaries of Ping River and formed many beautiful waterfalls with full of greenery. Now, you may be able to imagine Mae Ya Waterfall as picturesque and sticky waterfall.

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You can find some part with waterfall but some part is without waterfall

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By the way there is no public transport in exactly therefore you can same as us rent a motorcycle or car and travelling under your own steam. Of cause, you also can hire a taxi or from one of the travel agencies in Chiang Mai. If from Chiang Mai Old city, drive for following the Doi Inthanon .

Along the way, we drive on the asphalt road and no worry the broken road; while see the Mae Ya Waterfall signboard and take a turn on your left and moving forward, the road started to be a bit more pleasant. On the road, drive past to a few of locals village, rice fields and Orchard and we are admire these beautiful scenery. You would drive into village, don’t worry your direction is not wrong. NOTE: You can fill your vehicle tank in the village. It is about 14 km distance from the signboard to the Mae Ya Waterfall car park. The car park was decked out with a row of tented and markets.

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Hear of the sound of water flows, we are very excited and walk faster with about 600 meter for reach the top part of Mae Ya waterfall. Mae Ya Waterfall is Doi Inthanon’s highest waterfall, cascading majestically down at least 30 tiers. The water flows gracefully over the 280m high cliff down to the Ping River. There are some spots of the cliff that tourists can walk into, walk close view many of the small streams flowing down and fall into waterfall.

At once, we are quiet appreciate, frequent and impressive waterfall. Not only the beautiful sight of natural creature, Mae Ya Waterfall also located amid the shady and cool forest settings. Besides that, you will see many small of animals around too such as butterfly and bird etc.



Opening Hour: 08.00am – 04.30pm

Entry Fees:200 bath(For foreign)

How to go:🚗🚕🛵🏍

The waterfall is located in Jom Thong District.

Just drive along the Highway No 108(Chiang Mai-Hod). Keep going for about 60 kilometer. Then you will see a crossroad with the same ascent to Doi Inthanon. That’s it. Turn your wheel to the right side and drive into the Highway No.1009. Keep going for 1 kilometer. Then turn left and keep driving for another 14 kilometer. From that point, you have to walk by yourself to reach the waterfall.

P/S: Although Mae Ya waterfall have provide forest nursery careful for our safety, because the water of waterfall is very rapid, so please take care of your own safety.



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