Japan – Tokyo (Icicles of Misotsuchi) 2018

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Walk out from Mitsumineguchi station, Saitama and go to Bus station is opposite of the station, take a Seibu bus to Mitsumine Shrine. The “Chichibu Free Ticket(Japan Call:秩父フリーきっぷ)” cannot use on the bus transport; you must pay 340yen (PASMO Card can use). NOTE: The bus runs every 1 hour or so. You must get off the bus at the “Sanjuba(三十場)” bus stop.

We over-looks Mount Buko which were covered in deep snow. Look and follow for the sign “Mitsotsuchi no Tsurara (三十槌の氷柱) walk a while and reach our final destination “Icicles of Mitsotsuchi”. One of the famous in winter scenes of Saitama is the icicles of Mitsotsuchi, nature brought a special gifts to us.

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Wow, amazing Scenes。

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Because of the extreme cold temperature during winter, the spring water on the rock surface from the mountains gets frozen as it flows down and turns into gigantic icicles. It also calls as Ice Edition of Stalactites. A height of about 8m, is a large ice of objects that also becomes a width of about 30m .It is a huge natural in the Arakawa riverbed of Otaki,Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture.

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winter time without coat and enjoy the weather

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Somebody say it look like curtain but for us we think it look like stalactites.

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Except icicle you can see the mountain. If at another season i think it will be another gorgeous scenery.

Enjoy your view for gorgeous and natural scenery which are change appearance in every year. You only can enjoy this spectacular view every year from the middle of January to the late February, most cold weather in one year. There is a small market outside of Icicles and they provide an old fashioned iron stove for visitor, let everyone get warm.

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The icicle under the sun and take note lower right corner got rainbow.



I love the snow so much again.

The icicles of Mitsotsuchi light up at night, the light transitions into different colors. It would bring out other beautiful of scene. REMEBER if you want view the lit up, you should expect to get back by a cab or prepare your own transport because the last bus back to the station is around 5pm.

Because of we want go to another viewpoint, take the bus to the Mitsumineguchi station at the noon. To be Continue……
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我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 8) #三十槌の氷柱



我们俯瞰被深雪覆盖 的Buko山,何等的壮观及漂亮。下巴士后请跟着“Mitsotsuchi no Tsurara(三十槌の冰柱)”的标志走,走一小段路后我们终于到达我们的目的地三十槌の氷柱。在冬季埼玉着名景点的之一就是三十槌の氷柱,那是大自然送给我们的礼物。


Wow,Spectacular scenery!!




Haha, two sisters selfie again.





I wish to see the light transitions into different colors at night and it will be so beautiful.



Bus station opposite Mitsumineguchi station, Saitama



我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅



Old fashioned iron stove for visitor, let everyone get warm.


A small market outside of Icicles

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