Japan – Tokyo (Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari) 2018

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In Japan, hot springs bubble up everywhere, and for hundreds of years Japanese people have enjoyed them mainly for health benefits and socializing. Follow me, go to Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari in the Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay; bathing at onsen is a great way to enjoy Japan culture.

Built on top of a thousand year hot spring rich in natural minerals, pump up from 1400 meters deep, Ooedo Onsen natural hot spring to help soft and smooth the skin. The visitors who have never experience an onsen, take off your shoes and place them in a locker.

Start from take a wristband with another key and a barcode, then go to yukata counter and choose the different design of yukata. Then go off to the changing room and find your locker (identified by number on barcode key). For first wear yukata experience, they have signs and directions (English language) to explain from begin to end.

Go to the onsen entrance which on the left of the wooden tower. Men and women separate and enter to another locker room where you store your yukata and towel (which are provided). Soak our self from big bath with natural hot spring to Open-air Bath, they have variety of baths. We are busy for try and bath all of them. After take a bath we are soothes tired muscles and give us feel refreshing.

Go to “Japanese Garden” themed foots bath; we walk on the paved calm water that facilitates your foot. Ooedo Onsen also built an Edo-Era Town, a recreation of an old Japanese village at festival time; it is brimming with carnival games, street foods, sweet shops and fortune tellers.

We order a Takoyaki, they would use your wristband for scan. Lastly use your wristband and pay at outside.

After enjoy the hot spring, you can walk around the Odaiba version of the Goddess of Liberty and go to nearby shopping mall. #Japan

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The ticket Entry

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Odaiba version of the Goddess of Liberty

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Takoyaki one of famous food in Japan

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Selfie again

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Tokyo Bay 

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Shopping Centre



我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 11) #大江戶溫泉物語


在日本以温泉为主而出名,在这你到处都可看到泡温泉的馆子。自古几百年来,日本人泡温泉主要是以健康和社交为主。跟随我到靠近东京湾的台场大江戶溫泉物語泡温泉; 泡温泉是享受日本文化的好方法。




前往“日本庭园” 腳裡泡著足湯来舒缓你的脚。大江户温泉重現東京舊稱的江戶古街面貌,還有在祭典才會看到的廟會遊戲;,日式美食林立,甜品店和算命先生。



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