Thailand – Chiang Mai Part 2 (Pha Chor Canyon) 2018

Our #Thailand #ChiangMai Trip 2018 (Part 2 #PhaChorCanyon)


Because of geographical situation, Chiang Mai is a land has countless beauty mountains and colorful hill tribes, attracts those delight for adventures come to find a trekking adventure. To be Solo Travel, we also would not forget to take an adventures trip. Last year, we came to Chiang Mai, we choose the water-park Grand Canyon.

For this trip, we look for an unusual and extraordinary rock Canyon, a natural phenomenon of eroded soil pillars. That is Pha Chor Canyon, the Ping River brought a special gifts to us a hundred or a thousand years ago. Pha Chor Canyon, is located at Mae Wang National park, very recently established park.


Look an amazing scenery


You can see the beautiful butterfly


Selfie again


A narrow road


Before go to Pha Chor Canyon) remember take the photo at Phachor View Point

Sadly😥😥😥, there is no public transport to the park itself. You can hire a taxi 🚖 🚖🚖from one of the travel agencies in Chiang Mai. You also can same as us rent a motorcycle🛵 🛵🛵or car 🚘🚘🚘and come a relaxing travel under yourself driving. You no need worry the road is broken and dusty. Along the way, we drive on the asphalt road; it is straight and a little Mountain road. These are not having the petrol station around the Canyon, about 10km from the distance of Canyon. NOTE: make sure your vehicle is a full tank.

Mae Wang National Park also provide the camping space for those who’s like to stay at this beautiful and natural scenery. After past the Mae Wang National Park, drive into narrow mountain asphalt road, when you see the signboard of the picture Pha Chor Canyon make sure turn left👈👈, drive a short distance we are arrived the Canyon car park.



Is it look like two person face?



A blue sky and the yellow rock Canyon


Once parked Pha Chor View Point in front of us, a canopy of forest and covers a big area. There’s a cafe and a brand new and clean washroom nearly here. You can have a drink and eat before you make the round trip. We spend a bit of time to view the beautiful and peaceful panoramic scene. However, don’t make mistakes; this is not our final destination.

We walk alongside the walking trail, the majority of the path is deciduous forest and with the poor sandy soils and rugged terrain of gullies much is still untouched. It is perfectly marked with some data boards you’ll find out about crops/trees within the area. Although it is small paths, but this path is not as hard as our imagined, it can be said that you can easy for walk along this path. Don’t worry about get lost, because there have clear indicator.

We are lucky for view the beautiful butterfly fly in front of us. Take a photo, befriend with them. After walk into a few of stairs, finally we reach the view point of Pha Chor Canyon.

Nature is magic, around the large and primeval forest with rich in green tropical; in front of our eyes are 30 meter high of Pha Chor Pillars. A hundred or a thousand years ago this area was a part of the Ping River until the river changed its flow direction to another path and that made this area lift to high hill. Through erosion the high hill formed into a cliff. The view of the deep and rugged of the cliffs and soil pillars with made a perfect contrast to the blue skies. The high cliff that has a structure likes a huge monolithic wall.
Thank for the forest nursery help me to take the photo with my sister. You can return the way you came or keep going in the loop. For we, walk around the loop, extremely narrow path .This scenery is totally different from our way path. Walk down to another long series of path, takes you on a loop through the eroded rock beds and go back to the car park.


Address:Santi Suk, Doi Lo District, Chiang Mai 50160, Thailand
ตำบล สันติสุข อำเภอ ดอยหล่อ  เชียงใหม่ 50160 ( Mae Wang National Park)

Opening Hour: 08.30am – 04.30pm.

Entrance fee: 100 bath(For foreign ) and plus 20 bath for our motorcycle parking

How to go: From Chiang Mai Old city take the road via Road 108 is about 53.0 km around 1 hour 17 min. From the Chiang Mai City, we drive our motorcycle; take highway no.108 (Chiang Mai – Hod) for about 21 kilometers. REMEMBER: make sure following the signboard Mae Wang National park. Turn right to Mae Wang district along rural highway no.12039 and no.10240 (Mae Win – Bo Kaew) on the road, for about 36 kilometers arriving at Mae Wang National Park.

*REMEMBER:If you want find at GPS must type MAE WANG NATIONAL PARK or PHAN CHOR TOURIST ATRACTION is MAE WANG NATIONAL PARK! MAE WANG NATIONAL PARK! MAE WANG NATIONAL PARK! It is because if you type Phar Chor Canyon sometime GPS no show this location.

P/S: It is recommended to arrange this trip in the morning because it will be very hot in the afternoon.



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