Thailand – Chiang Mai (Introduction) 2018

Thailand – Chiang Mai (Introduction)

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Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand’s largest city, was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lanna. A sprawling modern city has grown up around ancient Chiang Mai, ringed by a tangle of superhighways. Chiang Mai is our second time to visit. This city is rich in culture, arts, traditional handicrafts and cuisine.

A city invites us to discover that is still firmly Thai in its atmosphere and attitude. It also is having beauty of the mountains, hill tribe villages and botanical gardens. This is also a city of laid-back place to relax and plethora of things to see and do.

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You will find such like this cafe at Old Town City

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A Temple at Old Town City

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Sometime you will find the surprise at narrow road



They have a lot of choose of transport for getting around Chiang Mai, depending on your budget and the destination you would like to visit. These transport including Songthaew, Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Grab, Thai’s Tricycle. You can be crossed on foot especially in the old town, it also better for rent a bicycle. Of cause you also can follow the tour, transport services or rent motorbike and car. Now, have another new public transport that is the air-con bus for getting around the Chiang Mai. All are easy found and are cheap.

In Old town Chiang Mai, either you can relax sit in a cafe restaurant for the whole days or energetic for travel from temple to Museum. It also is a paradise for shoppers such as you can find the reasonable price of cosmetic shop. Chiang Mai Old town: a great place to pick up some amazing jewellery. We are jump into a NOVA jewelry collection, created with an in-house studio and designer team in Chiang Mai. The materials used are of premium quality and will not fade with use.

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favorite souvenirs in Chiang Mai


The latest transport ait-corn bus


You can buy some cosmetic or skin care

You also can walk around Lao Zhou Alley, Kuangmane Road which is combined Traditional cloth market, Hmong Market and Warorot market. For those who like Thailand and hill tribe culture, here you can easy find many of these especially goods.

You also can same as us, walk into narrow road for view other scenic view, its indeed part of the fun and a joy. No worry, this is safety. In narrow road, we can easy find different design of construction. We also find a temple with 150bth cheaper price of massage.

Look we find a manufacturing made local Chiang Mai bakery, it open a small shop for our public. In the shop, we buy some of those local Chiang Mai bakeries and this bakery is one of the favorite souvenirs in Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Airport is one of the place have sell this souvenirs). Do you think is these enough, sure these is not enough……..



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