Japan -Tokyo – (Mt. Fuji. Oshino Hakkai) 2018

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Our planning visit attractions Oshino Hakkai, a small village in the Fuji Five Lake region, located between Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several hundred years ago. However, some springs water that receives from Mt. Fuji that is become today’s Oshino.

On the Kawaguchiko station, visitors can get sightseeing bus “Fujikko-go” and get off at Oshino Hakkai entrance stop. You also can choose get on the bus bound and get off at “Oshino Hakkai” stop. With save of transport cost, so we decide take bus bound and go to the number 6 bus stop for wait the bus. If you afraid take the wrong bus, you can determine the destination you want to reach at the bus stop signage there.

Make sure get off the bus on the “Oshino Hakkai” bus stop and not be confused with the most distant “Oshino Iriguchi” bus stop; the transport fees around 680 yen (you also can use Pasmo Card). NOTE: the only few round bus going to Oshino, it would be better for check the timetable.

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See, a beautiful Mt.Fuji

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The fish is so fat and big, but remember can`t feed them

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Selfie at cool weather

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A traditional Japanese House

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Corn in winter time

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Water springs from Wakuike (8 meters depth)

Walk on the Oshino, we are past a Ninja Village. Ninjas are famous worldwide for being the silent assassins of Sengoku period Japan, it also is one of the most interesting cultural features of mystical Japan. The Ninja Village is called Shinobi no Sato, a small park area that takes you back to the times of ninja and samurai and of old Japanese houses with hidden doors and traps. You can learn about ninja life, eat ninja food and even learn to throw a shuriken! Ninja village also have souvenir shop for sell ninja souvenir. Because of 1 day trip, we haven’t visited it, and only take the photo around the village.

Walk a few minutes, we arrived Oshino Hakkai, is known for the spring water from Mt.Fuji. Hakkai literally means “eight seas” but it’s actually eight ponds! Snow water from Mt.Fuji flows through the ground filtered through lava for over ten years and feeds these ponds with clear, fresh spring water. It was ranked among the 100 best waters of Japan in 1985 and designated as a World Heritage site together with Mt.Fuji in 2013.

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A Ninja Village

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Some part at Ninja Village


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Snow and shoes

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Challenge for 1 minute

One of the tourist main attractions here is the water springs from Wakuike (8 meters depth). It has a spring pool decorated with dragons and the cool spring water can be drink. Now I know why they call sea even they are pond, because of the clearly water with deep of ponds, it have interesting freshwater plant life and large fish that make it look like the illusion that we are in the deep blue sea.

We breathe the fresh air of nature over here and walk around beautiful natural environment. Although the building houses here are not very modern, they still maintain the traditional Japanese architecture form and beautiful nature as the background to form another kind of beauty.

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We love snow so much

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A deep pond

We also visited a small outdoor museum called “Hazelwood Museum” and the admission price was 300 yen. It not only is a museum, it also is another different natural environment with largest pond. Museum contains the oldest thatched Watanabe house built in the village of Oshino in the late 18th century. The museum displays a variety of farm tools, furniture, and household items that show the Tokugawa period weapons such as samurai, armor, weapons and important documents, etc. We have captured a lot of photo, the harmony of Mt. Fuji and the nature environment of village.

Oshino Hakkai has many restaurants, souvenir shop and foods vendors around the ponds. Look! Here got our favorite food -sweet potato .Wah! Hot and delicious! With Oshino’s clear water, a Soba noodle is one of the popular for their delicious taste. Because of, we got plan for visit another destination, so we decide eat our lunch at Kawaguchiko. Go to the bus stop and wait for our bus.

To be continued …….

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Bus stop at Mt.Fuji

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Duck duck swim at pond

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A beautiful Mt.Fuji background with Watanabe house

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Mt.Fuji everywhere

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See from Mt.Fuji from second floor



This is house call Watanabe house


A part of  Watanabe house



Delicious sweet potato


House at Mt.Fuji

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