Thailand – Chiang Mai 2018 (Part 1 #BannPhorLiangMeun) 2018

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Search on the website, we find a secret art garden in the Old City Chiang Mai, located behind Chiang Mai Gate. Following with GPS, go into the narrow road on the South side of the Old City.

In front of eyes is a sculpture art of terra-cotta exterior with surrounding by a high brick wall. As our opinion, it looks like a historical sites or temple. In fact, it is a terra-cotta Clay Studio Cafe in the Garden called Baan Phor Liang Meun.

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Some of the art display at the cafe

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A Sunny day 🌝

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Having a lunch ☕🍽, Yummy,Yummy 😋😋😋

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Did you smell the Artistic taste

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What are you thinking about?

In the Old City Chiang Mai, although you can breaths of fresh air, but as a heart of city it also having a lot of building, this is a wonderful tropical garden to give us a cool place. Beautiful green oasis with tall trees and exotic plants, featuring Cobblestone paths, moss covered statues, it make a garden look like a small jungle. Don’t worry about the mosquito, the garden having drop mosquito repellent incense.

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Honestly say this is a quiet cafe

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At Chiang Mai must try they coffee


Thai Red Curry pork, i miss you so much


Fried Pork with Thai Green Curry with reasonable price


Baan Phor Liang Meun, one of the city’s art production centers. The garden same as showroom and studio while exhibition a terra-cotta reproductions of many different type of sculptures with all kind from small to life-sized statues to large. The sculptors use their talent and skill to reproduce antiques classic artworks. It you like their artworks, you can buy it. Hundreds and hundreds of ancient masterpieces terra- cotta sculptures are dispersed around the ground, made us wrong impression with living in the ancients times.

We are order delicacy dishes and a cup of coffee with sit on the garden full of greeneries. Surrounded by artistic pottery sculptures, listen to the birds chirping and see the squirrel on the tree, sitting on the tranquil environment. It also is one type of the enjoying travel journeys for spending leisurely time.

Business Hour : 8.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m / Daily



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