Japan Tokyo (Teikoku Databank) 2018

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Visit a alternative museum, Teikoku Databank Historical Museum, that is not the bank, that is dedicated to credit research. Walk into Museum’s automatic door; we are inviting to view the 200 year history of the credit research industry.

At one time or other, merchant explore over the world (both domestic and overseas business operations) to enhance their trade and develop their business, but at the same time they also facing the risk. Organizations specialist in credit research is emerge, the organizations focus on research of a backdrop of mass factory production, mass transport of goods and expansion of the commercial sphere. It also research which of the company were spawned by the industrial revolution.

In the Teikoku Databank Historical Museum, we are learns about why, when, who is built out the private credit research agency. At the same time, we also know about the company’s history overlaps with that the development of Japan’s market economy. Credit research involves deferred payment details of purchase.

At the museum, we are comprehended that during the wartime, merchant would be aware of that business dealings of those companies are face financial problem including domestic and overseas. At that time, Credit research organizations sought new opportunities aboard; they specialize in investigating and research of those company business expansion and contraction.

In museum, we also view and learn about the industry’s history while visually (Video Presentations) tracking the steps of key persons involved in credit research over the years.
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(Some member who create this Teikoku Databank / 帝国数据库历史博物馆的创办人)

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(Some document before war / 战后的信用调查资料)


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(National Enterprise Financial Analysis System / 全国企业财务分析系统)

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我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 6) #帝国数据库历史博物馆








我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅







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